Best Place To Sell Bike

Updated on August 18, 2022

Best Place To Sell Bike

So you’ve decided it’s time to retire your much-loved steed after many years of faithful service. Now what? Make sure you’re getting what you’re worth while avoiding any unnecessary hassles. We’re frequently quizzed on the various facets of the bike-selling process. My bike is in need of a new home. To whom may I sell my bicycle? What is the value of my bicycle? How do I earn money?

It’s a bit of a minefield, to be honest. Today, we begin with the subject of where to put it on sale.

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Where can I find a used bicycle?

At the end of the Cycle,

Of course, Cycle Exchange is the ideal place to sell. It’s hassle-free, courteous, honest, and fair.. If you can’t make it to our shop, we’ll come to you and pick up your order. On our sell your bike page, you’ll find all the information you need.

If your bike retailed for more than £1,200 when it was new, we’d be interested. Our Part Exchange option is also available, and we’ll take a look at any bike you’d like to trade in. When you part with your old bike in exchange for a new one from us or one of our partner shops, you’re doing a part exchange.

Selling to us isn’t for everyone, and since we have to earn a profit, you might be better off trying to sell your bike on your own. See below for methods to sell privately.

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Your friend or acquaintance can buy your bike. 2.

Finding a buyer for your bike inside your personal network is the most straightforward (and most effective) option. This is a common option to get a bike, especially if you have friends who are interested in riding but don’t want to spend a lot of money. A cycling club is a great place to meet people who are either wanting to buy or know someone who is.



• It ought to be simple and hassle-free

• There are no seller fees — all of your money goes directly into your bank account.


Estimating the value of an asset can be challenging.

Uncomfortable situations may arise should something go wrong with the bike.

Make an EBay auction to sell your bicycle.

This is perhaps the most popular forum for cycling-related private sales. There are a lot of bargain hunters out there, eager to pounce on any opportunity. A worldwide marketplace means that you can sell your bike anyplace if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to do so. If you want to sell your bike on EBay, you need to describe and photograph it extremely thoroughly. Photos with a lot of detail, especially for older bikes that have been used a lot, are extremely important. With a potential buyer, you don’t want to engage into a heated argument over product descriptions. EBay’s reputation is everything, and sellers with high ratings receive more views and bids. Negative criticism can have a devastating effect on your ability to re-enter the market.



• Global reach and high traffic volume.

Extensive data about buyers and sellers, including their history and performance, can be found on a longstanding platform.

Both the seller and the buyer are protected by the seller and buyer guarantee.



• Fees are a little on the high side at 13% +

Quality postings and answering all queries might take a lot of time.

• Bikes are a headache to pack up for shipping, and if you just accept local pick-ups, you’ll have to deal with meeting possible purchasers.


Post your bicycle for sale on a classifieds website.

Using classifieds websites like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and others, you may reach a large number of people for a relatively little cost. Bike Soup and Preloved are two examples of cycling-specific classifieds websites. A quick and easy way to sell a bike but not always a safe method, and we don’t advocate it for more expensive bikes.


Sites like eBay and Craigslist are rife with frauds and stolen goods. If you’re planning to meet someone, you’ll want to make sure the encounter is safe. Although it can be beneficial if done correctly, it has its drawbacks.

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5. Post your bike for sale on a forum

A classifieds site that we would define as a forum. Membership or a focus on a certain location makes it less likely that scams or stolen goods will be found in the community. There are a plethora of bike message boards, many of which have classified ads. If you’re a bike fanatic, check out the forum sale sections on sites like or cycling weekly. Facebook groups that have been vetted can also be found.

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