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Updated on August 18, 2022

If you enjoy taking your bike on road trips and exploring new locations, you’ll want a racks for this on your car. There are a myriad of options on the market, but each serves the same purpose—to safely transport your bicycle without having to cram it into your car.

Knowing what you need and examining your vehicle’s features are the best ways to choose the best product for you. Subaru Forester bike racks may be found right here, so seek no further.
Carriers for the vehicle in question are plentiful, and picking the right one might be overwhelming. Our review of the best bike rack for Subaru Foresters is complete.

So, is there only one best Subaru Forester Bike Rack?

Honestly, there are a lot of them, and we’ll show you the best of the best in this guide.


So, as we’re sure you’ve gathered, there are three distinct types of vehicle bike carriers:


vehicle-mounted bike racks

a bicycle rack installed on the roof

tow-bar-mounted bicycle transporters

Rear-mounted bike carriers and tow-bar bike carriers are the only two topics we’ll be discussing in this particular tutorial.

“Trunk” racks rather than “hatch” racks make up the majority of the racks now on the market. They can only be used by opening the rack wider than it was designed to be used, which defeats the object’s physics. Rather than distributing the weight of the bikes throughout the trunk, the top strap hooks as well as the thin sheet metal at the top of the hatch are now nearly solely responsible for supporting the bikes. As a result, they are not attached to the vehicle in any way. They are instead hanging from the vehicle’s rear. It’s not a good start. Furthermore, if your vehicle is equipped with a spoiler, you won’t be able to mount the rack because the straps will need to cross over the top of the spoiler and be extremely tight. The rack’s apex will rest on your back window. Those hybrids are big and heavy. The math is up to you. Because the straps will stretch and loosen, the rack will move away from the car as you drive. There are ways to deal with this, of course, but it’s a continual concern. For extended travels, I found it extremely difficult to set up and load the rack. My installation was meticulous because I didn’t want anything to fall off, but it also serves as a barrier between the automobile and the bikes, which I thought was important. There’s a lot of cushioning and bungee cords in here. An hour of fiddling and securing later, I was confident enough to travel with my Saris Bones (one of the best racks for this purpose). As far as bike racks go, I’m on every single one of them because I’ve tried every single one out there until I found the one that works best for me.


However, you did ask for ideas. While Thule’s bottom support rests on the bumper, Saris Bones’ does not, meaning that the top of the rack will still move away from the window when using it. In order to avoid spoilers, Hollywood has a customised rack with an arm that hangs from the hatch. It’s impossible to say which one is best. Better and safer options exist, but they are more expensive.


If you decide to install a hatch-mounted trunk rack, you’ll need to budget for the cost of a new wiper motor if you do. On this one, you can rely on me.


Subaru Forester Bicycle Racks: The 5 Best Options
The ideal bike rack should be easy to install, safe for your bike to ride on, and affordable. There will be a slew of choices for you to choose from. For the most part, you’ll be able to choose a suitable product from these seven.

This is a good time to start.

A well-known option is the Allen Sport Premier 4-Bike Hitch Rack.

Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier, Model S545

For Subaru foresters, the Allen Sports Hitch Rack is one of the best bike racks on the market. Rugged and full of great features, it’s the ideal bike rack for all of your travels on two wheels.
Many users and buyers have complimented this bike rack for its many wonderful qualities. The greatest option on this list is for you if you’re seeking for a top-notch product. It’s a steel hitch-mounted rack that’s built to last. Powder-coated coating protects it from hazardous components of the environment in addition to its durability. It’s weatherproof, so you may use it in the sun or the rain without fear.

Additionally, it can hold up to four bicycles with a maximum weight of roughly 140 pounds on board. Your family’s next trip to the park, camping trip, or other outing will be a breeze with this in tow.

In addition, it has folding arms that may be stored when not in use. Due to its single-handed shifting capability, this rack is very easy to use.

It only requires a small amount of assembly to get started. In addition, all the gear you’ll need to complete the project is included. Wobble-free bolt installation ensures that it does not move during transport.
Users, on the other hand, are concerned about how near this rack’s installation is to each other. When you’re on the road, it’s critical to ensure that your bike is safe and secure.

Class III or Class IV 2-inch receiver hitches should be used with these racks for compatibility reasons. In addition, this should never be attached to your vehicle’s front end or trailer. Rear-mounted bike carriers don’t get much better than this one.

Additionally, this bike carrier comes in a variety of configurations, including two, three, and five bike racks. You can choose from the following options: deluxe locking, premier lock (with spare tyres), or premier lock with spare tyres.

If you’re looking for something that’s both affordable and high-quality, this is the rack for you! This bike rack for a Subaru Forester has earned its place at the top.


  • Cradles are made of two different materials.
  • Secure the bicycles using quick-release straps.
  • An integrated tilt-away release mechanism is included.
  • Crafted using high-quality components


  • Fairly priced on the market
  • Insufficient distance between the mounting points.

Bicycle rack by Kuat called the NV 2.0

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack, Gray Metallic, 1.25" Hitch Size

You can’t go wrong with this Kuat NV 2.0, an improved version of one of the best Subaru forester bike racks out there, the original. With its revolutionary characteristics, such as its top-notch functional design and world-class aesthetics, it astoundingly raises the bar.
Kuat presently has the NV 2.0 at the top of its portfolio. It took years to design and develop, but the effort was well worth it. Even though it’s expensive, it comes with a lot of great features, making it a great value.
This product’s set-up is a breeze, even for the novice. Assembling this is a breeze, and the instructions are simple to follow, so you won’t have a problem with it. Also included in the kit are the Allen wrenches you’ll need to complete the installation.

To make things even easier, the ratcheting arms may be tightened and released with a single hand. A feature that makes adjusting the rear wheel straps a breeze is the vehicle’s well-thought-out design. Even the most novice users will find it easy to use.

At the pivot point, there is a big lever. As a result of this, raising and lowering the rack is made much easier and more convenient. When the rack is upright, you can use your foot to press this button. As a result, you won’t have to stoop to get to it.

In addition, the vehicle attachment system for this device is the same as for Kuat NV. It’s controlled via a knob on the receiver’s far side. When it is turned, the hitch receiver’s cam mechanism is expanded, eliminating wobbling.

As a result of this rack’s construction, it doesn’t take into account any differences in the design or standards of the axle. A bicycle with a wheel size of 20 to 29 inches and tyres measuring approximately 4.8 inches can also be transported with this vehicle. A special adapter is required for the larger 20-inch and 24-inch models.

It uses two heavy-duty cables that stretch from the back of each tray to assure the safety of your bike. In comparison to other systems, this one’s wires have a large diameter and are meant to be looped around the frames of both bikes.

Even so, the NV 2.0 is an improvement over the original. You’ll have a great time exploring new places in your Subaru Forester, safe and sound in the back.


  • Rack that folds into the back of the truck’s hitch
  • Has a tool-free extending wedge.
  • With a lockable receiver attachment.
  • Strong and adaptable
  • Rear wheel that can be retracted


  • The most costly bike rack on the market.

T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack by Thule

The T2 Pro XT 2 is a flagship product from Thule, one of the world’s top makers of bicycle and vehicle rack accessories. Let’s find out why this is happening!
T2 Pro XT carrier has remained on top and still recognised as the best bike rack on the market despite the rapid influx of new fantastic models. It has, in fact, set the benchmark for bicycle carriers. Everything you’re looking for can be found right here. In terms of security, strength, and ease-of-use, it’s an excellent choice. You’ll want this on your next big adventure because of all of its outstanding features.

With an auto-attach knob, this bike rack is ready to go. You can easily attach and uninstall the rack thanks to this function. In addition, no additional equipment is required for this task. In this way, everyone benefits.

By adjusting it side by side, you may eliminate the bicycle collisions. This allows for a lot of room between the mounting points. It’s also expandable up to a maximum of 197 mm. This is critical while riding in a group, since you don’t want to risk your bikes getting dinged up.

You can further expand the carrying capacity by purchasing the T2 Pro-XT two bike rack add-on. If you have a large family or a lot of bicycles and enjoy going on road trips, this is the route for you.

Aside from that, the ratcheting arm is designed to hold the bike securely in place without contacting the frame. There’s also a built-in 24-inch cable lock included with this rack to keep your bike safely secured. When not in use, it can be retracted to the ratcheting arm.

Use this to get into the back of your vehicle, even if you have a rack attached. Using the HitchSwitch lever, you can tilt it backwards.

Mountain bikes, carbon bikes, fat bikes, and e-bikes with 20-29-inch wheels and 5-inch tyres may all be transported with the two bikes carrier.

The fact that it has one little flaw does not diminish the fact that this is one of the top Subaru forester bike racks available.


  • Designed to be long-lasting and easy to use.
  • suitable with wide tyre and rim sizes
  • No special tools are required for installation.
  • A built-in knob and hitch pin are included.
  • Because of the trustworthiness of its security mechanism.


  • It’s difficult to follow the instructions for putting something together because they are so complicated.

Bike Hitch Car Rack Saris SuperClamp

Saris Superclamp 2-Bike Hitch Car Rack Plus Cargo
You must be prepared to transport your cherished bicycles when adventure calls. There’s no doubt that this bike rack will make your job easier and more secure.
Since day one, this Saris SuperClamp has been designed to be the most reliable platform rack on the market.
In spite of the carrier’s light weight, it has a high level of versatility. You may rest assured that this will serve you for many years to come. Because of its heavy steel construction, you can expect many years of reliable service from this item.

Whether it’s a road bike or an e-bike or a fat bike, this can fit them all. For whatever type of bike you own, it ensures that they get at their destination without any damage whatsoever.

Additionally, there are two options: a two-bike carrier and a four-bike rack. To put it simply, you may put up to 60 pounds each on the two trays closest to your vehicle on the four-bike rack.

With universal wheel trays that can support wheelbases of up to 50 inches, there is no need for an adaptor. Additionally, the wheel trays have reflectors on the outside to enhance visibility in low-light situations. The cable lock also adds an extra layer of security.

In addition, the rack may be tilted so that it can be folded up when not in use. Even with the racks loaded, you may still utilise this to get to the back or trunk of your car.

It holds each bike securely on top of the wheels thanks to its strong shepherd hooks. This reduces the risk of your bicycle being damaged.

As a final point, this bike rack has all of the fantastic characteristics that you’re searching for in a rack. Your Subaru Forester and these racks will go along like peaches and cream.


  • Has a small, sleek profile.
  • Both long-lasting and light-weight
  • A lever that is easily accessible is included.
  • The rails are elevated so that the bicycles don’t get in each other’s way.
  • A cable lock is included for added security.


  • It’s difficult to load the second bicycle because the arms are shared.

Bike Carrier Thule T2 Classic Hitch Mount

It’s well-known that this company produces high-quality products that many owners like. It’s no wonder it’s been getting so much attention. The T2 bike carrier is one of its best-known items, and it’s filled with useful functions.
If you’re searching for a subaru forester bike carrier that’s built to last, this is it. Frame-free clamping security allows it to be used on virtually any type of bicycle. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about losing your bike.
The ratcheting arm on this bike carrier allows you to swiftly and securely attach your bike to the carrier. And it doesn’t even require any contact with the frame. This feature can minimize or remove the damage to your bicycle that it can do.

Adjustable mounts help to move the mounting position horizontally, as well as vertically. A bicycle’s pedal, handlebars, and gearbox can all be protected by this. With this, you can rest assured that your bicycle will reach at your destination in top condition.

In addition, a HitchSwitch lever is built-in. When not in use, this is used to fold the bike rack vertically. When you need to access the back or trunk of your car, you may tilt the carrier down from the vehicle.

A SnugTite lock is included in the kit to secure the rack to the receiver’s hitch. Additionally, if you purchase a T2 Classic add-on, you’ll be able to transport up to four bicycles, so you can bring along every member of your family.

However, there is a drawback that may deter some people from buying it. It has no protective coating or finish to assist it withstand the damaging effects of the outside elements. When exposed and in use for an extended period of time, rust can form on the frames and bases.

If you’re looking for a good hitch bike rack for subaru forester then this is one of the greatest options on the market. Your Subaru Forester’s bike rack makes it easy to transport your bicycle. And so the fun begins!


  • A HitchSwitch lever is available for added convenience.
  • Mounts with a range of adjustment
  • A SnugTite lock ensures a secure hold.
  • Can hold up to four bicycles in the cargo area.
  • There is no need to purchase a cable lock separately.


  • When exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, rust can form.



The Subaru Forester’s bike rack/carrier is a terrific way for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors and discover new cycling routes without having to drive to them first.

To ensure that you obtain the correct fit for your vehicle, enough space for the number of bikes you need, and a rack that won’t damage your car’s paint, you need to choose the right bike rack.

These are our picks for the best Subaru Forester bike racks, and each one comes with a unique set of benefits that we think you’ll like. As long as you’re looking for a solution that’s both lightweight and straightforward to set up, you’ll have no shortage of possibilities.

Some well-known companies in the bike rack market are worth looking out for, so you can be assured that your purchase is safe and long-lasting.

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