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Updated on August 18, 2022

In 1979, Ron Jamis of Tallahassee, Florida, unveiled his groundbreaking ‘Earth Cruiser,’ one of the first beach cruiser bikes. This was the beginning of Jamis Bicycles. When East Coast Cycles was Jamis’ distributor, the company released a number of cruiser and MTB cycles, including the Boss Cruiser, Boss Explorer, Dakota, Lightfoot and Roughneck.

The Eclipse and Quest were Jamis’ early forays into the road bike market in the late ’80s, followed by more comfortable hybrids like the Coda and Tangier. Later on, it began manufacturing full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes, all with the latest in shock technology and high-end drivetrain components.

History of Jamis

George Joannou, a dealer in the United States since 1938, wanted to start his own bicycle company, thus he founded Jamis in 1979.

Jamis Bicycles was founded by Joannou, who unfortunately passed away a few years later. Fortunately, George included his daughter Carine in the business from an early age. At the age of 20, she was able to assume leadership of the organisation.

The Earth cruiser was the first vehicle to bear the name, released in 1979. Comfort bikes remained popular. A custom-built race bike, the Dakar, was the brand’s first great triumph. Of course, since then, the bike has undergone numerous modifications.

It wasn’t until Jamis introduced the Eclipse and Quest in 1988 that the company produced its first road cycles. With the Dakota mountain bike of the year in 1998, Jamis has received a lot of attention for its bikes.

A two-time winner of the Mountain Bike of the Year award, the Dakar is the flagship model of the company. When it comes to consistently making high-quality bicycles, Jamis has a proven track record.

In 2005, Jamis began using carbon fibre in its bikes. As of today, Jamis is situated in Florida, and continues to produce award-winning bikes.

Are Jamis bikes any good?

When you look at Jamis bikes, the first thing you notice is how well-known the brand is. Jamis consistently produces award-winning bicycles.

Overall, the brand has won 18 honours for its bikes, ranging from best value mountain bikes to bike of the year. Even more lately, Jamis has been winning honours.

The Renegade Elite was named best road bike of 2018 by Bicycling Magazine. Some of cycling’s sharpest critics have given Jamis high marks. The Jamis Ventura Comp was dubbed “the greatest freaking $1079 bike you can buy” by Matt Phillips of Bicycling.

With Jamis bikes, you need to examine the bikes’ specifications and design in order to determine quality.

First and foremost, Jamis has been incorporating carbon fibre into their bikes for almost a decade now, beginning with the Xenith series in 2005. Since then, carbon fibres have been employed extensively in the manufacturing of all Jamis bikes, allowing the bikes to be both lightweight and durable.

The bike’s rider-friendliness is its primary selling feature. Professional cyclists may not be interested in Jamis’ top-of-the-line bikes. Their target demographic is a lot more dedicated to riding, thus their bikes have a more comfortable ride and predictable handling.

There is no denying that Jamis made exceptional bikes, as seen by their outstanding results in prizes and critical acclaim. Their speed and smoothness have been praised by consumers, who claim they’re well worth the price.


Around this period, the long-established US bicycle maker G. Joannou Cycle Co acquired Jamis Bicycles and began manufacturing its bikes on a wider scale in Taiwan and China. Jamis became a household name after the launching of the Dragon hardtail mountain bike in 1993. It had Tange Prestige tubing that was fillet-welded, RockShox suspension, and a Shimano XTR 24-speed gear.

  • When the ‘Earth Cruiser’ motorcycle was first introduced in 1979, the group was already well-established.
  • The ‘Boss Cruiser,’ my first motorcycle, was purchased in 1981.

Several full-suspension bikes, including as the Dakar and Diablo, helped Jamis maintain its position in the elite MTB scene in the following years. Bike Magazine nominated the Diablo for Editor’s Choice because it is the first mountain bike to include a vacuum-resin-transferred-molded carbon fibre monocoque frame. When Mountain Biking magazine awarded its Bike of the Year title to the Dakar Comp and Dakar XLT in the early 2000s, it was a huge success.

Full carbon road and mountain bikes have been released by Jamis since the late 2000s. As early as 2010, it was one of the first manufacturers to begin employing the somewhat uncommon 650B wheel size.

Most Popular Jamis Bikes

Hudson E2

In the previous few months, Jamis has produced the Hudson E2, one of their newest bikes. The 2011 Hudson 2 comfort bike served as the inspiration for the Hudson E2. The E2 has a battery attached, which is the main difference.

Ride with ease is the Hudson range’s tagline. The Hudson line was developed with the goal of creating the most comfortable and user-friendly bike available.

There are high expectations for the new E2. The Hyena A250 motor and A320 battery power the E2. Ride height is low, making it easier to start and stop a ride. For a bike of this size, the range of 20 to 50 kilometres is adequate.

It has a full Shimano 7-speed drivetrain like some of the company’s competitors. The battery adds another 7.5 pounds to the bike’s overall weight, bringing it to 47.5 pounds.

The bike’s low cost is a major selling point for potential buyers. The bike costs $1999.95, which is a great deal when compared to the prices of other bikes in the market. The bike is well-liked because of its great comfort and since it is a bike that is well-priced.

Dragon Sport

Aside from road bikes, Jamis is also capable of producing high-end mountain bikes. The Dragon series is their mountain bike line, with the Dragon sport being their most popular model.

The alloy frame of the Dragon Sport is so durable and dependable that Jamis offers a lifetime warranty on it.

In the event that a Jamis frame fails, the company is so confident in its quality that it offers a lifetime warranty. Shimano brake discs and a Shimano drivetrain are also included in the Dragon Sport.

Dragon Sport is a Jamis bike like many others in the line, and it’s capable of handling the bumps that come along with mountain terrain.

New riders, as well as those with some downhill expertise, will appreciate the ease of use. In addition, the Dragon Sport’s $1300 price tag makes it an excellent value.

With a frame warranty that lasts a lifetime and a smooth ride, it’s little wonder the Dragon Sport is so popular. With the Dragon line, Jamis proves that they are capable of transferring their great comfort to a mountain bike range.


Jamis Sequel is a 12.7kg general urban bike designed for urban use but with the possibility to adventure integrated into the bicycle.

In order to provide the rider with a high level of confidence, the Sequel comes with hydraulic brakes.

The road plus tyres are an important part of the bike’s overall adaptability. In addition to being able to manage the bumps and debris that a trail may contain, the tyres provide the smooth riding that is customary of Jamis bikes.

The renegade series’ diversity is shown in the sequel. “The capacity to tackle city streets or make an escape on gravel paths” is how Jamis describe the bike.

99spokes says that the Sequel is easier to ride up hills than other bikes, which is a good thing. Both the S3 and the S2 are competitively priced, with the S3 costing $1099 and the S2 costing $1299, respectively. It’s hard to go wrong with either one. Customers are drawn to it because of its adaptability.


The Dakar must be brought up when discussing Jamis. Since 1985, Jamis has been working on the Dakar bike, which has made the company a household name. A custom-built, ready-to-race mountain bike, the Dakar, was debuted in 1985 and quickly became a sensation.

That’s what Jamis is all about: high quality performance through experienced craftsmanship, not gimmicks or gadgets. Since 1985, the Dakar has evolved significantly, becoming lighter and more aerodynamic.

This year’s Dakar winner is the A2 model. Designed to withstand rugged terrain, the A2 is a stylish yet robust mountain bike. Some reports claim that the suspension may be more responsive to manage the various bumps that a trail can present. It has a rather firm suspension.

The bike’s price has also gone up to $1100, and many reviewers believe it is excessive. However, even if the new Dakars aren’t exactly what they were, the Dakar is still a huge part of Jamis’ history and helped shape the company into what it is now.

Jamis Bikes Price Ranges

Rather of aiming their brand towards professional riders, Jamis builds bikes for beginners and more experienced riders. Despite their age, they nevertheless offer good performance and a smooth ride.

Brands with a long history of success are more likely to acquire new customers because of this. The cost of their bicycles ranges from $400 to $2,000, depending on the model. These are excellent deals on high-quality bikes that are both comfortable and well-built.

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