best ultrasonic cleaner for bike parts

Updated on August 18, 2022

You may be wondering, “Is an ultrasonic cleaner worth it?”
Published on November 16, 2020 by Colin Levitch

When it comes to gearbox cleaning, can an ultrasonic cleaner hold its own against more traditional methods?

Now that I’m a first-time homeowner, I have my own garage and the room I need to turn my house into a respectable home workshop. I’ve expanded my workbench, allowing me to store more and more specialised tools and equipment. Aside from a larger air compressor, an ultrasonic cleaner has been at the top of my wish list for a long time.

It sounds like an electric shavers PA system, but these parts washers contain an aqueous solution or solvent to clean your road bike groupset utilising a procedure that sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. There is no need to shell out a fortune for these, but they’re still more expensive than an old water bottle filled with degreaser.

To maximise my time on the road, I’m constantly looking for methods to reduce the time I spend cleaning and maintaining my bikes so that I can spend more time riding. Whether or if an ultrasonic cleaner can replace that hole depends on how much bench space it takes up.

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What’s the best way to maintain your car’s engine compartment sparkling clean?
An ultrasonic cleaner has recently been added to Lachlan McKillop’s personal workspace at SRAM Australia.

In order to properly clean a bike, I always remove the cassette. Prior to using the ultrasonic cleaner, I’d have to degrease the bucket and scrub it by hand. After a few cycles, “you’re good to go,” McKillop adds. “I don’t have to scrape the cassette by hand.”

The ultrasonic cleaner is considerably preferable to a chain scrubber for cleaning a chain, in my opinion. It doesn’t matter whether you brush a chain; when you put it in a parts washer, a tonne of filth still comes out,” he says.

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An ultrasonic cleaner for bicycle parts

An ultrasonic heating stage is followed by a stagnant rinse stage, and a final ultrasonic oiling step is included in this process. Each stage of the process can run independently and concurrently.

Powersonic Benchtops

With ceramically improved transducers and overlapping ultrasonic waves, Powersonic Benchtops cleans like no other tabletop ultrasonic cleaner. It’s never been easier to get your hands on the Powersonic tank, voltage, and accessories you want!

All-in-one cleaner for all types of metal parts.

Because our parts washing machines are constructed with high levels of ultra-intense ultrasonic power, they eliminate the loss of ultrasonic activity as well as cavitation during processing.

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Digital Modular Series

Higher throughput and larger components, which cannot be handled manually, require the Digital Modular Series (DMS). In addition to filtration and frequency, plug-and-play options include conductivity, automated fill/drain, and a host of other features. Expandability, adaptability, and modularity are all features of our DMS.

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