3 Best Bike Storage Shed (May, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

The Best Bike Shed: Waterproof, Convenient, and Secure
If you keep your bicycles in your garden or yard, the best place to store them is in a bike shed. Additionally, the best racing shed should be secure, weatherproof, and convenient for daily use.

As is customary, there is an abundance of selection! And, as usual, I’ll walk you through the straightforward process of selecting the best one for you.

To begin, consider the size. Where will you locate the shed in your garden or yard? How much space is available in that location? And, perhaps most importantly, how many bicycles do you wish to store?

Second, consider the material used to construct it. How do you wish it to appear? What is your financial situation? And what level of security, durability, and upkeep do you require?

Of course, if you’re still unclear whether you require a bike shed, consider these bike storage solutions. They’re primarily intended for indoor storage and come in a variety of configurations. I’m certain you’ll come upon something you hadn’t considered

Additionally, if you lack the space for a shed, you can combine a quality bike cover with a heavy-duty lock and ground anchor.

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Step 1: Determine the size of the bike shed you require.

How many bicycles will it be able to store?

Which size storage shed you require will certainly depend on what you intend to store within! How many bicycles are there? How big are they? How many additional accessories will they acquire?

Perhaps you’d also like some place to work on your bicycles? If this is the case, you’ll need a location for a bike stand and sufficient space to work around it.

Obviously, I have no idea how to answer these questions! However, by examining the dimensions of a typical bicycle, we can determine the least amount of space required and hence compare various sheds.

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Geographical Location and Security

Additionally, there are security concerns here. A shed located in the front garden or yard, which is apparent to everyone who goes past your house, is considerably more vulnerable to theft than a shed buried behind the house.

However, a shed should never be concealed! A visible shed door from the house is less appealing to robbers than one that allows them to work on breaking in in secret.

Similarly, sheds located closer to the house are safer, as the burglar will be more concerned that their actions would cause you inconvenience (especially if you have a shed alarm).

In general, I recommend placing the shed behind the home, away from the street and onlookers. However, close enough to the back of the home that the doors are visible from the rear windows.

Naturally, this will not be achievable for everyone, and if you are forced to compromise, I will discuss further security precautions you may do to mitigate the problem later.

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Best Bike Storage Shed

1. Sheds for Bike Storage Made of Wood

Since sheds were invented, wood has been the primary material utilized to construct them! And there are numerous justifications for this…


Simplest to modify and improve
Formidable and robust
Environmentally responsible
Annual maintenance required
Generally, not very secure
Rot, insects, and rodents are all possible hazards.
Wood is a reasonably inexpensive material that is durable, easy to work with, and looks great in a garden setting. A well-built, well-maintained wooden shed will help protect your motorcycles from the elements.

Wooden bike shelters come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, and they’re easy to customise, which means you’ll always be able to find one that’s just right for you. Alternatively, you could construct your own bike shed!

Additionally, because they are so simple to deal with, there are numerous ways to enhance the “out of the box” security level.

Customizing wooden bike sheds is a breeze!

Additionally, a wooden bike barn is the most environmentally responsible solution (more on this later).

However, wooden sheds require a great deal of care and attention! Every few years, you’ll need to re-treat the wood. And even the greatest wooden sheds will ultimately require roof re-felting.

You may have to exert considerable effort to keep rodents, insects, and other creatures at bay. Additionally, you’ll want to keep an eye out for rot, which compromises the security and life of a wooden shed.

Most crucially, the great majority of wooden bike sheds come with an extremely low level of security by default. Thus, you’ll need to take action (although, as I already stated, this is quite simple).

When purchasing a wooden bike shed, ensure that the planks are at least 12 mm thick (anything less will be insufficiently robust) and choose for tongue and groove cladding rather than the less expensive and inferior overlap cladding.

If you believe that wood is the best material for you, be sure to check out my guide to wooden bike sheds, in which I discuss all of this in further detail!

2. Metal Bike Sheds

Metal sheds have also been around for a long time, and while we don’t typically think of metal as a conventional shed material, it’s actually quite handy for storing bikes.

Extremely secure
Strong and long-lasting
Effortless maintenance Rot, insect, and rodent proof
Visually unappealing
Complicated to assemble
Condensation and corrosion risk
The best feature of metal bike sheds is their level of security. A metal shed will keep your bicycles safer from theft than any other type of outdoor storage.

Additionally, they are exceptionally weather resistant. They will not fade, crack, or bend when exposed to the sun. Additionally, because they are quite sturdy, they stand up well to severe snow and wind.

A properly galvanised metal shed will not rust. They are resistant to rats, insects, and virtually any other animal.

And, like plastic sheds, they require little care. A quick wash down with soapy water every now and then is all that is required!

Metal sheds, on the other hand, are not the most attractive option. Additionally, they require more customization than timber huts. They cannot be painted and adding shelves and hooks is more challenging. Additionally, if they lack adequate ventilation, they may experience condensation.

Most importantly, metal sheds are notoriously difficult to assemble! Typically, there are a lot of small, finicky bits mixed in with some really large, heavy parts. And putting everything together can take a couple of people a day or more.

Additionally, keep in mind that the majority of metal sheds do not include floors. As a result, you’ll need to prepare a level, dry base!

When shopping for a metal bike shed, seek for panels that are at least 0.25 mm thick (for strength), check for enough ventilation (to avoid condensation), and plan on a full day or two of installation.

If you believe metal is the best option for you, I’ve published a comprehensive guide to picking a metal bike shed in which I discuss them in greater detail.

3. Sheds for Bike Storage Made of Plastic

Sheds made of plastic (also known as resin) are the new kids on the block. And they’re gaining popularity.

Simple to construct
Without the need for maintenance
Resistant to rot, insects, and rodents
Can appear inexpensive and “fake”
Customization and enhancement are challenging
Not as robust as the others
Plastic bike sheds are simple to construct. They’re easy to move (because to their modest weight). They’re simple to assemble (because to their small weight and minimal component count). They’re simple to maintain (since they won’t decay or rust).

Additionally, they are affordable (because of their low price)!

They are insect and rodent-resistant. Additionally, contemporary polymers are less prone to fade, grow brittle, or break when exposed to the sun.

Is it made of plastic, wood, or metal? Which is the Best Bike Shed?

Sheds for Bikes Made of Plastic
Plastic bicycle storage sheds are designed for ease. They are easy to install and are lighter than metal or wooden bike sheds.

Shed for heavy-duty bicycles that will last a lifetime
Shed for Heavy-Duty Storage Forever
Plastic bike sheds are corrosion-resistant and will not deteriorate as a cheap wooden shed will.

In comparison to metal bike sheds, plastic sheds will deteriorate more quickly.

Both wood and plastic bike storage sheds offer a comparable level of security. While plastic does not break or splinter as quickly as wood, wood does not melt or cut as easily as certain polymers.

In comparison to timber shelters, plastic sheds might be harder to customize or add additional security elements to.

However, if you’re seeking for convenience and a budget-friendly bike shed, a plastic bike shed is an excellent solution.

Sheds for Bicycles Made of Wood

For a variety of reasons, wooden bike sheds are the most popular choice.

To begin, as previously stated, wooden bike storage shelters are far more customizable than plastic or metal buildings.

You may easily add additional storage elements such as shelves and cupboards, or enhance the shed’s security by upgrading the locking mechanism.

Customizations are possible with plastic and metal huts, although not as easily as with wooden bike sheds.

The best wooden bike sheds are constructed of treated wood, which resists decay and does not warp like untreated wood.

Cheap wooden bike sheds are frequently fragile and constructed from low-quality, improperly treated wood.

If you like a more natural, less industrial appearance, a wooden bike shelter is a wonderful option.

Metal Bike Storage Sheds
Metal bike sheds are typically the most secure option. Although this is contingent upon the general quality of the bike shed in question.

Due to the high-quality metal used in Asgard bike sheds, they are exceptionally secure.

Their sheds are constructed of galvanized steel, which offers unmatched resistance to all sorts of attack.

Metal sheds are more expensive than wooden and plastic sheds due to the cost of the materials and the complexity of the manufacturing process.

Accessories like as shelves and hanging hooks are available from Asgard and may be easily put in the majority of their sheds.

All bike sheds are provided in sections. If you’re capable of assembling flat-pack IKEA furniture, you can assemble a bike shed.

After installation, metal sheds require very little maintenance, which saves you time and effort in the long term.

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The Environmental Impact of Various Bike Storage Facilities
In a world that is rapidly warming, I feel it is critical to consider the environmental impact of every purchase we make.

Everything we consume has an effect on the world around us, whether it’s the food in our refrigerator or the bike shed we purchase.

To determine a product’s sustainability, you must assess its environmental, economic, and social impact. These three variables constitute the three fundamental foundations of sustainability.

Materials used in bike sheds have an effect on the environment.
It’s difficult to compare the environmental friendliness of bike sheds without examining different manufacturers and types.

Manufacturers obtain their raw materials from a variety of sources and providers. While some businesses do their part by sourcing materials sustainably, others prioritize profit.

As trees grow, they absorb CO2. This is retained within them for an extended period of time.

Carbon sequestered in wood products compensates for nearly all of the emissions generated during their manufacture. This means that wood is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable material for your bike shelter.

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