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Updated on August 18, 2022

There are many different types of gravel bikes, but what exactly are they?

Before we go any further, what the earth is a “gravel bike?” That’s a good one. As a relative newcomer to the world of bicycles, the cyclocross bike is something of a mish-mash of a typical road bike, cyclocross bike, and mountain bike.

In its most basic form, a gravel bike is a drop-bar road bike with the ability to be ridden on both gravel and paved roads. To be used over rougher terrain, it’s designed to be lighter and faster than a mountain bike while yet being able to handle the same load as a standard road bike.

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s an excellent all-arounder. In addition to tarmac, gravel roads, and mild singletrack, you may also use it on the road.

Women’s Gravel Bicycles.

To make your next off-road excursion a little less difficult, you’ve arrived to the perfect location. Gravel bikes make long distance travel easier, whether you’re tackling gnarly dirt roads or wide, straight stretches of asphalt.

Gravel bikes are designed for long, pleasant rides, no matter what the terrain is like.

You can rest easy knowing your bike will last you for many miles with the likes of Cannondale and Saracen on the market. Getting on the road or the track won’t be a problem thanks to the variety of financing and savings alternatives available.

The best gravel bikes for women 

With its wider tyres and built-in compliance for shock absorption and vibration dampening, the best women’s gravel bikes can take you off the beaten path and onto nearly any terrain you like. As long as travel limitations remain in place, now is the perfect moment to take a spin around your own neighbourhood on two wheels.

There’s a good reason why gravel biking is on the rise: it can handle a wide range of terrain while still maintaining the efficiency and low rolling resistance of a road bike, making the best gravel bike essential for your next big adventure. Take a look at our list of gravel-riding necessities, grab some women’s gravel cycling gear, and put those gravel tyres through their paces on the trail.

Even among women’s gravel bikes, there is a wide range of models available. With so many options, it’s hard to know which women’s gravel bikes are the best for you. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks to make the process of finding the perfect bike easier for you.

What’s the point of a women’s-only gravel bike, you may wonder? If you’re a female cyclist, there isn’t a right or wrong way to go about choosing your bike. When it comes down to it, the answer to the age-old question of “can women ride men’s bikes?” is a simple yes or no. Women’s-specific frames may be a better fit for petite women who have longer legs than torsos, as they are more geared toward that type of geometry (which is rather common for women riders). It is important to note that we are not all the same shape, and there will be many ladies who need a larger, unisex frame.


These are the best women’s gravel bikes, and they’re ready for any adventure.

An Advanced Pro by Liv Devote

  • For miles and miles and miles, it’s a pleasure to ride.
  • There are four sizes available: small (XS), medium (S), and large (L).
  • SRAM Force eTAP AXSW groupset
  • a total of 8.36 kg (XS)
  • It’ll set you back $6,150, £4,999, or €5,749.
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  • Amazon is a good place to start.
    AXS wireless groupset +Lightweight carbon frame +Women’s unique design+Supremely comfortable with assured handling+Lightweight carbon frame
    Avoiding slick tyres is a good idea because they don’t perform well in the rain.
    Take it out for a spin and see what you can find. Gravel and adventure junkies will love the Liv Devote as a go-to bike for their quiver because it can do it all.

While the Devote’s geometry and component list were designed to fit and ride like the female body, it was also constructed by a team of female engineers, making it one of the rarest dirt bikes on the market.

The spec includes a quality carbon frame with a layup that smooths down rough surfaces without lack of traction or energy, but that also seems efficient on smoother surfaces and climbs.. That’s not all: The SRAM Force AXS wireless groupset provides quick and reliable shifting, carbon wheels with fast but bump-smoothing chunky Maxxis Velocita 40c tyres, and ample of clearance in the event of wet weather.

In usage, the Devote is fast and entertaining on the road, but it’s also comfortable for long rides and includes all the connection points you need for long excursions. The low gearing makes lengthy, steep climbs a piece of cake, too. With the Devote’s dropper compatibility and 45mm tyres, you’ll be able to go on more rough trails and grittier gravel.


Topstone Carbon 4 Women’s by Cannondale

  • The frame of this adventure bike is ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort.
  • XS, S, and MW
  • The heel is 700c in size.
  • Shimano GRX 800/810: A complete set of wheels
  • Weight: Unknown
  • $3,200 for the Topstone Carbon 5, or £3,200 for the £3,200
  • THE BEST OFFERS OF THE DAYBecause of the Kingpin suspension system, you’ll be able to ride in comfort for a long time to come.
    CAUSES FOR DOUBLE THINK -Women’s version has size restrictions
    Cannondale’s Topstone is a gravel and adventure-ready bike that’s more affordable, and it’s widely regarded as a quick, yet comfortable, off-road bike.

Cannondale’s Kingpin suspension system allows the seat stay and seat tube to flex, absorbing bumps and bangs from the ground before they reach the rider’s derriere, making the bike very comfortable on rough ground.

A Shimano GRX groupset, powerful Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes, and connection points on the top tube, forks, downtube (inside and below the frame), and seat tube round out the adventure-ready features of the carbon frame and forks.

If you’re a taller rider or don’t like the colour of the Topstone, don’t worry, because the women’s particular feature of this bike is confined to the paint job. In terms of price, specs, frame geometry, and even the seat, the Topstone Women’s 4 is identical to the Topstone 4, with the difference that the Topstone 4 is available in sizes XL and up.


Addict Gravel 15 by Scott Contessa.

The new Addict SPECIFICATIONS are gravel-focused.

  • sizes XS49, S52, M54, and L56.
  • Wheels with a 700c diameter.
  • Shimano’s GRX groupset is available.
  • Approximate weight: 8.69kg
  • The cost is $2,999 (£2,399, €2,599).
  • WHY BUY IT? +Aero frame characteristics +Good off-road traction with tyres +Women-specific Syncros Celista 2.0 saddle
  • REASONS TO SKIP – There are no luggage racks on the forks.

With a redesigned geometry engineered for comfort and performance off-road, the new Contessa Addict is a bike that’s built to take on the world’s toughest challenges. It’s nimble, light, and efficient.

In this context, Contessa refers to a unisex Addict frame with women’s specific contact points like the Celista saddle, which is part of Scott’s women’s brand.

Cables are kept out of the way thanks to the bar and stem routing, making it much easier to connect bar bags. Attachment points can be found inside and underneath the frame on the top tube, seat tube, and down tube, but not on the fork blades, although fenders can be attached there.

The Contessa Addict is equipped with Syncros SL wheels wrapped in Schwalbe G-ONE Bite Performance tyres, a Shimano GRX groupset, and alloy handlebars. It’s all wrapped up in a carbon fibre frame and suspension. Contessa Addict can be used as a 1x bike, despite the fact that this model has a 2x groupset.


Exactly how much should a gravel bike cost?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an off-road bike if you’re looking for a low-cost gravel bike. Spending more money on a bicycle will yield a notable increase in performance, as with any other sort of bike. However, with disc brakes, bolt thru-axles, and reasonable tyre clearance, the gap between budget and mid-range gravel bikes has narrowed significantly.

Cheap dirt bikes, however, will still necessitate some compromise in order to fulfil specific budgets. Prioritizing the quality of a bike’s frame, drivetrain, and brakes is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in a cheap dirt bicycle.

Women’s gravel bikes: all you need to know

While you may know what you want in a mountain bike, finding the finest women’s gravel bike necessitates taking other factors into account. When purchasing a motorcycle, you should look for particular qualities to ensure that it is capable of doing the journeys you intend to take.

A women’s dirt bike should include a women’s saddle, narrower handlebars, and a choice of sizes to accommodate shorter riders as far as being gender specific is concerned.


If you’re looking for a new gravel bike, here are some more considerations to keep in mind.

Clearance between the rim and the tyre

Wide tyres on gravel bikes are essential for handling mud and other loose conditions, as well as for improving ride quality and comfort when riding off-road. Gravel bikes typically come with 40mm-wide 700c wheels and tyres, although some can accommodate up to 45mm of rubber.

There will be a greater range of sizes available for women’s dirt bikes, but 650b wheels are more likely to be found on the smaller end of the spectrum. Gravel bikes with 2.1in tyres are especially useful for muddy journeys since they can fit tyres with a lower diameter.

Low-speed shifting

A gravel bike’s low gearing comes in handy whether you’re racing across countries or simply cruising along canal towpaths. It must be able to handle higher rolling resistance, as well as steep off-road ascents, due to its intended use on dirt tracks and unpaved paths. The lower gearing of a gravel bike might make it lot easier to move around, especially if you plan to pack it full of bikepacking gear. As a result, most gravel bikes include the gravel-specific Shimano GRX groupset, but higher-end models may include electronic shifting.


Forks to attach to.

Assuming you’re planning to do some bikepacking or long-distance ultra-racing, you’ll need a gravel bike. It’s only logical that you’d want to cram as much gear as possible onto a gravel bike, so you’ll find plenty of mounting points on most of them. There are a variety of bottle cage mounting options available, as well as fork mounts that provide additional storage space.

The takeaway here is to make sure your gravel bike has enough mounting points to accommodate your gear if you’re planning a trip into the woods.


Geometry of gravel

Gravel bikes aren’t just road cycles with fat tyres; they have a drop bar and specific shape designed for off-road use. On the downhills, gravel bikes will feature a lower bottom bracket and longer chainstays, allowing for more control and a lower centre of gravity, compared to road bikes.

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