10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 ( January, 2023 )

Updated on August 18, 2022

The bikes are again evolving in this modern era of super-fast cars and high speeding adventures. Cycles have raised their importance and made people realize its benefits for the environment and fitness as well.

Mountains bikes are designed to cruise on rough or tough areas because of its sturdy structure and huge wheel size. These bikes are specifically made for the people who love to thrill and are adventurous. The bikes are neither cheap, nor high priced. The cycles come with the variety of price range from low cost to expensive ones depending upon their features.

In this article, we’ve assembled some information for the collection of mountain bikes that can work commendably for you and your requirements. Go through our Review area for some progressively detailed specifications about all bikes. 

This guide will have all the things that you need to consider before buying it. The guide has an assortment of bikes under $500. These bikes include some of the famous brands like Schwinn, Diamondback, GCM Yukon and Mongoose.

Let’s have a look: 

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

1. Schwinn 1.0 Protocol – Men’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn is one of the leading brands in the field of mountain bikes, providing customers a durable item, so you don’t need to worry about the standard of the product.

The Bike is made for newbies and moderate level bikers. Schwinn Protocol consists of dual aluminum-framed suspension with a steel frame that backs you while traveling on hard surfaces, making it the best choice at this rate. The flimsiness of aluminum and rigidness of steel offers the powerful features.

It includes 24 speeds gear that allows riding the bike according to your will. The front suspension SR Suntour makes it very suitable and convenient for riders to travel around with these forks. 

The Protocol 1.0 highlights Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters for quick gear transmission regardless of how extreme is your ride. High-quality Pro Max Front mechanical discs brakes are installed to stop your ride at an instant. The ride arrives with 26-inch wheels. A primary size to accommodate every rider. It is facile to modify the wheels as they are specifically made for daily use options. These dual-coated flimsy alloy rims can be used on any land.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • Bike’s assembly is simple to do.
  • Its 24-gear speed transmission is convenient for entry-level riders.
  • The Brakes backs on every weather condition.
  • Protocol’s forks make the ride much easier and comfy to ride.


  • The saddle is uncomfortable for the long term rides.
  • Wheels don’t allow the rider to get rid of any hindrance.
  • 24-gear speed is unsuitable for the high-speed adventure.
  • There’s no way to store water on the bike.
  • Front wheels don’t work.

2. Mongoose Dolomite – Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite can be the right choice if you need a mixture of cruise and fat bikes. The bike features in huge tires that is 26-inches in height and 4-inches wider. This makes the bike to run on any terrain without any difficulty. So, it runs very smoothly on hard and rugged surfaces. 

Other than this, the ride also features in Shimano rear derailleur with 7 different speeds. It helps the rider to travel easily on the steeper hills. The cycle consists of a headless throb that can adjust the rider of any weight or size. The front discs brakes and rear brakes can support you in stopping the bike in no time with its amazing power.

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The ride also has a beach-cruiser option, which is suitable in your riding and offers a satisfying journey on the sand.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • An amazing bike for an off-road land.
  • One can experience a satisfying riding, due to its appealing features.
  • The bike is convenient in assembling its parts.
  • It has power-packed brakes.
  • Consist of improved hit absorption.


  • Many users complain about the saddle.
  • Packaging is not easy.

3. Max4Out – Mountain Bike

The bike is known to be the bad guy among all the mountain bikes. It has a simple but catchy design to attract individuals from a mile. Nevertheless, the exceptional design and the structure of the bike makes it unique. This bike has a durable frame with solid suspension forks. The carbon steel frame and amazing welding invention makes it durable and perfect for maneuvering. Max’s 21-speed gear helps in biking without consuming a lot of energy. The front derailleur is Shimano and the Rear derailleur is Shimano Altus 7speed.

The bike comes with a black aluminum disc brakes, which makes it easier for the riders to maneuver through rainy or tough areas. These stoppers are built with integrated Shimano.

The wheels of Max4out is eyeball magnet as it accompanies 26-inch wheel with 4.3-inch of width. These parts give power and resilience which thus ensures robustness, particularly on an unpleasant landscape. The wheels are accordant with streets, trail, and seashores.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • The carbon steel frame makes riding much comfortable for the long term.
  • The assembling of the cycle is easy.
  • It can be modified and the height is changeable too.


  • The changing or swapping of its components is little-bit costly.
  • Pedals are designed for plastic and not comfortable for large feet.

4. Gravity FSX1.0 – MTB

This trail bike is another good choice if you are considering a budget. The bike gives a sporty look with a solid structure. The framed suspension offers you a pleasant ride. The bike is installed with a double-disc braking system and gear shifter of Shimano’s.

Its Hydro-formed Aluminium allows the bike to cruise for a long time and it is flimsy in weight too, that is a plus point you can carry it on to off-road terrains as well. This version contains Tektro Novela front brakes and Rear disc brakes.

speed Gears allows you to experience a blissful ride following different transmission of gears. You can surpass the weirdest terrains due to its front and rear Suntour shocks that enables the rider to overcome obstacles easily.

26×2.1 wheels offer you a magnificent ride throughout your cruising regardless of what you are up to. The Double suspension doesn’t feel in the rugged areas and procures a satisfying journey to the rider.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • FSX1.0 frame is flimsy and portable.
  • Modifiable suspensions.
  • Rear and Front Double Disc brakes.
  • It gives a comfortable switching of gears.


  • There are insufficient color options for the bike.
  • The stock wheels are not suitable for off-road tracking.

5. Mongoose Ledge

Investing in an amateur bike will leave you with lots of things to consider. This ride has answers to your questions, Though, it can be your versatile option due to its rate, comfy and quality.

The Mongoose Ledge features the strength that can be notable on rugged areas and tough terrains. It can do well without reducing its performance level.

The Ledge consists of a 4-bar linked suspension frame which allows for a flimsy ride. The bike’s handle is made up of steel which implies, that it can withhold some accidents or crashes. Alloy rims are built with tough material and come with rustproof features.

The bike has a 21-speed gear system that provides rider flexible speed options. Hence, with lesser gears, it doesn’t go on top and plain areas. It arrives with an SRAM twist shifters which is considered as the best one for this version.

Stopping power is efficient and so one can easily rely on the brakes if needed.

The wheels are 26-inch and offers a comfortable ride and can run on rainy areas also.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • Multifunctional at a cost-friendly rate.
  • It comes with various color choices like gray, red and blue.
  • Ledge’s assembling is straightforward.
  • The alloy frame is sturdy and power-packed.
  • It has already a kickstand.


  • The saddle is comfy but the quality of the material is unsatisfactory.
  • Frame can cause problems for people above 6-inch.
  • No way to store a water bottle.
  • It comes with an Opto kickstand, but a good choice for expert level.

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6. Roadster Granite Peak

The 26-inch is not just for a specific use but it can also be used in the urban areas and thus this means, you can enjoy routine riding on it. Its high front suspension makes the vehicle much suitable for the terrain lands.

The gear part is an exclusive feature of this bike.

The frame is made up of steel, making the bike resilient and run long-lasting.

Roadster features in an 18-speed gear system including Shimano Shifters that means the ride is also suitable for off-road.

It has a linear braking system and can be instantly stopped when required and tire treads are built amazingly to carry these bikes.

The 26-inch wheels are the basic tires of all the bikes out there yet most common too. Rims are made up of alloys and offer resilience and toughness. The alloy rims provide a sturdy look and flimsiness gives a proper way for cruising.

Bike’s handle is made up of steel and the saddle is padded and specifically designed for rugged lands.

Fork gives us a comfortable experience throughout the journey.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • This vehicle is cost-effective with its amazing quality.
  • Front suspension makes the long ride convenient.
  • The assembling task is straightforward.


  • Saddle is not suitable for the long term.
  • Less gears so no high speeding.
  • The frame of steel is prone to scratches.
  • Brakes daily maintenance is required.

7. Schwinn Traxion Full

In search of the cycles that run comfortably on the flatlands. Then, Schwinn Traxion is the bike you can opt for. The structure of this bike is full of robustness. This provides the easiness of traveling up to the slopes of mountains etc.

This bike has a 24-speed gear that features Schwinns EZ-fire trigger shifters for fast gear transmission alongside the Schwinn front and Shimano derailleurs at the rear so that you can switch the gears accordingly. The front and rear mechanical discs brakes work in all the conditions, so one can use them anytime. Alongside 29-inch wheels, you get the additional double alloy rims that are flimsy in weight but are tough enough to work for the long term.

The Traxion comes with the knurled tires and is 2.25 inches wider for easy gripping and to overcome the huge obstacles.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • It comes with A-grade quality.
  • It has a sporty look which gives a catchy view
  • The components are simple to assemble.
  • Additional wheel rims with dual coating for more long-lasting and resilience. 


  • No proper guide for this bike.
  • The bike is not lightweight as compared to other bikes.
  • Gearing setup can cost you more.

8. Merax Finiss 26-inch

This trail-blazing can be the perfect match for all the mount bikers out there. Though, the bike is durable and is flimsy in weight. The heated aluminum allows a smooth ride and helps the rider to cruise even on the rugged terrains. The bike is cost-friendly too.

The Merax provides a catchy look due to its appealing structure and its 3 different colors and shades for wheels.

The vehicle consists of excellent dual discs braking system on front and rear and you don’t need to worry about the speed, as you can trust on the brakes blindly.

The bike has a 21-gear speed system which allows the simple transmission of gears throughout the journey. Magnesium alloy is also used to build the wheels providing the durability to the ride.

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You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • Resilient enough to maneuver
  • Comfy for the rider and convenient for cruising.
  • The saddle is well padded.
  • Flimsy in weight.


  • Most parts of the ride is built with plastic.
  • The stopping power is not easy to manage.
  • Front suspension cannot be modified.

9. Raleigh Bikes Tokul


These bikes can run on every land. The ride consists of a large cockpit where you can easily adjust your feet around the paddle. The ride is designed particularly for the long term. It has massive wheels that can overcome the big obstacles during the journey. It comes with a 120mm suspension fork making the bicycle ready to deal with the harsh landscape. It’s a flexible bicycle that stands out among others.

 The frame of the bike includes the best features. The aluminum frame is made up of 6061 SL. The frame is bulky but can not resist the smooth functioning of the ride. Tokul has a Suntour XCM fork suspension on the front. 

The brakes of this model are reliable one and we can rely on them too. It has Tektro brake levers that can resist the speed no matter what.

The parts of the wheels are rims, spokes, and tires. Their versatility option has various benefits on and off the road and the wheels offer much ease in maneuvering.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • It is long-lasting and can run easily on rugged lands.
  • The aluminum frame is flimsy in weight with a better structure.
  • Much easier for cruising around.
  • Power-packed stopping power.


  • Heavy-weighted bike.
  • It comes without a kickstand.

10. Mongoose Men’s Malus


This bike is your the most comfortable choice for the high and tough areas. This can be the ultimate choice for the bikers that love to roam everywhere. It has large tires and rear derailleur by Shimano of 7-speed. The dual discs stopping power allows you to apply brakes to stop the ride promptly.

The Aluminium frame of the bike is of great quality and won’t become dire so early. This provides the bike with durability and smoothness on your ride. The ride is ready to bear all the outcomes and challenges during your tough rides on the steep hills and mountains.

26×4 inch wheels make any hurdle possible to go through due to its large wheels and its rims are built as amazing shockers. This will leave the bike in long-lasting condition.

You can check Amazon for the pricing and other details.


  • Transmission of gears 
  • Wireless headset assist in improved adjust quality.
  • Best use on the rough areas.
  • Assembly is simple to install.
  • It has A-grade quality.


  • Saddle is not spacious.
  • Heavyweight.
  • It requires much better packaging for shipping purposes.

Some Points that Need to Be Considered Before Investing in MTB

All you need to decide is what is the best mountain bike you can go for and what matches your needs. Here are some of the important factors below that will allow you to determine the vehicle of your own choice. In the below article, features, pros, and cons are discussed and with other relevant details also.

These are the bikes under $500 and you have a variety of choices in front of you. These points will help you in choosing the right one.

Spending Plan

Your budget is one of the most important factors that you can look into. Investors must not go for the price, but instead of it, they must ensure the best possible quality. You may discover the bike with full of features that all you need, but the price doesn’t match your budget. In this case, you can search the bikes during the discounts and when deals are on.

Suspension Type

There are 3 types of different bikes. The first one is the Hard-tail bikes with the front fork suspension. The rigid bikes come with no suspension and the 3rd one has full suspension with rear and front fork.

Mountain bikes that have rigid suspension are of low cost. Whereas, Hard-tail bikes are used for mountainous regions due to front fork suspension. Full suspension bikes are considered best for mountainous areas due to the availability of both the suspensions.


Mostly, the bikes are made up of Aluminium frames to provide the durability for long term use and flimsy. Good quality bikes have less amount of Aluminum frames so that it has lightweight. Steel is sturdy and cheap adds the weight on to the bikes. Whereas, carbon and titanium offers strength, flimsiness, but they are high-priced


An option of choosing gears up to 30. High gears are preferred when you are cruising towards the steeper areas and hill slopes. The more the gears, the more easiness in settling the speed of the vehicle. The most common usage of gears are from 9-11.


There are 3 different sizes of wheels and each of them has there own use. 26, 27.5 and 29 inches of wheels size is available in the market. Usually, 26-inch wheels are preferred by the beginner and are the ideal size for all the riders because they render balance to your travel. 27-inches offers the flexibility in cruising to the various areas and helps in maintaining balance too. 29-inch is the largest of all and assist you in overcoming the hurdles with its massive size. This size is usually preferred by the extreme riders or high speeders.


Brakes are an essential part of your riding. So you need the best of brakes to stop your ride at the moment. Hydraulic brakes can be the best option you can choose. As Mechanical linear-pull and cable ones won’t allow you to stop efficiently just like Hydraulics.

Take Away

Now we are hereafter reviewing each mountain bike under $500. While going through the list of bikes, you may have to choose the desired bike and the bike that suits you. In case if you’re still muddled about what to decide, we are going to guide you right. 

We have our opinion based on these features. Budget, suspension, frame, gears, and brakes.

Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 is the standout and one of the top-notch bikes that are present on this list. It surely doesn’t mean that other bikes are of no use.

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