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Updated on August 18, 2022

To which Naked Bike do you belong?

Even if you’ve decided on a naked bike (also known as a standard cycle), the choices can be bewildering. Different sizes and abilities make them useful for a wide range of tasks. Seeing what each brand and size bike has to offer is exhilarating. Keep your riding expertise and budget range in mind while deciding on a bike, so you can get the most out of your investment. To make it easier for you to decide on a naked bike, we’ve created five different categories.

Many people can get behind the wheel of a car and drive it for the first time, even if they’ve never driven before (there are some exceptions to this rule, we admit).

In contrast, the cost of owning and riding a bike is really reasonable, especially when considering the benefits you receive from it. Performance may also be fatal if you overextend; while electronic safety nets make these creatures more accessible than ever, they are nonetheless hazardous in the wrong hands and are not beginner-friendly. There are a wide variety of beginner bikes on the market now that aren’t boring at all, and some that you might even consider keeping for the long run. There are a lot of enjoyable beginner-friendly naked bikes available, but if you’ve been riding for some time, it may be time to upgrade.

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KTM Duke 390 KTM.

The tiny Duke has grown in popularity in recent years since it provides a fun machine at an affordable price.

KTM makes the most of this power by providing it a great chassis, making it very approachable with 40 horsepower. The bike is pleasant to ride on back roads and is easy for beginners to handle in town.

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9 KTM 1290 Super Duke R: Experienced Rider
This beast has nothing approachable about it, from its aesthetics to its jaw-dropping 1300cc motor.

As long-time bikers know, this is a terrific hooligan machine with more torque than you’ll ever need, making 0-60 times for supercars look slow by comparison. However, its 180 horsepower will cause tyre shredding, so be prepared to spend a little more…

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8 Kawasaki Z400: An Easy-to-Learn Motorcycle

Kawasaki has made significant investments in this industry, and as a result, their 250, 300, 400, and 650cc motorcycles all produce around the same amount of power.

Z400 front third quarte perspective for 2021 Kawasaki Z400

Kawasaki website, that is.
The 400, though, is the best of the lot, with a 50-horsepower engine that outperforms most bikes in this class in terms of power and looks.

The Kawasaki ZH2 is the ride of a veteran.

However, Kawasaki went and made their most powerful motorcycle a hyper naked.


Motorcycling at its Finest
This car is only for those drivers who have already completed a few track days, know what they’re doing, and are ready for a crash.

Beginner-friendly: Yamaha MT07 2021-Yamaha-MT07 EU Storm Fluo-Action-003-03.jpg

The Yamaha Engine

Although its 70 horsepower may appear excessive to a novice, it is workable, and if desired, an engine map may be applied to lessen the power.

Motorcycle at its finest: the Yamaha MT07Via.

The CP2 from Yamaha has a fantastic engine and is a bike that even experienced riders will want to own forever.


Naked bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and these categories are an excellent place to begin narrowing down your options. Each style of naked bike has something unique to offer while still providing you with the look and power of a naked bike. There are a lot of choices out there, so don’t rush into making a decision based on the first one you see. It’s not impossible to find a garment that’s both stylish and comfortable. It is our sincere hope that this list will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


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