8 best 24 bmx bike (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Is it time for your first gate-snapping experience? Is this your first time back in the game?

The Redline MX24 features a lightweight Chromoly frame with an integrated head tube.

Three-piece cranks, an integrated headset, and a Pivotal Race saddle complete the MX24’s impressive list of components. In terms of price, quality, and performance, the Redline MX24 is unbeatable, and it comes race-ready right out of the box.

24 Inch BMX Bikes of the Year
We The People Atlas 24-Inch BMX Bike

There are occasions when a larger bike is ideal, and the Atlas is a great option for that. Reminiscent of Wethepeople’s racing heritage, this BMX has a 24″-wheeled frame.

In addition to the race-inspired geometry, the V-brake, and even the WTP Patrol stem and 33t sprocket, this bike’s Bright Silver finish and color-matched Blue anodized components complete the package.

Atlas is so much fun to ride that you’ll struggle to put it down, whether you’re on the trail, at a pump track or just on your way to work.

Best 24 Inch Bmx Bikes

1. The Stolen Saint 24′′ BMX Bike

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The Stolen Saint is the BMX that sparked the bike craze in the 1980s with its 24′′ wheels.

In terms of performance, this bike excels in the skatepark and on dirt jump trails thanks to its complete Chromoly (CrMo) frame and fork, 24′′ wheels, and high-quality CrMo aftermarket components from Stolen and Fiction.

It costs $800.

2. Acer Aspire 2021 Pro Series 24

Series 24 Professional Inspired by the past for today’s movement.

In collaboration with our Bike Life Coalition, the Pro Series range has been specifically designed to withstand any session with your squad.

As you practice on the street, you’ll improve your abilities and rise to the position of neighborhood monarch.

The cost is $800.

3. Grey Colony Eclipse 24′′ BMX bike by Colony

The Eclipse 24′′ BMX Bike from Colony offers expert-level performance at a reasonable price.

Adults and taller BMX riders will feel at home on this bike because of its 24′′ wheels and comfortable shape.

The Eclipse’s frame, forks, and bars are all made of CrMo, which makes it extremely light and robust.

No matter how hard you pound it around the skatepark, its three-piece tubular CrMo cranks and sealed bearings assure smooth, long-lasting performance.

At a cost of $600,

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4. The Haro Sloride 24 Bike 2021 Sloride 24 BMX by Haro

To pay homage to Brain Blyther, Mike Dominguez and Xavier Mendez, we’ve created the Slo-Ride 24″.

BMX. An aluminium 6061 frame with sealed Mid BB and integrated headset is used in the Slo-Ride.

The 4130 Cr-Mo Haro Freestyler bars and our Haro 1978 stem go into the cockpit.There’s no limit to what this bike can do for you.

All we needed for this beauty were double walled rims to finish it off, and we made them!

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5. Matte Trans. Dark Grey with a 22″ TTT

Sunday Bikes.

The Model C set the benchmark for 24-inch BMX bikes. This bike has a proven 20″-inspired geometry that allows it to be ridden at full speed with improved control.

Its advantages will be immediately apparent to larger riders. At an economical price, this bike comes with a chrome-plated frame, forks, and bars.

The cost is $665.

6. Cyclocross bike GT 2021 Dyno Pro Compe 24′′ BMX

After more than 30 years in the making, this is the Dyno you’ve always wanted. To honour Lord Voelker, the 1987 Dyno Pro Compe has all the minor features you’d expect and one major one, a tribute to the Hall of Famer.

Inspired by Voelker’s first year as a professional GT/Dyno driver. Dyno the Lord has always desired is here.

The cost is $1050.

7. Haro Downtown

In order to accommodate the taller rider or the Dad who still likes to travel around with his family, Haro Downtown 24 Inch BMX

Bike Downtown 24 was created.

If you want to ride somewhere, our new model is ready to take you there.

You’ll be shocked at what you can do on the Downtown with a fully sealed internal headset and a Mid BB.

Haro’s custom-molded recycling pedals and the new 1978 Haro Lever round out the new features.

a cost of $450

8. DK Cygnus 24″

Bigger is always better. For the past two years, the DK Cygnus 24″ has been one of our best-selling bikes, and it’s expected to continue this trend in 2021.

Skateparks, trails, and pump tracks are no match for the 24-inch wheel size and performance geometry of this bike.

This is the motorcycle to get if you’re a bigger or older rider searching for additional stability.

Stainless steel construction, sealed bearings, and reasonable pricing make this an excellent option. In 2021, there will be a slew of new colors and images. Built for speed, priced to go.

Costs $400

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A 24″ BMX Bike: An Introduction

A 24 inch BMX bike is larger than a 20 inch BMX bike in terms of wheel diameter.

The seating position will be comparable to that of a mountain bike. A 20-inch bike is too small for riders who are larger than average.

A 22-inch BMX Bike Is Suitable For What Age Group?

A 24 inch BMX bike does not have a specific age range associated with it.

Some riders may not think they fit the 20-inch model, therefore they opt on the 24-inch model. typically, BMX riders who want to cruise rather than pound the pavement will choose for a 24 inch BMX bike.

BMX Bike Size Comparison: 24″ vs. 20″

Despite being almost 6 feet tall, I own both a 20-inch and 24-inch cruiser bike: a bespoke Subrosa bike and a Skyway TA 24.

Comparing models is all that matters when comparing the two sizes.

Skyway’s long top tube and low bottom bracket make it a good fit for me.

Despite the fact that it has significantly more space than my BMX, it is significantly less maneuverable as a result.

It’s a great place to relax and cruise about. While still being able to ride practically as though I were riding a 20-inch BMX.

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The Difference Between a 24″ and a 26″ BMX Bike

A friend of mine owns a 24-inch DK bike and a 26-inch OM Flyer.

I love the OM Flyer, and if I had to choose only one, this would be it.

Although it requires more work to throw, it is far more forgiving and pleasant.

At least six of the men in my riding club own this bike, and they are all pleased with it.

You name it, the bike can handle anything you throw at it, and it’s eager for more.

Hooligans will love it because it’s the ideal bike for zipping about town on.

The lack of cajones wouldn’t be a hindrance if you were an experienced rider, but I doubt that’s the case.

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