10 Best Mountain Bikes For The Money (March, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

A good mountain bike can range from 300$ upto 7000$.

If have a budget of 1000$ which is suitable budget for purchasing a high-end mountain bike then you can buy Merax Finiss, Cannondale Trail 5, Mongoose Tyax, Rocky Mountain Growler 20, Nukeproof Scout 275 Race, Outroad Mountain Bike,Cannondale Trail 8, Mongoose Switchback, Neffice 27.5 Mountain Bike, Schwinn Mesa We are continually searching the internet for the best mountain bikes for the money or within our budget.

Mountain bikes on a budget do not have to equate to trail riding disappointment.

As economies of scale and trickle-down technology trends increase, the budget mountain bike market offers some great deals for entry-level buyers.

Schwinn Protocol 2.7

Schwinn Protocol 2.7

Schwinn High Timber Youth

Schwinn High Timber Youth

Roadmaster R8047WMDS

Roadmaster R8047WMDS

The product planners in the mountain bike industry have answered the call for greater value by

delivering some very impressive specifications at a very reasonable price.

Budget mountain bikes always require some compromises, so keep that in mind.

In order to keep the price low, a bike might have a great drivetrain but lower-end suspension.

If you are not sure what to look for when buying a budget mountain bike, read our guide on what you need to know.

You may want to upgrade some components of your bike once you buy it.

Fortunately, budget mountain bike wheels and budget forks don’t have to be expensive.

A full-suspension trail bike or an enduro bike would be a better choice if you have a little bit more money to spend.

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Best Mountain Bikes for The Money

Mountain bikes can be a great way for you not only to enjoy the outdoors, but also stay in shape.

Mountain biking often requires an expenditure of cash on equipment and clothing as mountain bike trails may have different conditions from those found at local parks or roads which makes them more

challenging with steep cliffs that require riders use their hands occasionally when going downhill.

Whether you’re looking into getting started with this sport as your primary hobby or wishing explore off-road areas close by where it’s impossible without being suited up head-tofacing down here is some advice about what types of reliable bicycles will work best under various scenarios:

What Are The Best Mountain Bikes For The Money

1. Merax Finiss

Its price is quite reasonable.

Typically under $500 – in most cases, less than $300.

There isn’t much to expect in this price range, but you can find a nice balance between quality and price.

Finiss Merax is a very popular item on Amazon.

It is equipped with double-walled 26″ wheels.

It is only available in one size (19″) for riders between 5’10” and 6’2″.

Merax claims the aluminum frame has been heat-treated.

This Merax has one size and two color-schemes! Typically bikes have one color-scheme and a variety of frame sizes.

According to Merax, it weighs about 33 pounds.

For the price, it’s decent, but not light.

The components are mainly Shimano low-level components, which are better than some third-party components.

Having 24 gears is more than enough for a variety of riding situations..

To assemble it, you will need some tools.

Although the assembly instructions are good, you might want to take the bike to a local bike shop and have them put it together for a relatively inexpensive price if

you’re not familiar with bike assembly.

For those looking for the best mountain bikes under $500, this is a good choice.

There are great reviews on Amazon and best sellers which indicate that this bike, at this price, is a good buy!

The Merax Finiss is a high-end fork that has been designed to get you up and running quickly.

It features hydraulic disc brakes, full carbon fiber construction in order give it maximum strength for road riding conditions; its tip design also makes sure there’s no flex when cornering at speed while keeping enough stability during heavy sections of your ride!

The new generation of bikes seems like they’re getting faster every day but we think our latest models

take things one step further.

The newest additions include our top tier performance tandem bicycle equipped with hydropneumatic suspension systems which make pedaling more comfortable than ever before AND if power isn’t an issue then consider grabbing yourself some lightweight aluminum handlebars so handling turns won’t be such difficulties

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2. Cannondale Trail 5

Cannondale’s Trail 5 is among the most straightforward trail bikes.

Perfect for beginners as well as casual off-roaders.

With its aggressive riding style, moderate downhills, and good climbing ability, it’s a bike that does well on XC rides.

Due to its flexible geometry and intelligent design, it achieves all of this.

The price is much lower than you’d normally pay for such a product but the quality is still great!

It is not on this list because it is better than all of the other bikes, but because it has proven to be a reliable choice for many years.

Cannondale has had a Trail line for years, and it has been pretty much perfected for XC routes and trail riding.

The S frame’s head tube angle is 68.0°, while larger frames

have a 68.5° head tube angle, which is wide enough to bypass obstacles more aggressively.

While a longer stem still positions you over your bike and allows you to have a good perspective of the

trail ahead, it does not center you over the bike.

With its hydraulic disc brakes and 160mm rotors, the Trail 5’s 10 gears are shifted using the brand new microSHIFT derailleurs.

There are 2.25 inch wide tires on all versions, and then there are 27.5 inch and 29 inch wheels for M, L, and XL frame sizes.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first XC or trail bike or you just want an affordable option, Cannondale Trail 5 makes a great choice!

Cannondale Trail 5 is an entry level mountain bike that won’t break your budget.

It’s made for riders who are just getting started in the sport, but don’t want to settle with something cheaply made or have expensive needs like carbon fiber frames and suspension forks as their first bike purchase.

The Cannondale Trail Series has been around since 1986 – which means they know what makes a quality product from start! This particular model can be purchased at such an affordable price point because its parts were built overseas instead of America where most other brands source them; keeping costs low while still delivering high-quality performance you expect from this company.

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3. Mongoose Tyax

The cheapest option on our list is the Mongoose Tyax.

It is a great option for beginners who are learning the ropes of mountain biking.

Do not be fooled by the price is cheap does not necessarily mean bad; all of the bikes on this list are reliable and will last a lifetime.

This frame comes complete with stainless steel components from Shimano, a durable aluminum frame, and a vibrant paint job.

In addition to the features we listed above, The Mesa has a few other nice surprises.

It has hydraulic disc brakes by Tektro and a 100mm travel fork.

With 29-inch wheels, any beginner mountain biker will be able to get the feel of both handling and braking.

Those looking for a versatile trail bike that is affordable and that can both teach beginners how to mountain bike and have fun can only recommend the Mongoose Tyax.

Mongoose Tyax has been around since 2003 when it was first released.

The company behind this product, with headquarters in Chicago are dedicated to making fitness fun for everyone who wants an easier lifestyle without sacrificing results or performance!

Mongoose’s line currently includes four different types of tubing: strong (heavy duty), endurance (lightweight), race day edition(designed specifically) and cross trainer which provides balance benefits while still providing all three properties needed by any athlete; resistance against rotator cuff tears due its low weight per inch–so whether you’re strength training heavy weights like deadlifts at 5lbs., 3″ wide version is perfect if imitation cobra style arm action isn’t really your thing but don’t worry

4. Rocky Mountain Growler 20

Rocky Mountain makes some top-of-the-line full-suspension bikes, but it’s Growler hardtail takes that same legacy of shredding trails to a rigid aluminum frame.

For burly trails, this hardtail has a 130mm fork, which is nice considering most hardtails have less fork travel.

While Shimano brakes and drivetrain are reliable, you will only get 10 instead of 11 gears on the bike.

The bike comes standard with an SR Suntour fork, which is adequate, but for advanced users seeking more adjustment and a supplier trail

feel, they will have to spend some extra money.

While the Growler may be a bit over budget, we think it’s worth saving that extra $39 for the quality

frame that will allow for future upgrades.

The Rocky Mountain Growler 20 is perfect for any getaway.

This powerful water bottle has a leak-proof lid and stays cool to the touch (it’s also BPA free).

Whether at home or on vacation, this nifty little number will keep your drinks refreshed while keeping them safe from all sorts of spills!

The best part? You can use it as an everyday container too—just unscrew its cap and pour yourself some

refills before filling up again (or take one sip first!).

5. Nukeproof Scout 275 Race

The Scout 275 will not disappoint if you enjoy direct trail feedback from a hardtail frame, as well as its low maintenance (especially in winter).

This Scout descends singletrack with confidence thanks to its 140mm RockShox Recon RL fork up front and its massive Maxxis Assegai and Dissector tires.

A Scout 275’s blend of components and geometry will appeal to riders who enjoy jumping and popping off trail features.

Featuring a wide handlebar of 780mm (S and M) or 800mm (L and XL), Nukeproof allows users to easily correct the direction of their bike within a margin of error, as a result of the

leverage effect of the wide handlebar.

Nukeproof actually offers this Scout Race model in both the 27.5 and 29er sizes for riders who want more trail stability.

Despite dropper posts being cheaper than ever and simple to install, the Scout Race does not include a dropper post as part of its spec.

Nukeproof’s Scout 275 Race is a fantastic all rounder that will get you through the most challenging of conditions with ease.

The mountain bike has 27 speeds and agile handling to make climbing easy, while still providing speed on descents or technical ascents – proving its versatility as both an endurance racer or off-road enthusiast!

NuKoupfo’s Scout 275 racers can cover more ground than most other bikes due their ability at higher cadences (63+/-32) which not only allows riders who typically don’t sprint too far into drop bars but also

provides excellent controllability when things start getting steep; even over rough terrain like rock gardens where bumpy trails sometimes throw uncertainty into our line choices before starting turns

6. Outroad Mountain Bike

As the first bicycle for off-road riding, the Outroad is an affordable mountain bike.

It is well-equipped, good-looking, and incredibly easy to maintain.

It features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame that is both comfortable and stylish. This bike has great looks, but it is also well-equipped for its price point.

A comfortable saddle and platform pedals come with the Outroad MTB.

It is hard to beat the value this Outroad MTB offers at such a low price, making it the best deal in this category.

With a 21-speed drivetrain, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll have the right gear for a steep climb.

Unlike cheap mountain bikes with V-brakes, this one comes with mechanical disc brakes in the front and rear.

For beginner riders, the wide 26″ tires offer better comfort and stability.

The Outroad mountain bike is an affordable bike that will show you all the beauties of riding a bike.

Outroad mountain bikes are the perfect way to find your inner explorer.

The company offers top-of-the line products for sale, with designs that will suit any type of rider from casual bikers looking for something fun on weekends or racers in search if speed and power over rough terrain – all at competitive prices!

7. Cannondale Trail 8

The frame is made from aluminum, making it both strong and comfortable.

A slanted top tube provides plenty of standing clearance for short riders.

A rear rack and mounts for fenders are built into the frame.

The stylish black color of this particular model makes it seem more expensive.

In addition to an entry-level mountain bike with reliable components, Trail 8 offers a fork with 75mm of

travel and mechanical disc brakes from Tektro.

As a result of the tires’ grip and comfort, you will be able to ride and explore dirt roads and trails with confidence.

Cannondale Trail 8 also features a 2*7 Shimano drivetrain, which is adequate for beginners.

This hardtail mountain bike is an affordable option for everyday riding since it has wide wheels and tires and is suitable for both mountain biking and recreational riding!

There have been several user reviews posted online, most of them giving four and five stars.

All aspects of the bike were highly rated by the owners, who considered it a wonderful holiday gift.

Despite its cheap price, Cannondale’s Trail 8 attracted the most buyers in 2020. Despite the low price, it doesnt look cheap.

Entry-level riders will enjoy years of riding bliss with this bike.

Cannondale is known for making bikes that are durable and long lasting, but this steel frame road bicycle takes it one step further.

The Cannondale Trail 8 has an aluminum dummy by default so you can take on any terrain with confidence in your ability to keep riding no matter what Mother Nature throws at ya!

A classic hardtail mountain bike or cyclocross rig? You decide–either way these amazing rigs will last through anything mother nature dishes out because they’re not afraid of rugged trails like men who ride them should be

8. Mongoose Switchback

The Mongoose Switchback mountain bike is a high performing hybrid made for both women and men.

Furthermore, it is available in several versions, such as Expert, Comp, Sport, and Trail.

The sleek aluminum frame is painted in several attractive colors and has a lightweight, streamlined, and streamlined design.

Although it isn’t ultralight, it isn’t heavy either.

While coil suspension forks are basic, they are a great feature for recreational riding on trails, gravel, and dirt.

Depending on the model, the Switchback is equipped with anywhere from 8 to 21 gears.

Entry-level riders will find this to be more than enough.

As far as groupsets go, you’ll find Shimano Tourney or Altus, depending on the model.

In addition, this bike comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes to prevent you from swerving off

terrain or to stop you in an instant.

In terms of value for money, the Mongoose Switchback offers phenomenal value to the average beginner trail rider.

With Mongoose Switchback, you can find the right fit since the bike is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Additionally, all models come equipped with 27.5 x 2.1′′ knobby tires that are highly grippy in most conditions.

As an entry-level bike, the Mongoose Switchback isn’t recommended for serious trail riding. Nonetheless, it is perfect for casual off-road rides and explorations off the beaten path.

This is a comfortable, upright MTB that is excellent for learning the nuances of the sport.

The Mongoose Switchback mountain bike is built to handle any challenge.

The durable aluminum frame, 27″ wheels and front suspension make it fast enough on singletrack while extra thick knobbies spin up some rougher terrain with ease!
A smooth ride for every adventure, this gravity-oriented rig provides the confidence of multiple speeds in all situations thanks its nimble handling characteristics that can tackle obstacles at higher elevations without feeling unstable or uncontrolled like many other bikes might

9. Neffice 27.5 Mountain Bike

This is the time to update our list of the best mountain bikes that are available for under $500.

The newest addition is the Neffice 27.5. It has earned its place on the list as an example of a tool that provides tremendous value for so little money.

A lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and trail-specific geometry contribute to the low overall weight.

As a result, the rider is in a more upright and comfortable position.

This will lead to you feeling more confident and riding more.

The Neffice is equipped with an adjustable suspension fork, 2.1 inch wide tires, and 27.5 inch wheels.

Despite the fact that Neffice costs less than $500, its components are decent.

Although they are entry-level options, they work very well even at this level.

A total of 24 speeds are available, perfect for some serious off-road adventure and climbing.

The Neffice trail mountain bike is simple and versatile enough to handle both paved and unpaved roads, and can

climb moderate trails.

The wheels and tires are 27.5 inches in diameter and knobby and wide, so you will have plenty of grip.

You will also get a comfortable ergonomic saddle and platform pedals.

Therefore, all you have to do is hop on and go exploring!

This mountain bike is one of the best options if you are looking for a bike for riding on and off-road, for

fitness, for enjoying the outdoors, or to lose weight.

The Neffice 27.5 Mountain Bike is the perfect choice for those who want to take their mountain biking

experience up a notch or two, with all of its advanced technologies and superior handling capabilities!

10. Schwinn Mesa

It is well known that Schwinn manufactures quality bikes in several categories.

Mountain biking is among those categories.

By providing strong wheels and components, they add value where it’s needed most.

Since it is made from good quality materials, this Schwinn mountain bike is one of the best under $500 bikes.

This bike features 27.5″ wheels and disc brakes that allow you to easily maneuver around obstacles and stop quickly.

Despite having wide knobby mountain tires, this bike is still not too wide for commutes on roads.

Though the bikes are mostly assembled already, assembling might require some technical expertise.

Due to the front suspension being entry-level, it might be a little heavier than usual.

While this suspension isn’t intended for serious off-road riding, it will greatly enhance your comfort on the trail.

For beginners and recreational riders, the Schwann Mesa is an entry-level bike.

In light of its low price, it’s hard to find too many faults with it.

Shimano Tourney drivetrain with 21 gears is featured on this hardtail bike.

The groupset is low-tier, so I would suggest avoiding abuse of it.

In any case, it’s perfectly adequate for everyday use.

This bike is going to last you until you decide to wrap yourself around a tree, which we suggest you don’t do if you can help it.

The Schwinn Mesa is a great bike for those looking to get some exercise on the cheap.

It has 24 gears, which means it should be able accommodate most people’s needs when they’re out riding with friends or family members!

It also comes equipped with water bottle cages and SPD-styleuers so you can easily shift into different speeds without taking your eyes off of what’s happening ahead of time – especially if there are two wheels in front while another two skate behind from side saddle position

What’s the best mountain bike for your money? It depends on what type of riding you like to do and how much cash is available.

If we’re talking about bikes that will get me from point A (home) all the way back down again, then my top pick would be a suspension-equipped hardtail with 170 mm travel up front as it’s durable enough take knocks without feeling like they’ll snap under pressure; plus at this price range there are plenty

around these days! For more dynamic terrain such as cross country singletrack or downhill runs where bumpy paths make things tricky – I recommend swap those heavy wheels out in favour lighter ones which soak up landing choppy spills better thanks their softer uppers


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