5 Best Budget Single Speed Bike (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Check out our selection of high-performance, street-legal vehicles. Take a look at our selection of the top single-speed bicycles below.

We cover a wide range of fixed-gear and single-speed bikes, but we don’t go overboard with custom constructions. As of 2021, all of these are available.

Best Budget Single Speed Bike

It’s difficult to identify a good horse from a bad one because this simple steed has so few elements, making the proof all about experience.

Because you can’t ride them all, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 single-speed bikes.

1. Fixie 6KU

An entry-level fixie with bare bones that you can build on. The 6KU Fixie’s steel frame and budget-friendly price allow you to spend the extra money on tweaking and modifying the bike.

Alternatively, you can use it right out of the box as a reliable commuter vehicle.

2. Fixie Gold Cycles

This is another entry-level, steel-framed fixie from Golden Cycles, which gives a lot of bike for a relatively low price.

In addition to their sleek design, these pedals are surprisingly sturdy, and they come in a variety of fun colours.

The paint job isn’t as polished as on a higher-end bike, but it’ll get you from A to B just fine.

3. Mercier Kilo Tt Mercier Kilo Tt

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This is one of the most talked about fixed-gear bikes on the internet, and for good reason. People who are more serious about fixies as a pastime and way of life can get started with the Kilo TT.

Once you’ve figured out what your upgrading priorities are, you can ride the stock components all the way to the ground.

Make sure you get your hands on one while you can, because they tend to sell out quickly.

4. Bernard Fixed State Bicycle Co

The Bernard from State Bicycle Co. represents a significant leap in quality and pricing.

This model’s 4130 Chromoly frame has the same rigidity as steel, but without the added weight, making it popular with commuters.

Although the welds are clean and robust, upgrading the brakes to match the smooth riding experience typical of State Bicycle Co. may be necessary in the future

5. Cordoba fixed gear bike

The Aventon Cordoba is so hard to come by that it’s practically a sin to suggest it. However, its tapered head tube, flip-flop hub, carbon bladed fork, and 6061 aluminium frame merit consideration.

For a more authentic fixie feel, the Cordoba comes with a drop bar and front brake that may be removed.

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Single-Speed vs Fixie Bicycles

However, it’s important to understand the difference between fixed gear (fixie) and single-speed motorcycles before making a purchase.

Because they seem so similar, and because many fixies feature flip-flop hubs that allow them to be single-speed bikes, they’re easy to confuse.

It is possible to coast down a slope with a real single-speed bicycle, allowing the wheels to turn without the rider exerting effort.

This cannot be done on a fixed-gear bike.

What a single-speed bike provides is a fixed gear ratio with no shifting capability. For their simplicity in design, inexpensive cost, and light weight they are usually regarded as among of the best.

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Which Bicycles Are Right for You?

Even mountain and fat bikers may benefit from a single-speed bike, which is popular with urban commuters and those looking for a simple, entertaining way to get around town.

Traditional single-speed beach cruisers are also designed for relaxing days on the promenade. As long as you purchase the right model, anyone may enjoy this sort of bike.

Review of the Best Single-Speed Bikes

Now that we’ve covered the full spectrum of today’s most popular single-speed bikes in terms of both price and intended use, it’s time to wrap things up.

There’s a fixie or single speed bike out there for everyone, whether you’re tearing up the track, zipping through the city, or crushing your daily commute.

Are there any single-speed bikes that you think we should include in our list? Or, do you have a different opinion? Please share your thoughts in the space provided.

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