6 Best Road Bike Crankset (January, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

When it comes to the anatomy of a road bike, few components are as critical as the crankset.

This section, which consists of a collection of individual components — including chainrings, pedal arms, and frequently a rear bracket — is critical to the operation of a bicycle, converting leg force into forward motion.

The outfits on this list accommodate a range of budgets and high-quality standards.

Best Road Bike Crankset

1. Shimano M361 Hybrid

You would not need to include it in your new carbon cycle, but the Shimano M361 Hybrid (about $38) is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fairly cost option.

Its chainrings are completely interchangeable, and it fits any bike with a square backside bracket.

Equipped with a chain guard
Simple to install and remove
Not particularly light-weight

2. Competizione Vuelta Corsa SQ

If you’ve purchased an older bike and want to upgrade the shifting mechanism from friction to linear, consider the Vuelta Corsa Comp SQ (about $32).

This moderately priced mannequin is equipped with 53T/39T gearing, two metal rings, and two cold-forged alloy crank arms for the latter approach.

Available in 170 and 175mm widths
Compatibility with 110mm backside brackets
Simply said, black end scratches.

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3. Courier Sram S300

For city cyclists looking to simplify their setup, the Sram S300 Courier (about $131) is a viable option.

The ring itself is surprisingly light for how stiff it feels, and the thick crank arms aid in the efficient transfer of energy. Additionally, it includes a rear bracket.

Design that is visually appealing
Available in 165mm and 170mm widths.
Not suitable for multi-gear bicycles

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4. Origin8 XLT All-Wheel Drive

While some styles are only available in one or two sizes, the Origin8 XLT Highway includes components in a variety of proportions, making it simple to find the right fit for your setup.

There are 170, 172, and 175mm options available, as well as small and standard sizes.

Bracket integrated onto the backside
Stainless steel in its entirety
Does not exemplify the chain guard

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5. Shimano 105 Triple Shimano 105 Triple

Are you looking for a high-performance option but lack the financial means to purchase one? Your best bet may be the Shimano 105 Triple (about $155), which offers many of the features of more expensive models at a fraction of the price. The current, three-dimensionally constructed cranks are particularly desirable.

Compatibility with ten-speed cassettes
Additionally, it is available in sterling silver.

6. FSA Light K-Force 386

Skilled and dedicated riders will know the FSA Ok-Drive Mild 386 (about. $410), a no-compromise design using hollowed-out carbon fiber crank arms that makes it one of the lightest rounds available.

After all, it would not compromise on the worth in either direction, which means that this one will value you.

Extremely stiff sensation
Ideally suited for racing and cyclocross.
Not suitable for the average individual

Final judgment

While it’s natural to form preconceptions when examining cranksets as a component of a complete bike, comparing them head to head in isolation revealed some surprising results.

There is undoubtedly a significant decline in true return for increasing spending until you reach the market’s upper tiers.

As a result, our real-world race winner is the light, tight, yet reasonably priced SRAM Red 22 crankset.

The reliable, slick-shifting Shimano 105 also humiliates a slew of cranksets costing double, triple, or even quadruple the price, clinching a convincing triumph in the value department.

Our grand prize winner is a crankset that many people have never heard of Turn’s Zayante builds on Praxis’s established performance by adding significantly stiff hollow-armed torque transfer.

As a result, we’ve created a very strong, durable, all-purpose crankset that demonstrates that a relentless work ethic is far more vital in real-world riding than a few grams saved in the last spot on your bike you’ll notice them.

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