7 Best Bikes For Beginners (March, 2023)

Updated on September 25, 2022

If you’ve just started dipping your toes into the diverse world of bikes, things can get a little overwhelming for you. Just the first decision of buying a new bike can have you scouring the internet for days while still feeling as lost as you were before you started. If you’ve been having trouble figuring out all the technical specifications and are worried that you’re going to end up buying a bike that has you in a bit over your head, you’re at just the right place. Here are 7 bikes that we’ll recommend to beginners such as yourselves!

Best Bikes For Newbies

Which Bike is Best for Beginners?

Bikes are an excellent way to get from point A to B, but not all bikes will do you right. Every bike has its own purpose, and some can be better suited for certain purposes than others, depending on the type of use it gets (e.g., speed vs. rough terrain). When choosing which one is best suited to your needs, consider these factors: Where am I going? What kind of biking style do I have (heavy hauler)? How much money can you afford?) Once this decision has been made, take note that there’s no “one size fits all” solution; think about what features would make life easier while out on an adventure, whether riding trails or hitting open roadways! Paved roads, bike paths, or greenways; pavement to light gravel with some dirt road sections. Most of the singletrack trails may be difficult, but they will lead you through beautiful scenery like waterfalls and wooded areas which make up for this shortcoming in terrain type!

Whether it’s city streets or mountain trails, we have what you’re looking for.

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1. Tommaso Imola Endurance

Tommaso Imola Endurance

Tommaso Imola Endurance is a bike specifically designed to suit beginners such as you. This is a performance bike that doubles over as a great beginner bike with quality that newbies like yourselves are definitely going to look for in a bike.

The best thing about this bike that deserves to be mentioned first is the comfort factor. This bike is one of the most comfortable rides you’ll ever try out in your career as a biking enthusiast. It has a specific geometry that’s suitable for all kinds of different riding styles. The Endurance comes with a shadow handlebar drop, vibration dampening technology to make the bumps feel easier, and finally, a WTB Volt Saddle with amazing padding and pressure relief zones so you can ride the bike for extended periods of time without any issues!

As far as the performance is concerned, you’ll find nothing to complain about with this bike. It features 100% Shimano gears, which are the best in the industry right now. The company used a super lightweight aluminum frame that’s going to be easy for you to balance and durable enough to keep the bike running for years. It’s not a cheap bike by any means. But, once you get a feel for the build quality, you’ll start to notice why the price tag is justified. And, if that wasn’t enough, Tommaso Imola provides a lifetime warranty on the bike, which goes to show the trust and confidence they have in their product.

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2. Vilano Shadow 3.0

Vilano Shadow 3.0

The Vilano Shadow 3.0 is the first of two bikes from the manufacturer that we’re mentioning on this list. It’s a great beginners bike because of the included features that are uncommon in a bike of this price range.

It still costs a few hundred dollars. But, despite that, this bike features a lot of high quality components. This bike features a much upright stance that what you’ll see in common bikes. This is a pretty small feature but it adds a lot of comfort to the experience as a whole. This also makes it easier to control the bike, which is why we’re recommending it as a beginner’s bike.

One of the main features about this bike that really puts it on the map are the shifters. It uses Shimano’s STI integrated shifters which are common in much more expensive bikes. The fact that they managed to give the same features in a bike a third of the cost is a great plus point. The drivetrain included features a double crank and a 7-speed cassette that is able to give you up to 14 speeds.

One small disadvantage of this bike that dropped it to the second spot on our list is the fact that it has CNC wheels. These wheels aren’t bad, by any means. However, they’re not suited to off-road environments. This isn’t a deal breaker though. As a beginner, you’re probably not going to be taking this bike off the road anyways.

3. Vilano City Retro Bike

The name of this bike isn’t a gimmick. It’s the perfect representation of what the bike represents. It’s a great biking for riding around town and commuting to work every day. Since most of the people reading this article are probably going to use the bike they purchase for this purpose exactly, we just couldn’t leave the bike off the list.

The design of this bike really stands out from other bikes. It’s a bit of an old-school aesthetic with a brown seat and matching handlebars. There aren’t too many colors thrown together on the screen, but it looks fairly decent as it is. There is ‘retro’ in the name, after all.

The bike uses twist grip shifters, which are great for driving uphill. If there are a lot of steep slopes and uphill climbs in your town, this bike is a pretty good option. The bike is equipped with 700c wheels, which are a great option for people that are going to be riding on a variety of different terrains.

There aren’t many bells and whistles in this bike as far as the frame size is concerned. You’re going to be fairly limited in that regard. There’s only a single size of this bike available, which is a 53 cm frame. If that’s not appropriate for you, we’re afraid you might have to consider alternatives.

4. Mongoose Dolomite

Even if you’re not a biking enthusiast, there’s no way you haven’t heard the name of Mongoose, the biggest vendor of quality bikes in the industry. The products from Mongoose are top-notch and have been consistently called durable, reliable, and trustworthy by its customers. And fortunately for you, the Dolomite is nothing else than the best the company has to offer.

The most noticeable quality of the Dolomite is its big, fat wheels that you can see from a mile away. These knobby tires make the bike as good as it is. Thicker, knobbier tires help with the balance a lot and will provide a ton of stability even on off-road, mountain terrains. This makes the Dolomite one of the best beginner bikes that you can purchase out there. Other than the factor of stability, these tires act as a phenomenal cushion that keep you safe from the bumps in the road. If you have back problems, there’s no better bike you can purchase than the Dolomite.

The bike comes with a rear derailleur with seven speeds that makes it super convenient to ride uphill. The derailleur compliments the tires perfectly. Meanwhile, the twist shifters make the gearshifts buttery smooth.

Apart from the stability, the tires make this bike a great purchase for taller individuals that are having trouble finding the right bike. Furthermore, the strong, lightweight alloy rims and durable steel frame are ready to support the weight of heavy riders.

5. Kent Gzr700

This bike comes from Kent International, a company that’s been in the biking business for almost 80 years now. They’re a household name in the biking industry and have been loyally serving customers through all these years.

The Gzr700 is primarily a road bike, and that’s where you’re going to be riding most of the time. Hence, making it a great bike for beginners that are still learning the ropes of bike riding. The bike uses a high tensile steel frame that can support weights up to 250 pounds. Even if you weigh a little over that, the bike will be able to support your weight comfortably. The seat is cushioned and is designed to be comfortable, even with longer-duration rides.

As far as shifters are concerned, the bike uses a Shimano stem and a rear derailleur to provide a smooth shifting experience across the 21 available speeds. If you like riding fast (which you shouldn’t as a beginner), the bike helps you stop quickly with the alloy calipers and brake levers.

6. Raleigh Alysa 24 Bike

Raleigh is a British bike manufacturer that’s been in business since the late 1880s. That makes Raleigh one of the oldest vendors of quality bikes on this list. Generations upon generations of kids grew up riding these bikes. We discussed male bikes, unisex bikes, and women’s bikes. It’s only fitting that we feature a kid’s bike on this list as well.

The Raleigh Alysa 24 bike is a product designed for kids between the ages of 8-12. If your kid is learning how to ride a bike and lies somewhere between this age group, you’ve found the perfect product. The 24 in the name represents its 24-inch tires, which are great for kids and young teens alike. These bikes are made of lightweight aluminum, which offers a combination of ease of use and durability like none other.

The bike is 10/10 when it comes to comfort. It uses Raleigh’s own proprietary Raleigh Jr. Road bike seat, which is small, comfortable, and great for long journeys. They’ve added soft rubber grips as well, which makes the grips super comfortable too.

The bike uses a Shimano Revo shifter and a tourney gear, giving the bike the punch it has. It might be a kid’s bike, but with some practice, your kids should be able to squeeze a lot of performance out of this bike.

7. Schwinn Sporterra

Schwinn is sitting right up there with Tommaso, Mongoose, and the other top manufacturers of the biking industry. They’ve been constantly commended for their bikes and how reliable they are. If your bike has a Schwinn sticker on it, it’s going to be one of the best bikes you’ve owned, regardless of what the model is.

The Schwinn Sporterra bike is one of the outdoors. If you’re a newbie and riding off-road is your primary reason for purchasing a new bike, you’re in luck with this one. It has an aluminum gravel frame with a rigid fork that is perfect for fast riding on rocky terrains. The bike is equipped with a 14-speed Shimano shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur to attain those high speeds. It’s a bike made for the big guys and can support people up to 6’2″ in height.

It’s a fairly expensive bike. We’re not supporters of buying something super expensive for your first bike. However, it’s kind of hard not to recommend this bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you spend on your first bike?

Ideally, not a lot. Your first bike is going to go through a lot of hard bumps before you know how to ride properly. If this really is your first time learning how to ride one, you’re going to fall a lot before you learn balancing bikes. So, it’s highly recommended not to drop more than a few hundred dollars on your first bike.

The fact that we’re saying you should go easy on the price tag does not mean you should cheap out either. It should be a strong bike from a reputable vendor, so it’s able to support your weight properly.

Are road bikes good for beginners?

For the most part, a road bike will suit you well. A cyclocross or adventure-ready bicycle may be more suitable if off-road is an interest of yours and hybrid bikes make sense for those who are worried about drop handlebars feeling intimidating!

Road bikes are excellent for beginners because they’re stable and easy to control. They also have comfortable seats that make riding long distances more enjoyable than on an off-road bike with rugged terrain, which can be hard on your body if you don’t know what kind of riding techniques work best in each situation!

How far should a beginner cyclist ride?

Before you take your very first ride, it is important that know how far you should cycle. A beginner cyclist can achieve about 8 miles per hour (12 km) on average when they are riding their bike and will travel this distance in an hour’s time if the surface of the ground is smooth or paved; however, if there is no pavement present at all then riders may only manage around 5-6 mph (8km/h).

Weather conditions also affect rider speed, with rain reducing visibility, making cycling more difficult than usual, while the sun shines offers greater visibility which leads people to want to go faster but takes longer effort

How far should you ride as a beginner cyclist? A few of the most important factors that determine how much riding distance your body can handle include current physical condition, style preferences, and training regimen.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, there are a lot of bikes out there that are made to be simple. Their design doesn’t have too many complex components and should be a great first bike to teach you how to ride. If you’ve had trouble finding the right bike, just grab one of the bikes mentioned on this list and you should be good to go!

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