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Updated on August 18, 2022

On the lookout for a high-quality multi-tool for your bike rides? Over 30 models were researched and 14 were acquired for testing. Regardless of the terrain or distance ridden, modifications and mechanical problems are inevitable. Having a good multi-tool on your bike can be the difference between finishing your ride, walking your bike to the trailhead, or waiting for a pick-up when something goes wrong. In our workshop and on the job site, we analyzed each tool’s characteristics, ergonomics, portability, convenience of use, and durability. This bike multi-tool review was written with the goal of assisting you in your search for the ideal tool.

A tiny mechanical issue that you could have fixed if you’d brought along the correct tool can be a real pain in the ass.

However, the best multi-tools for cycling can assist you in most tough situations, allowing you to continue your ride and avoid the need to use public transportation, a cab or to ring up your nearest and dearest to ask for a trip home.

This list includes the top multi-tools that have been tested and graded by our reviewers, as well as equipment with more specific purposes, including mending tubeless tire punctures.

In the event that you encounter any mechanical difficulties, a good multitool is a must-have companion. In order to make an informed decision, you should consider factors such as dependability, versatility, and size economy when evaluating your options.

If you want to avoid damaging the parts of your bike while repairing them, your tools should be easy to use and of high quality.

To begin with, you’ll need a variety of various Allen (or hex) keys, Torx keys, and screwdriver heads in a variety of sizes.

Chain tools, knives, and even bottle openers are included in the most complex models. The more tools you buy, the heavier they become, so assess your options carefully before parting with your hard-earned cash.


A tradesman in Blackburn

Best bike multi-tool
As tested, the price was £30 / $30.
There are several tools included in this kit, including a chain breaker, an Allen key, a quick-link tool, and an Allen key/Torx key combination.
All-metal construction and an impressive 18 tools make the Blackburn Tradesman Mini Tool an excellent value.

Long enough to go into most places, the straight Allen keys provide correct head sizes for high-torque applications without rounding out bolts. In order to utilize the chain breaker, you only need to remove the back wheel.

With the 4mm Allen key, you can quickly and easily utilize the quick-link tool and the brake pad separator. Rattling is prevented by a strong rubber strap.

Some of the L-shaped Allen keys can be difficult to use in small areas, such as Torx bits.


Priced at £33 / $35 / $60 as tested, the Blackburn Wayside 19

Best bike multi-tool
It weighs in about 197 grams.
The following tools are included: T25 and T30 Torx keys, 2–5mm L-shaped hex keys, a flat screwdriver, 6/8mm hex tools, a chain tool, a 50mm serrated blade, three-spoke wrenches, and a valve core removal tool.
The replaceable ball-ended L-shaped hex keys in diameters 2 to 5mm on the Blackburn Wayside 19 provide unequaled bolt access and are a lovely touch if you like the feel of ordinary toolbox Allen keys to the usual multi-tool design. The Blackburn Wayside 19 features 19 functions.

The Wayside is a mobile toolbox that comes with a lifetime warranty, despite the fact that it is heavier than most.


Hexus X from Topeak Costs £23 when tested

Best bike multi-tool
Weight: 172 grams
Size: 95 x 42 x 30 millimetres
3 Tork keys; 2 Phillips screwdrivers; 14/15g spoke wrench and Presta core tool are included.
Neat. Cool, right? In a setback-friendly size, the Topeak has 21 of the most often used tools. The 8mm hex and two smaller Torq keys are stored internally.

The tyre levers, which also serve as outer plates, are hard-edged but effective, despite their difficulty in use. It’s a good product, but it’s a little on the pricey side.


In our tests, the Topeak Mini 20 Pro cost around £32 (about $40), so it’s not exactly cheap.

Best bike multi-tool
Weight: 150 grammes
Two hex keys, two screwdrivers, two spoke wrenches, a chain tool, and a tyre lever are all included.
Steel hex keys from 2 to 10mm, T10 and T25 Torx, and two screwdrivers are all included in the Topeak Mini 20 Pro’s 25mm length.

The chain tool has four spoke wrenches, a chain hook, and a 4mm hex for changing the tool’s pivots, but it does not function with Campagnolo chains.

A tire lever and a bottle opener round out the set.



When looking for a new bike multi-tool, there is a lot to take into account. Many alternatives are available to suit your needs, whether you want to be prepared for every eventuality or just the fundamentals. The speed, comfort, and portability of the tools in this comparison vary widely. Your ideal pedal may not be the same as another rider’s, depending on what you value while you’re searching for a pedal. We also advise you to familiarise yourself with your multi-tool before heading out, as being able to make rapid modifications on the fly will make your life much simpler. We sincerely hope that our in-depth comparison helps you select the model that’s appropriate for you and that it keeps you out on the road or trail for longer as a result of our comparison.


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