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Mountain bikes are different than other type of bikes. These officially started manufactured in 1970’s when mountain bike race first introduced in Northern California, USA.

Mountain bikes are good for road only if make some changes to it.

Mountain bikes have different categories with respect to style and properties. Styles have changed rapidly in previous years. Below you can see different categories and which one is best for road from them.

This bike designed for off-road cycling but also you can ride it on road, some people prefer this bike more than a road bike.

So let’s compare both bikes:

Comparison of road bike and mountain bike

Road bike Mountain bike
Not comfortable for travelling.

Reason: seats are not good for long route.

Comfortable for travelling.

Reason: seats are better than road bike.

Easy to paddle.

Reason: tires have less suspension than mountain bikes.

Difficult to paddle.

Reason: a mountain bikes have both front and rear suspension.

Less rigid than mountain bikes. Mountain bikes have rigid structure.
Light weight. Heavy in weight.
Cheaper than mountain bikes. Expensive but more reliable.

Riding a mountain bike on road

If you want to go somewhere and you need a road bike, but the only bike you own is a mountain bike. Now there is a question which bike you have?

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Road

If you have a cross country bike, then this bike does great work at road but on the other hand if you have trail bike, you have to do more effort in order to ride it on road.


  • Mountain bikes are made to ride in difficult places and roads.
  • It is more capable to bear some pressure on its tires and can bear more weight than a regular road bike.
  • It has greater and better suspension than road bikes.
  • This is a good to bike to ride if you are going at far destination.
  • This bike will provide you more control in dirt and at some damage roads.


  • These bikes have 26 wheels which are of smaller size so have more rolling resistance.
  • Heavier than road bike.
  • Difficult to paddle because of suspension.
  • Requires more effort to paddle and to maintain balance.

Mountain bikes are good for road than road bikes

Reason: The mountain bikes are made to deal with the imperfections of any road. If you are going to some village area or you have to pass from some broken or damaged road, it’s a good decision if you go on mountain bike.

By riding on a mountain bike you also get some physical exercise which is just kind of disappear in recent years, because of technology.

But if you want to use your mountain bike as a regular bike for road, you must have to change your bike’s tires.

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