4 Best Triathlon Bike Seats (March, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Triathlon bike upgrades aren’t worth the effort if you’re always hampered by discomfort with every pedal stroke because a bad triathlon saddle option.

As a result, you’ll need a triathlon saddle that fits your needs. In the best case scenario, you’ll have to take some time off the bike to recover from pain or numbness.

So finding a TT saddle that allows you to maintain a constant position for extended durations is critical, especially if you’re an iron-distance triathlon.

Best Triathlon Bike Seats

1. Jcob Type 5

The Speed and Comfort Type 5 triathlon saddle was included in a roundup by our gear editors of the top triathlon saddles for 2021.

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Dimensions: Nose width 55mm, Sitpoint width (100mm back for tri, 80mm back for road) A maximum width of 70 mm Pubic Support Surface Thickness: 131mm

A well-known triathlon saddle, this one has street cred, and it’s arguably Speed and Comfort’s most popular model.

Female riders have found that using the Type 5’s long nose and flat rear portion to limit the likelihood of thigh friction to be very effective.

To compensate for the saddle’s narrow exterior profile, certain nose riders may find that the pressure relief opening in the front of the saddle is less than on previous models.

Some people may not appreciate the short pressure relief groove and hard cushioning of this saddle, which has a lot of attachment holes and long seat rails allowing a lot of flexibility.

Because the rail-to-surface height of this saddle is higher, you’ll want to lower your seatpost by 5-10 millimetres compared to your prior saddle.

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2. Watt Gel Superflow by Selle Italia

It weighs 235 grammes and costs $200.

The Selle Italia Watt Gel Superflow is one of the top triathlon saddles of 2021, according to our gear editors.

Width At Sitpoint 51mm Nose Width 51mm (100mm back for tri, 80mm back for road) A 60-millimeter Thickness at its Widest Point Pubic Support Surfaces have a thickness of 24mm.

Selle Italia, the iconic Italian saddle brand, has released the Watt, the brand’s first official triathlon saddle.

Other than the somewhat narrower nose and substantial cushioning, the Watt is very comparable to other popular tri saddles.

With a narrow overall width comes a narrow pressure relief groove that may not provide adequate relief for some but if you’ve been concerned by the overall width and stiffness of other popular tri saddles, then the Watt may be right for you.

The saddle’s familiar size and high-quality construction won us over, but the small saddle rail and difficulty locating the saddle in person let us down.

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3. Bontrager Hilo Pro

Among the top triathlon saddles for 2021, our editors selected the Bontrager Hilo Pro.

EXCELLENT TRIPATHLON SADDLES 56mm Nose Width, 60mm Sitpoint Width (100mm back for tri, 80mm back for road) Its greatest width is 71mm. The Pubic Support Surfaces are 128mm thick and 25mm thick.

The Bontrager Hilo pro has been around for a few years now, and it remains untouched and undervalued for 2021.

The saddle’s geometry is comparable to that of the Speed and Comfort Type 5, but it’s been improved in key areas.

The softer a saddle is, the more it will deform when a rider sits on it, but the Hilo Pro keeps its shape effectively and the pressure relief channel does not appear to narrow significantly under load.

The saddle’s workmanship is excellent, and the dual-density foam provides excellent support and comfort.

Although the Hilo Comp is $110 less expensive, it gives the same amount of comfort.

Mounting options for suitable devices like hydration and storage are also included in the Hilo Pro. To be fair, this saddle is only available through Trek and Bontrager dealers, which is a terrible situation because the narrow rails make it difficult to get a proper fit.

4. ISM PN1.0

ISM PN1.0 is included in a list of the best triathlon saddles of 2021 compiled by our gear editors.

56mm Nose Width, 60mm Sitpoint Width (100mm back for tri, 80mm back for road) 81 millimetres in width at its broadest point Pubic Support Surfaces 30mm Thickness 110mm

ISM is the first name that comes to mind when discussing triathlon saddles. Even though it’s touted as a road bike saddle, the PN1.0 (formerly known as the “Attack”) continues to grace some of the fastest tri bikes we see.

Allows the rider to select where to rest their buttocks while keeping the saddle on the narrow side thanks to the diamond-like design.

Comfortable saddles are all about finding the correct combination of support and shape. With its lengthy rails, the PN1.0 saddle provides a wide range of fit options.

There’s a lot of room for your legs thanks to the thin overall width and mild taper, making it ideal for extended days on the saddle.

For those seeking for something a little less firm, we recommend checking out the PN1.1 or PN3.1.

Unfortunately, the lack of an integrated transition hook or hydration storage is something we’d want to see.

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