Best Bike Trails In Moab

Updated on August 18, 2022

Best Bike Trails In Moab

Intricately carved out of slickrock. Awe-inspiring views of the desert. Thousands of songs. Spend a week in Moab if you want to improve your mountain biking skills.

Planning a Mountain Bike Ride in Moab
My favourite mountain biking destination is Moab, Utah, in the fall. Mountain riding in Moab appears to be almost wild at first impression. Before I’d even set foot on the red sandstone walls, I was awestruck by friends’ images of their tyres clinging to near vertical walls. A maze of pathways wound its way through the cliffs, and it was unclear where one track stopped and another began. I was apprehensive about the mountain riding routes in Moab at first.

For eight years now I’ve known that Moab is an excellent spot to challenge yourself and unleash your inner rogue. Moab mountain bike tours aren’t only for thrill junkies, either. Even if you’re not a fan of being scared, it’s a terrific spot to visit if you are. Some of my most memorable mountain biking experiences have occurred on slickrock, where I’ve sped down long sections of smooth rock.

Moab is a wonderful place to learn how to ride a motorcycle because of the distinctive riding style and stunning desert surroundings.
Many different trails allow for incremental improvement, and the length of the longer adventure rides always helps me gain more confidence on my bike. Now, I make it a point to travel at least twice a year, and each trip gets longer and more expensive. As soon as you begin to make the trek to Moab, you won’t be able to stop yourself.

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The following are some of the greatest Moab mountain bike tracks to get you started.

Top WARM-UP TRAIL Navajo Rocks in Utah

Riders at the advanced and intermediate levels will find something for them here.
Wonderful vistas of the La Sal Mountains may be seen from this location.
Moab slickrock’s ebb and flow can be felt.
This isn’t a trail for beginners.
On the first day, I like to warm up in the Navajo Rocks area since it offers a little bit of everything. There’s a lot to see up here. On the Rocky Tops trail, I enjoy stopping for a snack so I can see the La Sals, which are normally still covered in snow by April. Dirt, Slickrock, a few tricky technical parts, and some flowing descents are all present. Advancing riders can enjoy themselves while allowing more intermediate riders to get their feet wet in desert riding. The distinct sensation of riding on Slickrock is introduced by a few off-camber portions and short but steep climbs, and they always serve to remind me to trust my bike in this new environment.

There are better options for first-time riders around Highway 191, but this is a good spot to start for those who have some experience on the bike already.

Moab’s Ramblin Trail at Navajo Rocks is a great place to warm up before a long run.
While in Moab, I prefer to park in an overflow parking lot to the main Navajo Rocks area and begin my ride on Rocky Tops to ride the entire trail in the other direction of the main Navajo Rocks parking lot. While the complete loop is around 17 miles long, there are shorter options like riding Rocky Tops to Middle Earth, then crossing the road to conclude the trip on Ramblin. A total ascent of 1,000 feet and a distance of approximately 9 miles await you. Ramblin’s middle section of Slickrock is one of my favorite parts of the trail in Moab.

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University of Utah

Mountain biking day trips in Moab are a must-do here.
Despite its moniker, it has excellent riding traction.
Stopping by the Natural Selection viewpoint would be an ideal opportunity to relax for a while.
Take care not to deviate from the path and become disoriented.
Keep an eye out for these sand traps.
The Slickrock path in Moab is widely considered to be one of the best in the area, and most people agree. Every time I ride my bike up and down the high, rolling red granite bulges above the town, I feel like I’m on another planet. While visiting Moab, I quickly realized that the red rock that fills the desert landscape isn’t smooth in any way. Tacky and grippier than anything else I’ve ridden on. Because Slickrock is so sticky, I’m frequently in the middle of a climb before I realize my bike is practically vertical.

Slickrock is an excellent starting point for novices who want to build their confidence.
When I initially arrived in Moab, I rode Slickrock for the first time. As a beginner-intermediate rider, it was a bit of a struggle, but it also served as a sort of desert riding crash course. Your riding skills will improve dramatically after completing this nine-mile loop. Do the one-mile Slickrock practice route before attempting the entire lollipop loop, and you won’t regret it. It only takes a few minutes, but it provides a taste of what’s to come.

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It’s a whole meal in and of itself
Trails on the bucket list for bikers

With just a 1,000-foot ascent, you can descend 8,000 feet.

Shuttle service provides you a ride that is nearly entirely downhill.

The 64-mile loop may be completed by advanced riders!

Because there are so few places to exit, riders must be prepared to stay the course.

Bring a few extra clothing because it’s always cold at the peak.

The first 1,000-foot ascent is arduous, but the reward is well worth it.

For many mountain bikers, riding the Whole Enchilada is a rite of passage. From the high alpine to the Colorado River, the shuttle trail’s 30 miles of technical singletrack is one of the most memorable ways to spend a day in the mountains. In order to get you as high as conditions allow in the La Sals during the majority of the year, a shuttle runs from town. When the snow has melted, fall is the greatest time to ride the entire mountain.

To complete this mountain biker’s dream trail, you’ll need stamina and perseverance.

The journey begins with a gruelling ascent of Burro Pass, which rises to an elevation of 11,126 feet before plummeting nearly 8,000 feet to return to town. The length of the Whole Enchilada adds a significant amount of difficulty. There’s plenty of rock tech and a few hike-a-bike sections, but the terrain is mellower than most black-rated trails in the Moab area. Even yet, getting in over your head is easy, especially if someone has a mechanical.

Especially for the uninitiated, the Whole Enchilada is the perfect trail in Moab to hire a mountain biking guide and gain peace of mind.



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