5 Best Bike Racks for Ebikes ( March, 2023 )

Updated on August 18, 2022

When it comes to moving and storing your bicycle, there are a plethora of options.

In comparison to ordinary bike racks, the maximum weight capacity of e-bike specialist tow barracks is higher than normal ones. Because of this, e-bike racks use stronger materials and can support a greater weight.

Even if you already have a bike rack, it’s advisable to invest in an e-bike tool rather than risk having your rack break while driving. For an RV bike rack, consider the maximum load capacity and hitch-mount compatibility before purchasing.

Make sure to check if your e-bike has fenders before purchasing a rack. The racks’ attachment locations have been clearly defined. To assist customers in locating the best electric bike car racks, Electric Bike Report was created. We may receive a commission if you purchase a product we’ve recommended.

Having chosen an electric bike that you love and are ready to explore with it, it’s time to find the best e-bike car rack for your needs.

It’s crucial to locate a car bike rack that can manage the additional weight and bulk that comes with e-bikes. Many bike racks were originally designed to support conventional bikes, which rarely weighed more than 50 lbs at the heaviest point. Electric bikes can weigh 50 pounds or more, so this might be a problem. At Electric Bike Report HQ, we have lots of bikes that weigh more than 70 lbs.

Depending on the type of e-bike you own, there are a number of other significant elements to keep in mind. A fat bike with a motor is something you may have purchased. Make sure that your bike rack can handle the weight of those enormous tyres.. Was a cargo e-bike purchased for you and your family? Don’t forget to check out a rack long enough to accommodate that.

E-bike vehicle racks have a lot of unique features, but possibly the most essential electric-specific aspect is the capacity of the rack.

A single electric bike car rack may never be able to accommodate all of your needs, but there are a number of options that will work best for your vehicle and your needs. Here are our top selections for the best e-bike car racks.

Best Bike Racks for Ebikes

1. Peruzzo Pure Instinct – Bike Carrier

For two electric bicycles with the most modern wheel sizes and a maximum weight of 60kg, the Peruzzo Pure Instinct 2 Bike Towbar Carriers is a sturdy towbar mounted carrier rack.
This rack may be folded down for storage when not in use and tipped forward away from the vehicle while fully loaded to provide access to the boot. The mounting system is rapid and safe, and it may also be locked. A scratch-resistant powder coat protects the carrier’s appearance, and a 13-pin plug and rear light board are included.


A steel-based product.

Two Max Bikes: The weight of a single bicycle (kg) is 30 280*610*630 mm is the overall product size in millimetres.

Close 580*1100*630 Okay, flip the loading system open for ease of use.

Rear lights that have been homologated are acceptable.

Connector Adapter: 13 Pin

Rapid Fit System: All right

Bike Fitment: The Frame + the Wheels.”

Frame Section (Mm): 60 X 60. (Using Bike Grab Arms) 29-inch wheels are the maximum bike size.

The maximum tyre width is 102 millimetres (Mm).

1200 millimetres is the maximum distance between the wheels of a bicycle.

Bike Frame Support Tube Arms (Mm): N.a.

Bike Carrier Trails are separated by 250 metres (Mm).

Car Rack Locking: I’ll do it.

Bike Rack Locking: That’s OK. Approximately 14.6 kilos

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2. Bike Towbar Carrier – Thule Easyfold XT

The 60kg load capacity of the Thule Easyfold XT makes it ideal for transporting E-Bikes and large mountain bikes. Detachable bike arms from Thule have torque limiter knobs that ‘click’ when they reach their optimal torque, making it simple to mount bikes.

Adjustable pump buckles and long wheel straps make it possible to transport fat bikes, as well as to include a considerable distance between its wheel holders, using this model’s design. Additionally, the EasyFold XT’s smart foot pedal tilt allows you to still get into the boot even when the bikes are attached to the rack.
The integrated carrying handles on the bike rack make it simple to move about. With the provided locks, you can secure your bicycles to the bike rack and the bike rack to the towbar for added protection.

  • Mounting Is Simple
  • Foldable
  • a maximum weight capacity of 60 kg
  • Only two bicycles may be present at one time.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 60 kg.
  • The maximum weight of a bicycle is 30 kg.
  • 123x63x68cm
  • Approximately 31x63x68cm when folded.
  • Weight – 17.9kg
  • Fits the following frame sizes: 22-80mm
  • Frame Holders That Can Be Removed – Yes
  • Bicycle Interval – 22cm
  • Using Pump Buckles to Attach Wheels to Adjustable Holders
  • Tilt (Bicycles) – Definitely
  • Suitable for vehicles with an external spare tyre
  • Yes, there are rear lights.
  • The 13-pin Power Connector
  • One-Key System Compatibility – Definitely
  • Bike-to-Rack Lockable? Definitely.
  • Yes, the vehicle’s roof rack can be locked to the rack.

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3. Bike on a towbar with the Westfalia BC 60


One of the towbar-mounted bike racks that can accommodate electric bikes is the Westfalia B60 Bicycle Carrier. Without the use of any equipment, the carrier is attached to your towbar at waist height.

A handle makes it easy to transport it from the house to the car when it’s not in use as a storage unit. Using an extension rail, the B60 Bike Carrier can handle up to three bikes, making it ideal for transporting e-bikes. The integrated number plate holder, lighting board, and 13-pin electric connection can all be connected to your vehicle’s electrical system once the bike rack is fastened to the towbar. The rack can also be tilted forward to allow access to the boot. Keeping your bikes safe on the back of your car is easy thanks to the locking mechanisms on the bike rack and towbar, as well as the straps that hold them in place.

  • Designed to hold two bicycles, but with the optional expansion rail, it can transport three.
  • When not in use, it folds up for convenient storage.
  • Up to 1300mm in wheelbase and a payload of 60kg
  • Wheel clamps that may be adjusted to fit a variety of bicycles
  • The bike’s frame is well-protected by thick rubber pads on the wheel holders.
  • When bikes are in the trunk, the seat can be tilted backwards so you can get to the trunk.
  • Built-in light board to hold your licence plate (not LED)
  • Cargo carrier and bicycles can be locked with a single key.
  • If you require more storage space, you can carry the Westfalia-Automotive Box or Platform tray.
  • Loading from the side
  • A total of 18.4 kg
  • a five-year guarantee

4. Towbar-mounted bike carrier from Thule, the EUROPOWER 915

The Thule EuroPower 915 is a high-quality bike rack for your car that will last for years. The EuroPower 915 is great for transporting heavier e-bikes because it can handle two of them, each weighing 30kg. For even more convenience when mounting your bike, the levers have been improved.

In order to keep the bikes from colliding with each other, there is a 25cm gap between them. Carrier mounting is made simple by an adjustable one hand coupling with low closing force. The foot pedal allows you to spin the carrier in a position that allows you to access the boot. The bikes won’t crash because of a built-in stop.

The carrier and the bikes it holds may both be locked, and it works with a wide range of bicycles and wheel sizes. When not in use, the carrier can be folded up and stored in the boot of the automobile.

• 60-pound weight capacity • 30-pound maximum bike weight • 25-inch wheel distance • 18-pound weight carrier carrier
Rear lights with built-in reflectors • 13-pin socket • Tiltable by foot pedal • New rear lights with built-in reflectors

Decathlon has the Thule Europower 916 in stock and ready to ship.

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5. Towbar-mounted bike rack by Halfords Advanced 2 bikes

E-bikes and heavy bikes may be transported with ease thanks to this design.

Carry two bikes with a maximum weight of 60 kilograms/132 pounds Using padlocks to secure the bicycles.

Bike locks feature quick-release straps and pads that are easy to use.

Tilt down to access the trunk with the bikes attached.

To secure the bike to the rack, secure it with a lock.

Lock the tow ball to the rack.

With a maximum weight limit of 60kg, the Halfords Advanced 2 Bike Towbar Mounted Bike Rack is ideal for transporting hefty E-bikes. This Bike Rack is easy to use, stable, and durable, with a touch of simplicity in its design.

Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers
Max. Number of Bikes
Bike Lockable to Bike Rack
Bike Rack Lockable to Tow Bar
Dimensions (H) x (L) x (D)
Weight of Bike Rack
Electric Bike Compatible
Fitting Time
2 Minutes
Load Capacity
Max. Bike Weight


Some of the greatest electric bike racks on the market can be found in our list – your choice depends on your budget and the sort of bike you possess. If you’re looking for the best value rack, the Halfords Advanced 2 rack is the finest option.

All of the Thule racks listed above are great, and I can vouch for their suitability as a market leader in towbar-mounted bike racks. When customers come to pick up their newly-built electric bikes from me, they almost always have a Thule rack attached to them.

Another well-known car rack manufacturer, Westfalia, makes a BC 60 rack specifically for electric bikes.

Last but not least, the Preruzzo Pure Instinct 2 is a fantastic deal at little under $100.

My preference would be for a Thule towbar-mounted bike rack if I were to spend my own money, but that doesn’t mean the other types aren’t as good; rather, Thule’s popularity is a testimonial to their quality.


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