5 Best Cheap Mountain Bike Womens (September, 2022)

Updated on August 18, 2022

A women’s specialist mountain bike was designed by Juli Furtado for the Santa Cruz brand in 1999 and has been in existence ever since.

Furtado, though, was the most successful XC racer in history until her early retirement, and women had been riding for a long time before that.

Other manufacturers have taken note of Juliana’s success and are beginning to produce women’s mountain bikes.

We’ll go through the distinctions between women’s and men’s mountain bike frames in this post, as well as some of the best entry-level options in various disciplines and classifications of riding.

You can then determine whether or not you require a women’s-only mountain bike.

Best Cheap Mountain Bike Womens

1. DRT 1.0 Mountain Bike by Co-op Cycles

CO-OP $599 At REI, we continue to be impressed with REI’s collection of bikes.

Despite the fact that they use similar components to more expensive bikes, the REI name allows you to avoid paying a premium.

You’ll have 21 gears for anything from cross-country riding to steep climbs thanks to this bike’s Shimano 3 x 7 drivetrain, which has Shimano components.

The front suspension has 100 millimetres of travel, and you can rely on the reliable hydraulic disc brakes to stop hard on a variety of terrain.

For a hardtail, some sizes may be out of stock at any given time

a long-lasting and dependable derailleur
It has the same parts as more pricier bicycles
The aluminium structure is lightweight and durable.
Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches travel a shorter distance.

2. Schwinn’s most versatile High Timber models

Beginner riders who wish to tackle some mild singletrack, as well as commuters who desire the option of riding in-town trails, will find the Schwinn High Timber ideal.

Even though the steel frame is more cumbersome than the aluminium one, it is built to last. Disc brakes and 21 gears are standard on this hardtail bike, which is controlled by handlebar-mounted twist shifters.

An adjustable seat with a quick-release mechanism and standard 26-inch wheels are included.

Multiple sizes are readily accessible.
Height-adjustable seats with a push-button release.
Disc brakes are the preferred braking system.
Twist shifters are less accurate.
A heavier steel framework is required.
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3. Mongoose Ledge Mountain Bike

Bike Trails of the Mongoose Ledge

The Mongoose Ledge Mountain Bike is a good bet for anyone seeking for a cheap bike with both front and rear suspension.

Aluminum-framed bike with a 2.6-inch-wide 27.5-inch wheel set is quite light.

This is a great value for beginning riders who want a taste of the sizing and design options available on bikes costing much more.

As a result, the bike’s climbing capabilities aren’t as extensive as those found on cycles with more gears, but it is ideal for cross-country trail riding.

Disc brakes are the preferred braking system.
26.75-inch wheels with a trigger shifter
There are just seven settings available.

4. All-Terrain Mountain Bike from Schwinn

This hardtail mountain bike for youngsters is a great starter bike. Using no equipment, the seat can be adjusted to the desired height.

To keep the kids safe, the bike has 21 gears, easy-to-use trigger shifters on the front and back, and sturdy disc brakes on the front and back.

Wheels with a diameter of 24 inches are the norm for this type of bike, which is suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 6.

Additionally, the tyres and other components of this bike are easily replaceable and repairable.

Adjustment of the seat without the use of a tool.
Disc brakes are the preferred braking system.
Transmitters with a built-in trigger.
Height restrictions apply.
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5. Mongoose Switchback

When it comes to easy to moderate singletrack and four-wheel drive roads, the Mongoose Switchback is a perfect choice for the newbie mountain biker.

Because of the roomy shape, a triangular frame bag can be easily installed, making this an ideal choice for both commuting and light mountain biking.

It has a 21-gear 3 x 7-speed drivetrain, although the lower gears tend to slip out of alignment.

The bike has 27.5-inch wheels, which are appropriate for adults with a wide range of heights.

Space-saving geometry.
27.5-inch wheels with 21 speed settings.
Components that are less durable
A more substantial framework is required.
All gears aren’t created equal, thus it’s important to know

Choosing between a hardtail and a full-suspension mountain bike:

is a critical decision. A full-suspension bike has both front and rear suspension, whereas a hardtail only has front suspension. If you’re looking to save money, a higher-quality hardtail will cost you the same as a mid-range full-suspension bike.

However, if you want to ride on more difficult terrain, a bike with both front and rear suspension would be a better choice.

In terms of cost, Disc Brakes vs. Rim Brakes: Again, you’ll have to pick what is most important to you. However, disc brakes are more expensive, but they’re more sensitive and last longer than drum brakes.

It takes more effort to slow down with rim brakes, but you’ll find them on lower-cost bikes Disc brakes are the most common form of brake on the bikes we mention, but if you’re shopping elsewhere, make careful to ask about the brake type.

The most common wheel sizes are 26-, 27.5-, and 29-inch. Wheels on children’s bicycles are typically smaller, averaging around 24 inches.

There’s greater travel per pedal stroke and clearance for rolling over rocks and roots with a larger wheel; yet, smaller wheels can be easier to operate and will often be more cost-effective.

This one is relatively self-explanatory in terms of frame size. There are standard frame sizes available for a significant number of bicycle types (small, medium, large).

The best way to ensure you acquire the proper size is to test out the bike in person, or if that isn’t possible, measure yourself in accordance to the size chart.

Most bikes allow you to modify the handlebar and seat heights, but if your frame is too narrow, you’ll be hunched over and unable to generate your full pedalling potential.

If you’re too big, you’ll be reaching for the handlebars and extending awkwardly, which is a surefire way to suffer shoulder cramps.

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