7 Strange Ball Laws In Popular Countries Every Traveler Must Know

Updated on August 18, 2022

One of the most thrilling experiences a person can have is travelling. Our planet is home to magnificent vistas, amazing fauna, and mouthwatering food that can make you hungry just by looking at it. Traveling the world is now much simpler and more economical thanks to the abundance of airlines, accommodations, and distinctive Airbnbs available.

Of all, there are occasions when we are so enthused about a trip that we neglect to bring important stuff. But there are other things we overlook before a significant journey. Apart from looking up the top attractions, most of us don’t spend much time researching a destination before we travel.

Make careful to research the dos and don’ts of every destination before your next major trip. Every nation has its own distinct (and sometimes stringent) set of laws and customs that visitors to that nation are expected to abide by.

Don’t trust us? Here are 8 peculiar laws that you should be aware of when you travel. The information you discover might just astound you.

1. Italy

Italy has seen an increase in tourists to the point where several Italian destinations have now implemented legislation to control overtourism. Rome is one of those Italian cities that has laws in place banning dining in public, sitting on the Spanish Steps, and even sightseeing while unclothed. Thus, if you intend to visit Italy, keep in mind that you should avoid eating in public, keep your shirt on, and refrain from sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome.2.

2. Germany

Have you ever wished there were no speed limits on a highway? Germany is the right place for you, then. There are no speed restrictions for drivers on the Autobahn. There are still regulations, though. One of them is that it’s against the law to stop on the Autobahn for anything at all, including running out of gas.

3. Norway

If you are challenged to a fistfight to the death in Norway, you have two options: accept the challenge or pay four deer in return for declining it. Interesting trade for merely turning down a challenge. However, this regulation hasn’t been implemented for years, so don’t worry if you’re not prepared for hand-to-hand combat to the death or have no idea how to get four deer.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most magnificent views that people travel to from all over the world. Just to sit and stare at the magnificence. But make sure to maintain peace and quiet especially while skiing. In Switzerland, it is in fact illegal to recite poetry while skiing.

5. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, road safety is a very critical matter. The legislation stipulates that everyone operating a vehicle in this nation must always have a fire extinguisher, a spare tyre, and a reflective triangle in the vehicle. This law will undoubtedly be useful more often than not.

6. Ukraine

If you like to smoke and drink in public you should stay away from Ukraine. In fact, it is illegal to smoke or drink anywhere in public at any time! This even includes drinking or smoking at the park or any sporting event.

7. South Africa

Make sure to research the regulations before visiting one of South Africa’s many beautiful beaches. One legislation, for instance, mandates that young people wearing bathing suits sit at least 12 inches apart. Sitting fewer than 12 inches apart is indeed against the law, and this rule existed before Corona.

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