4 Best Tyres for Commuter Bikes (May, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Looking to update the tyres on your commuter vehicle to ones that provide the highest functionality, grip, and rolling resistance?

You are, in fact, in the correct location.

I’ve sifted through a variety of tyres and come up with a list of the ten best. My list of the best commuter bike tyres combines everything you need in a tyre with the best performance you can get out of your bike.

When you’re dreading your daily trip to work, nothing is worse than a pothole that punctures your tyre (talk about a bad start to the day). Even in the best of times, finding a puncture-resistant commuter bike tyre can be difficult.

You may avoid this dreadful experience by checking out my list of the finest commuter bike tyres, which takes into account factors like as long lastingness, low price, grip, ease of useability, rolling resistance and most crucially puncture resistance.

There are various things to bear in mind when purchasing your commuter bike tyres, such as your personal preference and the type of routes you’ll be riding on.

To get the most out of your ride, you should replace your stock tyres with a pair of the greatest commuter tyres you can get your hands on at a reasonable price.

The type of commute you have will have a significant impact on the type of commuting tyre you choose. Do you have to contend with shattered glass on the bike lanes or strong winds and long distances?

Check out our tyre reviews to see what tyres the Cyclingnews staff uses on their commuter cycles, or skip to the bottom to learn what to look for when buying bike shoes

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Best Tyres for Commuter Bikes

1. DuraSkin Continental Tires


  • Adds puncture protection to the PolyX layer
  • When riding on gravel or through potholes, the DuraSkin tyre protects the sidewall from damage.
  • The design is foldable, making it simple to transport.


  • The traction provided by a road slick tyre is inferior to that of other tyre designs.
  • Weight increases when more protection is added.
  • Continental’s GatorSkin tyre brand is well-known among cyclists as the go-to option for slick road tyres that won’t go flat even after many kilometres of riding on bumpy roads.
  • The PolyX Breaker polyester fibre, which is tightly woven, sits just beneath the outer layer of rubber to protect the tube from punctures.
  • The DuraSkin reinforced protective layer on the sidewall of the DuraSkin tyre makes it an excellent choice for commuters who frequently ride over gravel or roads with numerous potholes.
  • The tire’s surface is comparable to a road slick, but it has grooves for enhanced traction in wet weather.
  • Also keep in mind that this tyre is heavier than a typical road-riding tyre because of the added protection it provides.
  • With its folding form, the tyre is easier to put on and take off the bike than a non-foldable one would be.
  • In addition, the foldable tyres can be stored in a desk drawer at work or on the bike as a spare.

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2. Kenda K838

For commuters on a tight budget, this tyre is a good option.

Grooved design allows for water to be shed and improves traction when riding through puddles.

Excellent cornering performance with a two-inch width.

There is only a 26″ diameter available at this time.

There is little protection against flat tyres caused by punctures.

Whether you ride a road, hybrid, or mountain bike, this tyre from Kenda Tires provides a solution for all types of commuters.

Having a steel wire bead that provides a sturdy framework to the tyre, the tyre is a bit heavy. There is only one size of this tyre available: 26 inches.

The roughly two-inch breadth of this tyre contributes greatly to its exceptional handling characteristics.

From motorcycle tyres, this tyre has a grooved surface that allows water to be drained rapidly and to maintain traction even when there is water resting on the road.

To further improve traction, the tyre features rubber whiskers on the outside of it. Tire speed isn’t significantly affected by the grooves, but rolling resistance is, because to the wide profile.

Unfortunately for commuters, the sidewall and tread of this tyre do not have any additional strength, which means that anything that can cause a puncture, such as metal or sharp rocks, would likely penetrate the inner tube and result in a flat.

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3. ThinSlick Comp Tire by WTB


  • Rolling resistance is reduced by a smooth tread pattern.
  • Flat protection and suspension benefit from a thicker layer of rubber.
  • Several sizes are available.


  • Poor traction in slick or rough conditions.
  • WTB’s competition-grade tyre is a terrific option for after-work road bike workouts.
  • Rolling resistance is reduced thanks to the tire’s smooth tread pattern, so you can go farther for the same amount of effort.
  • Bicycling on a smooth road can also benefit from the bike’s smooth exterior, as it can shorten the distance between your house and workplace.
  • Despite the fact that this tyre has less traction on wet surfaces, it features a few enhancements that make it an excellent commuter tyre.
  • Because of its robust shell and puncture protection, it is able to keep rolling even if there are sharp objects on the road.
  • The tyre has twice as much rubber as comparable bike tyres, resulting in a more comfortable ride and a longer tyre life.
  • There are a wide range of sizes and diameters to choose from for this commuter tyre.

4. Continental Contact Plus Bike Tires

are resistant to punctures.
Helps you be seen with reflective sides
Wheels that have tread patterns that direct water away from the rims improve grip.

Despite its lightweight, it’s not ideal for short commutes on smooth roads.

Continental’s all-terrain performance tyre is ideal for daily commutes and long road trips.

When riding over sharp objects like shards of glass and other debris, such as rocks, you’ll appreciate the extra puncture resistance this tyre provides.

It also has a tough rubber breaker and reinforced sidewalls that prevent anything from penetrating your tube, making it even more resistant to punctures.

Because it uses less air pressure than other road-specific commuter tyres like the Continental Ride, this tyre has an additional advantage.

At speeds up to 30 mph, it is compatible with electric bikes and has reflective sidewalls to help you be seen by passing vehicles.

In addition, this tire’s tread pattern effectively diverts water away from the wheel’s centre, allowing you to maintain a greater grip on wet roads.

Inquiries that are frequently asked

What is the ideal tyre width?

If you’re riding a road bike or a mountain bike, the width of your tyre and wheel must be within millimetres or nearly half an inch of each other.

As a general rule, wider tyres provide greater cornering and descending performance, but they also increase your tire’s rolling resistance. Additionally, they are able to run at a lower pressure than narrower tyres, which is beneficial for driving on uneven terrain.

Is it possible for me to ride my tyres on water?

Yes. Depending on the tread design, different tyres will provide more or less traction when riding through water.

A number of tyres, particularly slick road tyres, include grooves that are designed to direct water away from the tire’s centre to minimise hydroplaning.

Which Size Tire Is Right For Me?

In order to fit a tyre to a wheel of a different diameter, there is absolutely no wiggle room in the diameter of the tyre.

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