4 Best Mountain Bike Tires for Road Use (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to purchasing a bike for a young child. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right bike for your child, especially if this is their first time riding, so we’re here to help.

So we’ve put up this guide.

Our top selections for toddler bikes, information on the benefits of biking for children’s development, and suggestions for parents shopping for a child’s bike are all included.

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Reasons to Buy a Bike for Your Toddler

For the rest of their lives, children who learn to ride a bike at an early age will have an easier time of it. They have a much simpler time mastering the fundamentals of bicycle riding when they learn to ride at an early age.

By the time he was 2.5 years old, our son could cycle without the aid of training wheels after starting out on a balance bike at little over a year old. Despite his age, he’s better at bike than many kids twice his age because he started early.

Even if you’re not a big fan of biking, a child should have a bike for a variety of reasons. Bicycles are a great way to get your kids moving, get them outside, and help them gain self-confidence. Gross motor skills, in particular, can be honed through the use of balance bikes.

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Best Mountain Bike Tires for Road Use

The first thing I would say if someone asked me what kind of bike to acquire a kid was, “a balance bike.”

However, the truth is that a toddler’s age and skill level will determine which types of bicycles are appropriate for him. Ride-on toys, tricycles, balance bikes and pedal bikes are some of the alternatives I’ll discuss here.

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1. Hape Scoot Around

The Hape Scoot In is an excellent first bike for children. That it has rubberized wheels that won’t leave marks on your interior flooring, is made of wood, and contains non-toxic fish is a big bonus for us.

The tiniest tots (about 12 months old) can enjoy themselves on a ride-on toy. These are typically three- or four-wheeled bikes that help kids learn how to ride a bike, although they aren’t quite big enough to ride a balancing bike yet.

On his first birthday, we bought him a ride-on toy and it has been one of the best purchases we’ve made.

In the beginning, it was a great motivator and gave him with years of enjoyment even after he had gone on to pedal bikes.

Toddlers between the ages of 18 months and the time they are ready to ride a pedal bike are best served by balance bikes.

Pedal-less bicycles for young children are known as balance bikes, push bikes, or run bikes. A balance bike can be used as soon as a child is able to walk and demonstrate good motor skills (about 18 months).

The best bikes for toddlers are balance bikes since they teach children the skills they’ll need to be successful on a pedal cycle in the future.

For most kids, training wheels are unnecessary when they convert to pedal bikes after learning to ride on balance bikes as a toddler.

They’re great for strengthening gross motor skills and building self-confidence.

2. Woom 1 Balance Bike

Due to its low standover height, the Woom 1 is suitable for toddlers as young as 18 months.

There is more to this balancing bike than just a toy; it is a genuine bicycle. Instead of plastic wheels, this bike has pneumatic (air) tyres, a handbrake to teach kids how to brake, and long-lasting components.


A tricycle is also a popular choice for toddlers. There is nothing wrong with using tricycles or big-wheels in the backyard, but they don’t teach actual cycling abilities.

We recommend a balancing bike if you decide to go this route. The Wishbone 3-in-1, which can be used as a tricycle or a balancing bike, is a remarkable alternative.

3. Wishbone with three functions in one

Your child will have plenty of use out of the Wishbone 3-in-1. When a child is 12 months old, they can begin riding a tricycle.

Eventually, it becomes a tiny balance bike and eventually a larger balance bike for children.

Birch and post-consumer recycled plastic are among the environmentally-friendly materials used in its construction.

Bikes That You Have to Pedal

Pedal cycles with training wheels are similar to a tricycle in that they impede the development of abilities in young children.

Unlike a balancing bike, they are more difficult for children to control.

As a result, they prevent toddlers from gaining the necessary balance to ride a pedal bike.

Once your child is old enough to ride a balancing bike, teach them how to scoot and glide first on a pedal bike before putting the cranks and pedals back.

A 12-inch pedal bike without training wheels can be used once your child has mastered a new bike (or a pedal cycle without training wheels).

Depending on your child’s interest and abilities, this can begin at 2.5 or 3 years old. Choosing a lightweight bike for your child’s first pedal bike is essential.

The greatest obstacle to success at this age is a bike that is excessively heavy.

4. Cleary Gecko 12′′

In terms of pedal bikes, the Cleary Gecko is our top pick for young riders who have outgrown their need for a balancing bike. It’s lightweight, with a low minimum seatpost height, and built with a robust frame.

A Guide to Toddler Bike Size Calculation

Consider the minimum seatpost height of a bike in relation to your child’s inseam before purchasing. If your child’s inseam is less than the minimum seatpost height, the bike will not fit.

It can take days, weeks, or even months for some toddlers to learn to ride a bike, while others may be rocking and rolling right out of the gate. That’s OK. If you keep putting it out there, they will finally be ready for it.

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