4 Best 26×4 Fat Bike Tires ( January, 2023 )

Updated on August 18, 2022

Even if you don’t think you’ll use a fat bike, it’s not like you have to.

Choosing the best fat bike tyres is essential for achieving the optimum levels of grip and comfort on a fat bike. As the only kind of suspension on the bike, selecting tyres with a good feel is essential to the overall performance.

Tires with low-profile treads roll more quickly, while those with thicker lugs provide better traction on rocky or sandy surfaces.

Choosing the right tyres for your mountain bike is critical to ensuring that you remain in control on the trails, and selecting a tread pattern and casing design that best suits your riding style and terrain requires careful consideration.

Additionally, it’s the component that enables you to go to new places and encounter new creatures.

best 26×4 fat bike tires

1. Jumbo Jim Addix SnakeSkin by Schwalbe

When it comes to rolling speed and trail feel, the Jumbo Jim is unmatched.

The cost is $124.
26,4.00 and 26,4.80
1 pound, 12 ounces
No, tubes are not required.

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WHY BUY IT? Impressively fast in trials Speedgrip compound strikes a mix between speed and grip Better tyre feel than most

Due to the lightweight build, aggressive riders may have difficulty with the low profile tread in muddy and snowy circumstances.

Low profile tread suffers in muddy and snowy conditions.

The Jumbo Jim from Schwalbe has a thin tread pattern and a relatively low weight, making it an excellent alternative for fat bikers who want to boost their speed and agility.

Schwalbe’s ‘Speedgrip’ compound is designed to provide maximum rolling speed without sacrificing grip, and it succeeds well in this regard. Comfort and tranquillity are enhanced by the tire’s overall feel.

One drawback of its design is that it’s not the most durable against aggressive riders and rough terrain, so it’s not the best choice for heavy-hitters.

The Jumbo Jim, on the other hand, is a surefire winner if speed is your primary concern.

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2. Folding Loudly

A rear propeller that is both durable and gripping

The cost: $120.
26×4.80Weight: 1585g each pair
No, tubes are not required.

Because of its rear-specific tread design, this tyre provides excellent traction in almost any situation. It’s also quite durable.

Top-notch performance comes with a hefty price tag

Some riders may not be able to handle the additional weight.

Advertisement One of the best examples of Surly’s skill in fat biking is its rear-specific Lou tyre.

Block-shaped knobs with a 7mm-tall height allow the bike to dig in and get traction on a wide range of terrain.

All of the necessary shapes are there in the Lou, regardless of whether it’s slimey roots or sun-kissed sand.

The angled centre knobs ensure it doesn’t roll as terrible as you might assume, despite its size.

These tyres are great for long-distance explorers or those who seek out rugged areas, but they’re not for the casual rider looking for a lightweight, fast-rolling tyre.

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3. Fluttering Surly Buds

Surly’s front-specific tyre provides predictable steering and excellent traction in snow and muck, making it ideal for snowmobiles.



Extraordinary ability to clean muck and snow

Extraordinary resistance to piercing

Tubeless systems are simple to use.


Puncture protection carries a hefty price tag.

Has a lower corner hold than some of its competitors.

Designed for cornering and braking, Bud is the front wheel companion to the rear-specific Lou.

Because of the Bud’s tread design, the tyre is able to easily shed mud and snow, keeping it ready to grip onto the track surface.

For riders willing to push the limits or simply searching for an extra level of dependability, this tire’s aggressive tread design, puncture prevention, and tubeless compatibility make it an excellent choice.

When combined with the Lou, it’s one of the best pairings out there.

4. Compound Maxxis Minion FBF Dual

Fat bikes are now capable of delivering legendary levels of cornering grip and rolling speed.


The cost is $68.

It comes in sizes of 26×4.8 and weighs 1650 grammes.

No, it’s not.


Some of the greatest cornering grips in the business For a quick roll,Dual rubber compound keeps rolling speeds in check Extremely Useful


It’s not the best in mud.

There is just one width available.

There’s no need to introduce the Maxxis Minion FBF; it takes the tried-and-true DHF tread pattern and tailors it for use on fat bikes.

Because it has the same tread pattern as the standard DHF, it prioritises cornering grip, but its knob form and orientation allow it to roll extremely quickly as well. Our favourite tubeless system is still Maxxis’ tubeless system, which is incredibly easy to install.

In addition, the FBF incorporates a dual-compound rubber combination.

This means that the centre knobs are made of a stiffer rubber to increase rolling speed, while the side knobs are made of a softer rubber to enhance cornering traction.

On the trail, this is a tyre that inspires confidence and gives the most consistent traction, even in the most muddy situations.

Not only is the performance outstanding, but the cost is also really low.

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