5 Best Cheap Bike Shorts (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

When it comes to biking, there is no better pair of shorts than a pair of skintight Lycra cycling shorts.We’ve compiled a list of 12 pairs of inexpensive cycling shorts that prove that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be comfortable on the bike.

Even the most budget-friendly cycling shorts have a cushioned inner for increased comfort when worn without underwear.

Many people choose waist shorts since they don’t seem as foolish as bib shorts, which are perhaps the most comfortable option.

You don’t like the tight-fitting look? Cycling shorts aren’t the only thing we’ve included.

If you’re looking for cheap cycling shorts, we’ve included a few pairs of padded undershorts as well.

Simon Parnell, an Amazon reviewer, says of Baleaf’s padded cycling undershorts, “My arse is extremely happy”

Cycling shorts are designed to make your buttocks happy, and they don’t have to cost a boatload.

Professional quality cycling shorts can cost more than £200, but you can find decent shorts for under £50, therefore we’ve arbitrarily defined “cheap” as that price point.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best low-cost cycling shorts.

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1. Essential Bibless Cycling Shorts

In order to cater to those who want to ride for short distances and for fun, BTwin created the Essential Bibless Cycling Shorts.

Although they aren’t the most high-end, this low-cost option comes with no unwanted surprises.

We recommend the RC100 shorts for longer rides, but the Essential Cycling Shorts do exactly what they say they will and are a great deal.

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2. Padded cycling underpants from Baleaf

Baleaf’s undershorts are all you need if you just want to be a little more comfortable while riding in your regular clothes.

Despite the fact that we haven’t tested them, we think it’s a safe bet that they perform as advertised.

They have a contoured, ventilated pad for comfort and are comprised of a 90/10 polyester and nylon/lycra blend.

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3. FDX Men’s Performance Cycling Shorts

Though one reviewer points out that they aren’t Gore Wear standard, the most of reviewers seem to think these bibs are surprisingly good value for the money.


4. the Bib Shorts from Triban

One of our reviewers described these shorts as “very comfy” after trying them on at the Decathlon store in Paris, France, where the chain’s headquarters are located.

He observed that the flexible bib part allows for unrestricted movement, while the comparatively thin panels do an outstanding job of transporting moisture off the skin.

Most of the shorts are made of a lightweight polyamide/elastane fabric, while the bibs are made of venting mesh.

Even if you’re “indulging in an 80-mile varied terrain meander,” the pad will keep you comfy. The shorts come with or without a side pocket on the leg, so you may pick and choose.

5. Shorts by Liv Mossa

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Designed specifically for women, women’s shorts must fit perfectly. A 4-way stretch cushion plus a wide waistband and leg grips make Liv’s Mossa shorts an excellent value.

However, WiggleCRC is currently offering their dhb ladies’ bib shorts for for £25 (regularly £45).

Women’s bib shorts are also available at Decathlon, as are men’s

It appears like these bib shorts, from Wiggle’s own dhb line, will live up to the company’s reputation for high-quality gear at low rates.

To keep them in place, they have a Cytech lining and Italian Miti fabric with a silicone gripper around the legs.

Cytech is perhaps the world’s leading manufacturer of shorts pads. These shorts have been used by some cyclists to ride for up to 100 miles at a time.

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