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Updated on August 18, 2022

In order to understand what a “naked bike” is, we first need to define it. Naked bikes are, technically speaking, any motorcycles that lack fairings. When we say “naked bike,” we’re referring to a sportbike with minimal or no fairings.

The term “naked bike” is derived from the sportbike’s removal of its fairings. Recycled bikes were popular among racers with broken bikes and empty wallets in the 1980s and 1990s.

The old, sagging plastic fairings were removed, and in their place were some more affordable handlebars designed to put the rider in a more upright position. Lights permitted these motorcycles to be driven on public streets, where their battle scars served as a badge of honour. “Streetfighters” were so popular in the DIY garages that the trend expanded into manufacture.

Factory-built naked motorcycles were introduced by Ducati for the first time. In 1993, Ducati introduced the Monster, a motorcycle that ushered in a new era of design. Motorcycle frames and engines had previously been hidden by plastic covers. It was only after the Monster’s trellis frame was unveiled that the functional beauty of the top naked bikes became their secret weapon.

It wasn’t just the aesthetic of the motorcycles that altered, but the performance as well when naked motorcycles were mass-produced in factories. In general, compared to sportbikes, the engines of naked bikes are going to be detuned. When you have more torque lower down, you have to sacrifice a little bit of mileage at the end of your range. Naked motorcycles are better suited to the streets and urban riding than standard superbikes.

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The 10 Best Naked Bikes of All Time

Naked motorbikes come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and price points, making it difficult to select the best of the best. For the sake of variety, we chose a wide range of engine sizes and manufacturers to represent the best-in-class naked motorcycles.

Naked motorcycles are gaining in popularity, and here are some of the best:

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An aluminium superbike-derived chassis and a dynamic engine make the Ducati Monster a naked bike that’s suitable for road use. An outstanding power-to-weight ratio. 111 horsepower from the 937CC engine pushes the 366-pound bike into a burst of crimson illumination.

The Ducati monster is a modern superbike with all the expected features. Full colour display, numerous riding and power modes, ABS cornering, traction control and wheelie control are just some of the features available. We hope you’ll be able to do the same with this last one.

The Monster is praised by riders for being nimble, quick, and fun to ride. In terms of its class, this is the best naked bike we’ve seen thus far.


  • A 937cc engine.
  • 111 horse power
  • At 6500 rpm, the torque is 93 Nm.
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • It is 366 lbs. in dry weight
  • 32.3 in. seat height (seat lowering options available)

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“The Beast,” as KTM calls it, the 1290 Super Duke R

is a powerful motorcycle that will leave you speechless. And we mean it literally, as well.
The Super Duke is our greatest naked bike because of its large carrying capacity. Its unique 1301 cc roaring heart holds the beast together and simultaneously boosts the machine’s rigidity. Between its two piercing eyes, the Beast sucks in breath (headlights). Also equipped with newer electronic rider safety technologies that minimise the impact on the trip.


  • Engine: LC8 V-Twin, 1301 cc
  • 177 horsepower
  • 140 Nm of torque
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • It weighs 416 pounds when it’s dry.
  • 32.9 in seat height

Eighth KTM 200 DUKE

Our list of the best naked bikes includes the KTM 200 Duke, which is a smaller version of the Beast. We’ll name it a baby beast just to be on the safe side. It is powered by a single cylinder engine, making it extremely light. The 6-speed transmission allows the car to reach surprising top speeds while still monitoring its fuel usage. Additional safety and control are provided with the standard ABS.
This baby beast is the perfect naked motorcycle for you if you believe that good things come in little packages.


  • 199.5 cubic centimetres of displacement
  • 25 horse power
  • 19.5 Nm of torque is available.
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • Approximately 309 pounds.
  • 31.7 in. seat height


BMW S1000R (7th generation)

Dynamic city appearance and a superbike DNA are the hallmarks of the BMW S1000R’s design. An exhilarating ride is the result of the S1000R’s perfect balance of power and traction.
Standard and M versions of the S1000R are offered for the naked bike. In order to keep the weight down, M has included carbon wheels that are extremely light. With a full tank of gas, the vehicle weighs just 427 lbs.


  • Engine: 999, four-stroke in-line four-cylinder
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • 165 horsepower
  • 114 lb-ft of torque are available at a rpm of 9,250.
  • 427 lbs. when wet
  • 31.7 in. seat height


A good example is the Yamaha MT-07

There has been nothing but good things to say about the Yamaha MT-07 since its debut in 2014. The 689 cc inline twin cylinder engine powers this mean mid-displacement machine. Adding an aggressive riding stance, a compact frame design, and standard ABS makes this the ultimate street combatant.

  • Twin-cylinder, 689-cubic-inch engine
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • 73.8 horsepower
  • At 6,500 rpm, the torque is 68 Nm.
  • Weight when wet: 395 lb
  • 31.7 in. seat height



It wouldn’t be fair to include the Triumph Speed triple in a list of the best naked bikes without including it. This early 1990s naked sportbike, like the Ducati Monster, was a revolutionary in its time. The Speed Triple was instrumental in establishing and promoting the naked bike look as a respectable style.
Full colour TFT gauges, switchable ABS and traction control, numerous riding modes, and cruise control are now standard on the Speed Triple RS. It’s a time-honored classic that only gets better with age.


  • Inline three-cylinder: 1050 cc
  • Using a 6-speed transmission
  • It has an output of 147 horsepower.
  • At 7,150 rpm, the torque is 117 Nm.
  • It weighs 416 pounds when it’s dry.
  • Approximately 32.5 inches in height


In terms of price, which naked bike is the cheapest?
A general rule of thumb is that a bike with a smaller engine is more affordable. Hence, the KTM 200 Duke ($3,999) and Kawasaki Z400 ($4,999)* are the two most affordable naked bikes on our list of the best.

If you don’t have the money to buy a new naked bike, you may want to explore a used one. Buying a second-hand naked bike rather than a new fairing sportbike has the advantage that any marks or scratches will be visible, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

To address this question, we must first define what a naked bike is. Naked bikes were originally meant for speed, but their roots may be traced back to the superbike and sportbike markets. They’re fast, powerful, and a blast to ride. Even novices can handle them thanks to their light weight and excellent power-to-weight ratio. This only holds true if you don’t immediately jump on one of the more than 1,000 CC machines that are now available.

Naked bikes are ideal for metropolitan commuting and weekend trips to the mountains or canyons with friends. These bikes have a more upright seat posture that is more comfortable for a variety of disciplines. As a result of their light weight and small size, the greatest naked motorcycles are easy to manoeuvre through traffic and into parking spaces. If you want to have some serious fun on the weekend, all you have to do is crank the throttle! Fast on the flats and stable in bends, naked bikes are ideal for short journeys and scenic mountain tours.

Your safety and the condition of your gorgeous naked bike depend on regular motorcycle maintenance. Ensure that your tyres are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth. Make sure the brake pads have enough of “meat” on them by checking them next. Cleaning, lubricating and tightening your chain on a regular basis will be necessary. In addition, your owner’s manual recommends that you change your vehicle’s engine oil and coolant at regular intervals. If you treat your naked bike like any other motorbike, it will last you for many years to come if you keep it well-maintained.

Naked motorcycles are attractive targets for thieves because they are ideal for commuting in urban areas. As a motorbike owner, your first priority is to stay a motorcycle owner. It is critical that you secure your naked motorbike when parking it in a public area. There is always the possibility, though, that someone will steal your bike. Installing a motorcycle GPS tracker on your prized possession will assist you in locating it and bringing it home.


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