4 best mountain bike grip (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

When you use the best mountain bike grips, you’ll feel more secure and in control, and your arms will work less. A mountain bike grip is simply a piece of rubber attached to your handlebars. With one or two end clamps, the lock-on design is the most popular.

A better value for your hands can also be found in our buyer’s guide to the finest mountain bike gloves! A guide to the best bicycle handlebars is also available.

As part of our research into the finest mountain bike grips,
Grip tests, for example, can be as subjective as they come. Physiology and hand shape are different for everyone. As a result, one person’s meat can be another person’s poison when it comes to interpersonal relations. Throughout the course of the test, we alternated between a range of different bikes, constantly swapping grips. From XC race bikes with short travel to long-travel enduro bikes, each set of grips was tested to see how well it worked with the other parts. We used the same gloves in order to maintain fairness in terms of contact points (no no-gloves for some testers who opt to ride bareback).

Best Mountain Bike Grip

1. DMR Deathgrip

is a remarkably pleasant and gripping design that incorporates every pattern under the sun.

Percentage: 10/10; Diameter: 30.5; Length: 133.5mm; Weight: 117g;

The pros are that it’s a good deal. In all weather, great traction There isn’t anything to complain about here (only avoid the firm versions, which are really painful).

What at first appears to be a random patchwork of diverse patterns is actually a well-thought-out design where each area serves a specific purpose while still feeling seamless to the touch. The 32mm diameter and soft rubber variant is our favorite, but there are also 30.5mm and non-flanged options, a rainbow of color possibilities, and even an extremely soft Race compound available for those who like a more aggressive ride. It’s as easy as that: a fantastic grip.

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2. The EVO version of the GE1 from Ergon

Tapered and sticky
Weight: 105g | Score: 10

Advantages: Enhances command. Improves the quality of life.


Tapered grips can vary greatly in complexity. This is a feature that sets Ergon’s tapered grips apart from others. It’s a little difficult to explain, but the tapering isn’t parallel to the handlebar.

The outer edge of your palm has a thicker grip. Changing the plane in which your hands are placed while riding is therefore conceivable.

To put it another way, it’s similar to being able to alter the up- and back-sweep angles of your handlebars at their extreme ends. I don’t see the benefit of that.

An effective way to encourage and recognise modern bike handling’s proper attack stance.

To make matters better, they’re incredibly soft and cushioned while yet providing excellent grip in damp conditions. They’re also really comfy.

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3. Best Thick Grip ODI Elite Pro

The diameter is 32mm; the length is 130mm; the weight is 102g; and the rating is 10/10.

The grip that ushered in a new era of style. There are a plethora of hues. Drawbacks: Can’t match the quality of trimmed competitors. I’d like to see a price reduction.

For many riders, this is one of the first thicker grips on the market.

The grip on them isn’t excessively thick. The 32mm reported girth is due to the modestly domed cigar-shaped pad panel.

The slanted design of the pad allows the grip to operate as a tapered-style grip when held somewhat more inboard (i.e. with finger and thumb butted up against the collar).

This means two things: first, you may set it up with the pad smack bang in the middle of your palm. For riders who dislike the squidgy feel of modern thick grips, the rubber on these grips is just right.

Both the more durable rubber and the intelligently constructed integrated end caps contribute to their extended lifespan. The ODI Elite Pro is our favorite fat grip yet. Anyone with tired hands or an open mind will appreciate this grip.

4. Sensus Lite

It is the thinnest grip available.

Dimensions: 29mm dia. x 148mm long x 92g weight

Slim lock-on grip that’s suitable for those with smaller hands. Reasonable price.

These are really difficult to come by.

So sorry to start anyone on a search for some type of rubbery unicorn, but you’ll be pleased you did if and when you get your hands on some of these grips.

These grips have some sort of supernatural power. For such a thin lock-on grip, they shouldn’t be this comfortable.

While just 29mm in diameter, they have a 3mm advantage in circumference over traditional “cush grips.”

Incredibly, the rubber that Sensus use is also extremely robust and long-lived.

These grips are the most popular choice for riders who don’t use gloves. The icing on the sticky cake is the 3mm Allen collar bolt and the incorporated end covers. It’s up to you to find some.

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The greatest mountain bike grips may be found here:

We’ll confess that these parts don’t have a lot of sex appeal. Despite the fact that they don’t have the same sex appeal as carbon wheels or the latest 160mm suspension fork, they are essential to the success of your ride. Aside from pedalling and handlebar grips, your body never truly comes into contact with the bike (your saddle being the other one).

They’re your first line of defence as well as your first line of respite from the chaos of everyday life. Compromise on most things and you’ll still have a good time, but if you make the incorrect choice in grip, your fun may be over.

With your saddle, grips are one of the most personalized components on your bicycle because you’re always gripping them. There are hundreds of grips to choose from, ranging in size, shape, compound, and colour, to accommodate the preferences of any rider. Each of the seven is unique, yet they all share one trait: a tendency to lock on. As a result, they can be slid on and removed with ease, and won’t come loose, no matter how hard you twist or what the weather is like.


If you’re just getting started, go for the comfiest grips you can find, even if they’ll wear out faster. Race day compounds are available from DMR and ODI. Avoid old-school grips with collars on the outside of the bar that could injure your hand, contemporary designs are fixed on absolutely well with an inner collar and cleverly tapered bores.

DMR’s Deathgrip

has a raised mushrooms profile for thumb cushioning, while the patterns on other grips include knurled patterns for your fingertips and waffle patterns for your palm. Make sure the rubber under your hand is substantial, and not just a thin layer of rubber on top of the nylon core.


Make sure your hands are the right size and length. When it comes to grips, thicker is better, but if you have little hands you may prefer a thinner one. Larger hands will appreciate the NS Holdfast, which has a longer grip portion. You can just verify the grip portion measurement, as most brands include lockrings in their dimensions. Get a feel for some at your local bike store if you’re unsure.

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