5 Best Women’s Road Bike Under 500 (May, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

For both men and women, the road bike is the most common type of bicycle. There is no denying that you’re here to get the best women’s road bike under $500.

So, without further ado, here we go.

One of the most flexible types of motorcycles on the market, the road bike may be used for a variety of purposes.

To go to work or school or just to get some extra exercise, you can hop on a bike trailer.

It’s a terrific way to get out into nature whenever you’re in the mood to hike a couple routes.

For casual riding, it’s also really convenient and comfy.

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Best Women’s Road Bike Under 500

1. Sixthreezero Hybrid Bicycle

For good reason, Sixthreezero is one of the world’s most popular road-bike manufacturers. They’re known for producing high-quality motorcycles that are simple to get on and off.

Women’s 7-speed models are no exception, as shown by the step-through design and the distinctively formed frame that suits female anatomy.

Color options for the sixthreezero bicycle include Teal Blue, Cream White and Navy Blue.

Regardless of what you’re wearing, this bike will look great with it.

That’s what makes it so great for commuting on the road. You’ll be amazed at how sturdy it is, thanks to the metal frame’s construction.

To a great extent, though, this is the finest women’s road bike under $500 because of its adjustable handlebar height, which allows for a more comfortable ride while also relieving stress on the back and shoulders.


  • Stylish and tailored to women’s needs.
  • It’s light and well-built, making it a breeze to ride.
  • It offers an upright riding position to ease pressure from the body
  • A 7-speed derailleur is included so that you can keep up with the pace.
  • Handlebars can be raised or lowered for a more pleasant and controlled riding.


  • Insufficiently detailed directions.

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2. Giordano Aversa

Giordano’s Aversa aluminum frame is the cheapest we’ve seen in a while.

It’s ideal for those who are new to cycling and are seeking for a way to get around town.

The bicycle is equipped with a Shimano 27 gear drivetrain and has an aluminium lightweight frame. Rim brakes, alloy wheels, and a stem shifter complete the package.

This bike is regarded as the finest for novice bikers because of its many amazing features.


  • Dual pivot Alloy brakes are included.
  • The rims are made of 40mm metal and have 32 holes in the double wall.
  • Shimano’s 14-speed transmission is included.
  • An extremely strong steel fork.
  • crafted from 6061-t6 aluminum


  • There is room for improvement in the warranty.

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3. Vilano R2 Commuter

For those on a tight budget, there’s no better choice than the Vilano R2.

While the price is lower, you’ll quickly discover that this doesn’t necessary mean lesser quality.

The R2’s aluminium frame makes it extremely lightweight.

Shimano Tourney derailleurs are used in the rear and front of the bike, ensuring a smooth and reliable shifting experience.

Another feature worth noticing is the triple chainring, which is designed to make the most of the 7-speed rear cog set.

Exactly what are we trying to say with this? Basically, this is the ideal bike for both newbie bikers and anyone who need a bike for daily transportation.

The main drawback to this bicycle is that it comes unassembled from the manufacturer, which means you’ll have to put some time and effort into putting it together.


  • Free pedals are included.
  • Using this bike on every type of terrain is possible thanks to the 21-speed drivetrain.
  • Aluminum 6061 twin butted frame for lightness and strength


  • Assembling and fine-tuning is required.

4. Vilano

Women’s road bikes under $500 like the Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid are in high demand.

This road bike offers the same performance as bikes costing hundreds of dollars more.

All of your road biking demands and safety are met with this $449 hybrid bike’s ability to turn into a mountain bike when needed.

Because of the front and rear Shimano Tourney TX derailleurs, the crank arms and triple crankset, this bike can go fast without sacrificing agility or safety.

A stress-free journey is easy with these Shimano road bike parts.

When it comes to riding in all kinds of weather and terrain, the Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid women’s road bike offers a 24-gear transmission.

Shifting gears is a breeze with the Shimano EF 51 3/8 Speed drive train’s integrated brake lever.

When it comes to weather management and handling, the bike is outfitted with 700c tyres and disc brakes.

The exceptional braking bite of these all-terrain tyres and brakes keeps you safe.

When it comes to performance, the hydro-formed aluminium frame and ergonomic design and elevated handlebars provide optimal comfort.


  • An EF 51 3/8 Speed Shimano drivetrain.
  • A daily commuter and a road bike that can do it all.
  • Comfortable to ride.
  • Lightweight.


  • Beginners have a hard time shifting gears.
  • It’s possible that expert assistance is needed for assembly.
  • Streamlined seating

5. Eurobike XC550

You can trust the quality of this women’s road bike from Euro Bike XC550 700C Wheels.

The price of the bike ranges from $229 to $318 depending on the size of the frame.

Shimano 21-speed drive chain is standard on this entry-level bike.

The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ30, while the rear derailleur is a Shimano TZ50.

It is a Shimano A050 shifter that provides smooth, fast, and precise gear shifting.

This is the greatest entry-level road bike thanks to the Shimano road bike components.

The bikes are available in two sizes, 49 cm and 54 cm, and come with 85 percent of the components pre-installed, which reduces the customer’s effort and saves time.

At this astronomical cost, what can you expect to give up? Chain drive is 42T instead of 52T or 53T as is standard.

Because less power is generated by the smaller chain drive, the resulting reduced speed is also a result.

Steel is used in the bike’s frame instead of aluminium alloy, which is more common.

There are a few missing mounting nuts, so adding aftermarket accessories is out of the question.

Training on a bike is more effective when you can adjust the difficulty on both sides of gears.

The front and rear disc brakes on this women’s road bike further enhance the rider’s safety.

style=”font-weight: 400;”>Steel’s small weight and durability make the bike extremely nimble and long-lasting. For certain people, though, the adjustment and tuning of the bike may necessitate additional professional help.

As a matter of fact, the lack of water bottle holders on the bike is a severe setback. Riders over six feet in height may have difficulty controlling the bike.

When exposed to extreme weather conditions, the materials and workmanship employed are susceptible to corrosion.

Even though the bike is made of lightweight materials, it is nevertheless a little heavy.

Additionally, some buyers have reported that the bike makes a howling sound while riding and that it wobbles at times, but these issues may be remedied because the bike comes with a two-year limited guarantee.


  • Durable
  • In terms of value for money, it has a lot of features at a reasonable price.
  • It can handle a variety of terrains.


  • Compared to comparable priced road cycles, this bike is heavier.
  • Corrosion-proof is not.
  • Not for advanced riders.

Women’s Road Bikes Under $500: What You Need to Know

If we’ve learned anything from the past, it’s that most cyclists disregard bikes priced at $500 or less. If you know what you’re looking for, you may get a lot of bang for your buck with these bikes.

After that, we’ll talk about what to look for in the best women’s road bike under $500 and what to anticipate from it.


A number of women’s starter road bike manufacturers are willing to reduce the dimensions of bike components in order to ensure that the geometry and fork angle are tailored to the female shape.


The “sloping” top tube is one of the most popular features in women’s hybrid and mountain bikes, as well as some of the best value women’s road bikes.


Another critical component of the bike is the frame.

To get a $500 bike, you need at the very least a bike with an aluminium frame. This means that it is light and durable, but not stiff.

A carbon fibre frame bike is an excellent investment if you have the cash to spare. These typically cost upwards of $1,000.


The width of the rider’s shoulders is taken into consideration while designing bike handlebars.

Because women’s shoulders tend to be thin, many women’s bikes feature narrow handlebars. This is because their hands are smaller.


When reading our evaluations, you may have observed that most bikes in the $500 price bracket come equipped with V brakes or calliper brakes, which are ideal for road cycling.

In contrast, disc brakes are more suited for a mountain bike because they’re better equipped to tackle the more rugged terrain.

V brakes and calliper brakes are both very acceptable options if you’re shopping on a tight budget. At this pricing point, they’re well worth the investment.


If you’re a female cyclist, you care about the saddle on your bike.

As long as you can maintain an upright posture while riding, your body will remain comfortable, particularly on your sit bone.

Sitting on drops should not cause tissue compression, since you do not want to end up with a painful sit bone.


A compact chainset and a wide ratio cassette are standard on the best women’s bikes under $500.

This allows for a wide range of gear combinations and is ideal for uphill use.


For comfort bikes aimed at women, a shorter stem can be beneficial because it reduces the distance between the rider and the handlebars. This, in turn, can lead to sloppy handling.


A lower crank is a common feature of the best-value women’s bike due to the shorter average leg length of women.

This is done to maximise the efficiency of the cyclist’s pedal stroke. Keeping everything distinct is the goal here.


Carbon, aluminium, and steel are the most commonly utilised materials in the production of bicycle rims.

Ride comfort is a key consideration when travelling by bike, and this is why the rims are engineered to reduce ground vibration. The materials used to construct a bike have an impact on its capacity to perform this.

If your bike has aluminium rims, make sure the double wall inserts are installed for maximum stiffness. Additionally, for ultimate strength, carbon and steel reinforcements are a must.

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