3 best bike for mom and toddler (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Imagine a world in which it is convenient and practical to forgo the minivan and pick up a bike instead. Of course, it’s not going to instantly transform your city’s cycling infrastructure and culture, but a family cargo bike will make it easier for you to carry kids and their belongings like groceries and soccer balls.

Cargo bikes come in a wide variety of styles, but some are better suited for transporting your most important cargo: children. This is a list of our favourite family bicycles, along with a few pointers on how and why to purchase a cargo bike for commuting with children.

Are you itching to go back on your bike but unsure of how to proceed now that you’re riding with a young child? Starting with a bike seat for mom and child is a good place to begin. Honestly, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

As long as the child is able to sit up unassisted, a bike seat can be utilised on a 9-month-old. All you have to do is attach it to the rear or front of your bicycle, load your child inside, and you’re good to go.

It’s not as simple as this, of course, because you have to take into account so many factors before making a purchase. This is further complicated by the wide range of solutions available.

By cutting down your options to five, we hope this article will assist you in finding the finest bike seat for mom and her child Choosing the correct child seat for your youngster is also something we’ll help you with.

Best Bike for Mom and Toddler

1. Child Bicycle Seat Hamax Caress Rearward

The child bike seat from Hamax Caress is constructed of polypropylene and has a lovely Scandinavian design. If you’re looking for a high-quality, safety-certified product, you’ll have to pay a premium for it.

You can get everything you want in a smart outfit here, from safety to comfort to style. The reclining seat is quite comfortable and can be adjusted between 0 and 20 degrees, allowing for a variety of sleeping positions.

When it comes to attaching this child bike seat, you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. There are two options for mounting it: either on the rack or the frame. There is a built-in suspension mechanism that ensures a smooth ride for your child in both versions.

Anti-theft locking brackets are attached to the bike’s frame on the dual bar steel. Consequently, if you were to hurry to the grocery store and leave your bike in the parking lot, you can rest assured that it would still be there.

You can handle the bike’s features with one hand while keeping your other hand on the bike for increased safety and stability with this rear-facing child bike. Additionally, you can adjust its child-safety buckle and its adjustable straps with just one hand.

Aside from that, this bike is suitable for children of all ages, from 9-months old to six years old. In terms of maximum weight, it can handle up to 48.5 pounds of weight. The footrests and shoulder straps on the backrest are both height-adjustable and made of non-slip rubber.

What we’re into

In terms of both installation and use, it is really straightforward.
Dual mounting options, each with shock-absorbing characteristics, are provided.
Different sleeping positions can be achieved by adjusting the reclining seat.
In order to keep your youngster safe, it includes a helmet storage area.
It’s modern and trendy, and it’ll grow with your child.

What we dislike the most

Although it’s not cheap, it’s worth it.
There is no padding on the headrest, so you may need to find a way to pad it yourself.

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2. IBert Safe-T Seat for Children’s Bicycles

Families looking for a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable alternative to a child’s trailer can use the iBert bicycle. Using this bike seat, your youngster will be able to take in the sights of the outside world while having a great time.

You won’t have to worry about dirt and water splashing on your child’s face like you would if you were to use a trailer.

As a safety measure, the bike seat places a youngster between the rider and the handlebars for added protection. The adult bike rider will benefit from a more stable centre of gravity and greater agility as a result of this stance.

As a parent, you’ll be able to quickly soothe your child if they become agitated while riding in the car.

In addition, this bike seat comes with a comfortable steering wheel that lets your youngster participate in the ride. With your help, the youngster will be able to use the steering wheel. As an added benefit, putting and removing a child in and out of the bike seat is both simple and risk-free.

In order to hold your youngster in place when you speed up, the seatbelt goes over their shoulder and between their legs.

What we’re into

It’s made to be more mobile and have a lower centre of gravity.
Attaches and dissipates quickly and easily.
Three colour options are available.
Suitable for most bicycles

What we dislike the most

When removing the child from the seat, several parents have reported that the crossbar lifted up.

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3. Bike Seat for Children with Thule Yepp Maxi Thule

Thule’s maxi kid bike seat has a weight capacity of 48.5 pounds and is suitable for children aged 9 months to 6 years. The paediatrician should be consulted if you intend to use it on a child under the age of one.

A water-repellent substance coats the bike seat, making cleanup a breeze. It has adjustable straps and footrests that allow for your child’s height to develop along with them.

Safety and functionality are the primary goals of this rear-mounted child bike. Reflectors and an attachment point for a safety light are included in the design.

To make it even easier to keep your child safe, this stroller comes with a childproof safety buckle. Additionally, it contains a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly.

Even though it doesn’t look it, this lightweight, easily-mounted stroller is perfect for errands like running to the shop or dropping the kids off at daycare. Because of the seat’s soft shock-absorbing material, you won’t be bothered by uneven surfaces.

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What we’re into

Suitable for regular usage in the home
Comfortable, shock-absorbing seats are standard.
It was a breeze to set up.
Because it is composed of water-repellent material, cleaning and maintaining it is a breeze.

What we dislike the most

Costs more than comparable products from other manufacturers.

The things to look out for when purchasing a bike seat for a young child

The primary concern of every parent is their child’s safety, which is why purchasing anything for a child can be challenging. It’s especially important to think about the safety and comfort of a child’s bike seat. As a precautionary measure, here’s what to look out for:

Type of attachment

In the front or the back, a bike seat can be installed based on your personal preference and the age of your child.

However, due to their lower weight limit than back-mounted seats, front-mounted chairs are best suited for younger toddlers. All but the heaviest can take up to 35 pounds, the usual weight of a toddler under the age of 2. You can talk to your kid while you ride in a front-facing car seat.

It’s easy to get distracted when using this mounting type, which can put you and your infant in risk. The older the child, the more likely they are to hit the handlebars and knock you off your feet.

As the child grows older, the back-mounted or rear bike seat provides a more comfortable ride, and can support children up to age 6. It is possible to install rear bike seats either on the frame or on the rack. Although frame-mounted seats are the most frequent because of their stability, they can be challenging to install due to various design and feature components. When it comes to bicycles of all shapes and sizes, the rack-mounted option is the best option. As a result, they are more stable than rack-mounted devices.

Because the rear bike seat adds more weight to the back of your bike, controlling it might be challenging. You’ll have to go outside the box to find a solution to counteract the heavier front with a lighter back.

The seat bike should be mounted with extreme care and attention to detail. It’s a safety danger if there’s a mishap.


To begin with, make sure your child is the correct weight and height for your outfit. Your child’s weight and height should be taken into consideration while deciding on a car seat. In order to avoid relying on guesswork, you must be absolutely confident. Choosing the improper bike seat for your child can be quite inconvenient for both you and your youngster.

If you’re looking for a bike seat that your child can use for many years to come, opt for a rear-mounted bike seat with many height and angle adjustments. To start with a front-mounted and then move to the rear when they are old enough is still totally acceptable.

a seatbelt and a shoulder strap

In the event that you’re going to disregard anything else, these two are the ones to focus on. The well-being of your infant is entirely dependent on you. You can choose between a three-point belt or a five-point harness with shoulder straps, depending on your preferences.

With this method, your child is more protected in the event that you trip or stumble and inadvertently injure yourself or are struck by something. As long as your child is still growing, investing in belts and straps that can be adjusted is a wise decision.


An adjustable seat is not essential, but it is a nice-to-have option. Especially for tiny kids who get fatigued so easily on long car drives, it makes the seat pleasant.


It only takes a minor flaw, such as slack legs, for a toddler to cease to be a toddler. It’s possible to lose your equilibrium if you bump the handlebar or get stuck in the wheels with those innocent legs. That’s why you’ll need a bike seat with footrest restraints. It’s always a good idea to acquire adjustable footrests for your child’s growth.


This is more of a convenience than a safety feature. Even if you’re riding on flat ground, your child will have a more comfortable ride thanks to a suspension-equipped bike seat. A contented child makes for a contented parent. For rack-mounted seats, you can assume that the seat has a suspension, but for other mounting kinds, you must inquire.

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