5 best parks for bike (September, 2022)

Updated on August 18, 2022

In the second instalment of our series on Europe’s best bike parks and trails, we take a look at some of the most beautiful spots in Europe.

You should not miss the wonderful national parks that can be found south as well as north of the border in countries like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The Scandinavians, in particular, are known for their meticulously crafted lines, which are also suitable for novices to use. ISPO.com has the latest news.

There’s a Bikepark in Europe for every taste.

best parks for bike

1. the Livigno Bike Park

Freeride skiers and snowboarders flock to the area in winter; in summer, the bike park serves as a destination for European downhill and freeride bikers.

It’s easy to see why; with 14 routes to choose from, this place is anything but dull. Among other things, there are numerous jumps, thorny root tunnels, and an air mattress for practise at the end of the course.

Exactly where can you find it? Bikepark Livigno (Mottolino Spa) in Livigno, Italy at 473 Via Bondi.
Tracks: 14.
Opening hours for 2022 are still a mystery due to the lack of information regarding the establishment’s Gravity Card policy.
The cost of a bike pass is 25 euros.
the gondola lift

Finally, a huge air mattress can help you improve your leaping technique.
Bikepark Livigno is the source of this image.

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2. The Aosta Valley, Switzerland

The lovely Aosta Valley is right outside of Pila’s door.

To get to the bike park, you’ll first need to ride the gondola up to the hotel hamlet of Pila, where the bike park is located.

The chairlift will take you to the park, which at first glance appears to be little with just four paths, but in reality has a lot to offer because of its many options.

The freeride route from Pila to Aosta, which has a total elevation gain of 1,800 metres, is a real delight. Even the tiniest drops, steep turns, and natural trail passes are irresistible.

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The most important information

Where. This is the official site of the Fraz. law firm, which is located at Pila 16 in Italy (plus 3 variants)
Zero: Gravity Card
Schedule: Mid-June to early-September (general season).
The cost of a lift ticket is 27 Euro.
Lifts: gondola or chair lifts
Most of the park’s best riding is found at the top, on the steep, flowing trails.

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3. Bike Park Kronplatz

The Herrnsteig is a 1,300-meter ascent from Kronplatz’s peak. This creates a tonne of momentum and levity.

However, even if you’ve never been on a trail before, you’ll need to know how to handle yourself when things get a little more difficult.

Also, physical fitness is a must if you wish to handle the Herrnsteig’s eight kilometres of downhill running.

Gassl Trail, which follows the eastern slope to the middle station of the Olang 1 and 2 cable car, is a good option for novices.

Franz and Hans, two new flow trails for advanced skiers, were added in 2018.

The most important information

Where. South Tyrol: Brunico; Plan de Corones 2000
Routes: There are 7 of them.
Zero: Gravity Card
24 April – 24 April 2022: Opening hours: 27 November 2021
Apart from that: Messner Mountain Museum
36 Euros for a lift pass
Gondola lifts are the only lifts.

4. Chatel, Morzine

Isn’t freeriding on a mountain bike similar to that? Because the Bikepark Chatel is one of the largest in Europe, there’s no problem.

Because of this, you’ll see a lot of professional skiers and snowboarders at the lift station, which also explains why there are so many perfectly shaped runs.

There are two other bike parks in addition to Chatel that make the experience even more enjoyable.

Both Morzine and Les Gets can be reached through the lifts, and both provide a wide range of activities, making them ideal for prolonged stays.

The most important information

Where. Thonon/74390 Chatel/France/Thonon/Rue de Maison Chatellane 281/Bikepark Chatel
Approximately 21 tracks.
Zero: Gravity Card
At what time may I come in?
Late summer through early September weekends are open for business (general season)
In addition, the link between the two regions Both Les Gets and Morzine
30 Euros gets you access to the lifts (Portes du Soleil)
Accessible via chairlift (Chatel) or gondola (other options).

5. Bike Park Hafjell

Why is Hafjell’s cycling park referred to as the European Whistler? So why do so many World Cup riders come to train here, when there are also wonderful routes for the rest of us to enjoy?

It’s no surprise that the “Rollercoaster 8” is one of the most popular roller coasters in the park, with a total of fifty different leaps.

The most important information

In which location is the Bikepark Havjell located? Hundervegen 122 in Oyer, Norway
There are a total of 18 tracks on this album.
Opening hours are currently unavailable due to inclement weather.
The cost of a lift pass is approximately 33 Euro.
Lifts: gondola or chair lifts

What are the finest places to ride a bike?

There’s no such thing as the best bike park out there. The final say is in the hands of the individual. Bike parks Spicak and re from Sweden have been popular destinations for thrill-seekers in recent years.

When is the best time to visit a bike park in 2022?

From June to September is the peak season. Some bike parks are open year-round, while others have seasonal hours.

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