3 Best Fenders Commuting Bike ( September, 2022 )

Updated on August 18, 2022

Bumpers aren’t a must for transportation cyclists, but they’re a very useful accessory for city and suburban riders alike. Outside the United States, people call them “curved guards.” If you ride through a puddle while it is raining, your feet and lower legs will be protected from getting wet from the front and back bumper, which will help keep your bike clean.

Even though they won’t do much to keep you dry if you’re riding through a torrential downpour, bumpers will keep you dryer, hotter, and more comfortable than without them.

The Boston 8 and the Navigator had bumpers as standard on two or three of the asphalt variants. Because not everyone needs/wants bumpers (see above), we don’t include them on all our bikes.

If you have a Crosstown, Boston, or Fit bicycle, you can add a set of our standard bumpers as an optional accessory.

As a bonus, these bumpers are easy to remove when the bicycle is folded up, making them ideal for those who want to remove the bumpers but don’t have the time or patience to do so.

Bumpers, which are also known as curved guards, exist in a plethora of designs.

They can attach to several parts of your bike, including the frame, fork, seat post, and more.

There are so many options out there that the best approach to get a good bumper is to be sure it will fit your bike.

A few types don’t operate with circle brakes for example. Others don’t work with calliper brakes at all. Throughout our guide, we make an effort to explain to you which bicycles each bumper can suit.

Bumpers can be tricky to install, so many bikers prefer to have a cycling shop do it for them.

Don’t be afraid to introduce your own bumpers. All of the options in our guide were designed so that novice bikers may get started on their own with basic equipment.

Best Fenders Commuting Bike

1. The SKS Raceblade Pro Bicycle Fender

For riding to work through torrential rain, nothing beats a full set of bumpers for keeping you as dry as possible.

The SKS Raceblade Pro bumpers, unlike full bumpers that are notoriously difficult to attach to a bicycle and are known to shake around, have few of these drawbacks and provide a significant amount of protection against water and street garbage.

Bumpers like this one may be used on a broad variety of suburban bicycles because they don’t need on eyelets or wheel centre points to attach to them.

For the most part, the bumpers make use of a slew of elastic ties to keep the forks in place.

This makes it possible for them to be used on bicycles that have a circular slowdown just like calliper brakes, allowing them to be transported easily.

Although the connection framework is minimal, it’s surprising that the bumpers don’t move when the car is driven over a bumpy roadway.

Since the bumpers are just 25 mm broad, they must be designed specifically for a street bicycle and mix wheels, but thankfully, they can fit a wide range of wheel widths up to 28 inches.

The secret to this adaptability lies in the fact that the width of the actual bumpers can be adjusted thanks to an innovative design that allows you to alter the length of the stays to achieve the ideal gap between the bumper and the wheel.

These bumpers are long enough to keep you from getting wet while driving.

The backside of each bumper also has rubber-treated mud folds to assist keep water from kicking up toward your body or any following bikers.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the SKS Raceblade Pro Bike Fender.

  • Because there are no pre-drilled eyelets in the rubber strap system, it is more universally compatible.
  • For mountain bikes, these wheels will only function with tyres that are no wider than 25 mm.
  • It is possible to choose the length of your stays up to a maximum of 28 inches.

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2. The Planet Bike Hardcore Bike Fender is available for purchase

If you’re looking for a bumper set that covers the entire length of your bike, go no further than this one from Planet Bike.

Even once the bumpers are finished, there are a slew of mud folds to further reduce water splashes on your tummy or the bikers behind you.

This pair of bumpers differs from others in that its width allows it to function with a variety of tyres, from narrow street tyres to wide trail blazing bicycle tyres.

However, keep in mind that these bumpers are meant to be attached to the edge of your bicycle using eyelets that have been pre-drilled.

If you don’t have eyelets, you can secure the pre-installed bumper equipment to your bike using a slew of zip ties wrapped around your calliper brakes.

Even if you’ve properly fitted these bumpers, they may begin to rub against your tyres if you have tyres wider than 26 creeps.

However, the preferable position for this somewhat small width configuration is that the bumpers may be used underneath a rear rack and avoid water from splashing up at your panniers as well.

There are just two options for staying in place with this bumper set, which is a drawback. In spite of the fact that they are connected to the eyelets on your casing, this allows your bumpers to wobble about when riding on an uneven street.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Planet Bike Hardcore Bike Fender..

  • Suitable for off-road bicycle tyres of sufficient width.
  • You may expect eyelets to fit snugly into your bike’s frame.
  • To help keep your panniers dry, you can place this under your back rack.
  • Even if properly fastened, the short distance between the two means that they will almost certainly grind against your tyre.
  • To further reduce the water shower, mudflaps are placed at the end of the guilty parties.
  • When riding on a bumpy road, the bike clunks and rattles.

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3. Cruiser Fenders for the Sunlite

You may protect yourself from rain and street trash with the Sunlite Cruiser Bumpers if you don’t want to spend all of your money on bumpers for your bicycle.

The steel used in these steel full-wrap bumpers makes them heavier than many of the other options available, but they also provide a level of solidity that is unsurpassed by most plastic bumpers. They are also incredibly long and, despite the lack of mud folds, are extremely effective at channelling water away from your body, even without them.

Bumpers are 75 mm broad, which is a bit of an overkill for thin street bicycle tyres but just the right size for a wider range of bicycles, including trailblazing models. However, if you’re riding a pioneering bicycle, make sure the bumpers are made to accommodate tyres no larger than 26 inches in diameter.

It is preferable to attach these bumpers to your bicycle using pre-penetrated eyelets rather than the axles on the front and back tyres, which is how most people now attach them.

However, the bumpers must be removed and reinstalled in order to repair a punctured tyre, which means you’ll have to have the necessary tools with you. When riding on an uneven street, whether or not the bumpers are solidly attached to the bicycle, they will tremble if they are attached directly to the hub.

The Sunlite Cruiser Fender: Pros and Cons

  • Budget-conscious suburbanites will like these bumpers.
  • Fits only tyres with a circumference of no more than 26 inches.
  • They are more durable than normal plastic bumpers thanks to the addition of steel construction.
  • When changing a flat tyre, you must remove the fenders if your axle is attached.
  • The wide design accommodates tyres for both crossover and pioneering bicycles.
  • Fenders squeak on uneven roads.

What to look for in a commuting bike fender

What to look for when shopping for the best commuting bike fenders Using bike fenders ensures that you stay clean and the bike’s chain remains safe throughout your commute.

There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on a good set. Here are a few things to look for in a commuter-oriented bike fender.


The speed at which you can ride a bike is influenced by your weight. A lack of centre of gravity makes it difficult to achieve stability with fenders. The majority of the fenders are made out of hefty materials, which causes these problems.

If you want to go fast, look for a fender that is made of a lightweight material that is light in weight. Get a heavy one and practise with it first before heading out on the open road.

Depending on the material used to construct them, Size Fenders are available in a variety of sizes and degrees of flexibility. While some tyres can be adapted to fit various sizes of bike tyres, others are rigid and cannot be altered. Specifically describing the size of your bike’s tyre is required for the latter.

Before purchasing a non-flexible fender, make sure you have measured the width of your bike. If you frequently switch bikes, a flexible fender will save you time and money. When it comes to performance, the type of frame or point of attachment is frequently a deciding element.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning the fender is necessary due to the accumulation of dirt and grit. You have the option of doing it the simple or hard way to keep it clean.

For the most convenient method, you’ll need to get a bike with a fender that can be wiped clean without having to remove it from the bike first. To make washing your fender a bit more difficult, choose one with a more intricate design. When compared to the easy ones, they tend to be more time-consuming.

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