Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good Quality

Updated on August 18, 2022

Are apollo dirt motorcycles up to par in terms of quality? They are, without a doubt. Riders of all skill levels can enjoy dirt biking thanks to Apollo. Quality and value are clearly evident in their success. They’re also gaining ground in the dirt bike sector, which is good news for them.In comparison to the more established dirt bike manufacturers, Apollo dirt bikes are very new. Many people think of Apollo as a generic “white label” bike brand, rather than a legitimate company. Apollo dirt bikes are manufactured by Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China.

It’s hard to find a better deal than Apollo. Some customers have complained about items that should not have been attached loosely. The Chinese government’s lower requirements and lower cost of labour could be to blame. Assembly is required for the majority of Apollo bikes purchased online

Starting at $750 for little children, $850 for medium-sized motorcycles, and $2500 for top-of-the-line Apollo dirt bikes are available. Because of the low costs of raw materials and labour, as well as the lack of environmental restrictions and compliance standards in China, Apollo dirt bikes can be marketed for less.

What Company Makes Apollo Dirt Bikes

Many people believe that Apollo is merely a moniker given to a person who was selling ‘white label’ motorcycles and putting their own sticker name on them, rather than a true brand. It’s not quite like that at all, unfortunately.

Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD. is the name of the firm that manufactures Apollo dirt bikes. Zhejiang Province, China is home to this company, which was established in 2003. Their motorbikes are sold in 69 countries across the globe.

Another mystery has been solved: Are Apollo Dirt Bikes made in China?

This is a question I’ve heard a lot when people are doing their homework before making a purchase and want to know more about the quality and standards of a new unknown brand. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of inferior quality, though.

There are several other types of motorcycles manufactured by Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD. In addition to ATVs and Electric Bicycles, they are also involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of other items. On their website, you’ll find at least 40 current products from each of their several ranges.

Are Apollo dirt bikes reliable?

The dirt bikes made by Apollo are renowned for their dependability. Even if something goes wrong, they are usually extremely simple to fix.

It’s less expensive to ride an Apollo dirt bike than one from a well-known manufacturer. These dirt bikes are a favourite among many people for their simplicity and dependability. To a great extent, testing, design and development are important to Apollo. There are plenty of mid-sized dirt bikes on the market, all of them have good engines and reasonable prices. This dirt bike sports a 250cc engine that is faster, more powerful, and more powerful than the DB-125cc X29’s engine. The bike is also reasonably priced because of its outstanding quality. It’s a great choice for off-roading.

Go over your notes. Check out our reviews, as well as those of our competitors. Compare and contrast various models of bicycles and go over all of their details. As long as the reviewers are genuinely happy with the bike, you should only buy it. Decide for yourself whether or not the price is reasonable.

Who makes Apollo dirt bike engines?

Zhejiang Apollo Motorbike Manufacturing Co. LTD. is the manufacturer of the Apollo dirt bike engines.

One goal and a lot of hard effort. On February 14, 2003, this was the foundation upon which Apollo was established. At the outset, it was not much. Wuyi, a defunct factory, served as the factory’s first headquarters. One of the world’s leading producers of off-road motorcycles, Apollo, has developed significantly over the years.

Off-road motorcycles, ATVs, electric bicycles, E-scooters, and other leisure vehicles are the focus of Apollo, an export-oriented R&D, manufacturing, and sales company. Apollo has a market value of $200,000,000. More than 64,000 square metres, Apollo has a frame production workshop, motorcycle & ATV assembly workshop, e-bike assembly workshop, injection moulding and packing workshops and advanced testing equipment capable of producing 200000 motorcycles and ATVs each year.

How Much Is An Apollo Dirt Bike

It’s possible that these bikes are the cheapest alternative for a new dirt bike, and you may be surprised at the value you get for your money.

Costs for Apollo dirt bikes for little children start at $750, for mid-sized bikes at $850, and for the most expensive ones at $2500. The bikes are pre-assembled and come with a one-year warranty as part of the listed price.

The condition of used dirt bikes from well-known brands, such as Honda XRs and Suzuki DRs, can vary greatly, and you may end up with a lemon for the money you’re spending.

Check out my advice if you’re looking to buy a used dirt bike, which includes a checklist to assist you avoid any pitfalls. That post can be found here.

Why Are Apollo Dirt Bikes So Cheap?

Sometimes we avoid things because we think they’re too inexpensive and assume that they’re of poor quality. Combined with the adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” we tend to be sceptical of anything whose price is markedly lower than the industry norm. It’s been a long time since Apollo.

Low material and labour costs in China, as well as lax health and safety and environmental restrictions, allow Apollo to sell dirt bikes at a lesser cost than its competitors.

It’s also worth noting that Apollo has developed a perfected in-house manufacturing system that enables them to conduct their own research and development, design, and production of dirt bikes without having to outsource. This will also help to keep the expenditures down.

In order to pass on lower prices to the end user, marketing is geared on beginners and children. This lower production cost allows for lower pricing. As a result, those who fall under these categories find Apollo dirt bikes to be extremely appealing.

You may even afford to buy a new bike and still save money with these because they’re so inexpensive compared with the more well-known brands.


Overall, dirt bikes from Apollo are a great option for riders of all skill levels. Well-built and easy to operate. ”

If you’re looking for something that can develop with you as you progress in the sport, then these bikes are an excellent option. All that can go wrong is that the bikes can be of varying quality.

Additionally, Apollo dirt bikes are hard to come by in retail locations. On the internet or in specialty shops, they are frequently available for purchase.

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