4 Best Bike Computer To Buy (September, 2022)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Many of the greatest bike computers are capable of providing you with a wealth of information that you can use to better your cycling.

Nowadays, it’s almost unheard of to find a biker without a cycle computer attached to their handlebars. If you’re looking to buy a cycle computer, what features should you look for?

Bike computers can be as cheap as a takeout pizza, but they can also be twice as expensive as a good bike. Spending more money gives you access to additional features, as you might anticipate.

Synonymous with the Garmin Edge cycle computer family, the top cycling computers will provide you all the info you require on a ride, GPS navigation and many offer a high level of riding data.

The finest smartwatches for cycling can provide you with a wealth of data, but having your own cycle computer will make it much easier to monitor your progress while you’re out and about.

In addition to using a computer to document your rides, you may also use a smartphone app like Strava to keep track of your progress.

A simple cycle computer may be sufficient if all you care about is how far you went and how quickly you went. It will be smaller, lighter and usually have a longer battery life than a costly option.

Wireless cadence cycling computers may even suit all your requirements, and they’re not too expensive.

In order to use a cycle computer with mapping and navigation capabilities, you’ll typically need a larger, more expensive model with a more advanced display.

Those interested in data like heart rate, cadence and power will need connectivity to peripheral sensor equipment.

Cables and wires are a thing of the past. Even low-cost bicycle GPS equipment will come bundled with wireless capability.

The majority of Bluetooth Smart and ANT+-enabled cycling computers link to external devices via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+, respectively.

Check out our best January bike sales hub page if you’re looking to buy one of the greatest cycling computers now on the market. We always recommend tried-and-true products, but this time we’re including some sweet deals to sweeten the deal.

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Best Bike Computer To Buy

1. The GARMIN 1030 Plus

  • Model who can do anything and everything well
  • Inches, millimetres, and microns:
  • Yes, it is possible to use a touchscreen device.
  • Yes, there is a colour display.
  • 3.5-inch screen size (88.9mm)
  • Weight: 124 grammes
  • 24 hours of battery life

In terms of features and compatibility, All the features you’d expect from an all-in-one performance monitoring and training management system, plus a whole lot more!
+Easy to use +Decent touchscreen +Long battery life+Large selection of features and functions.

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This isn’t a bargain.
More space is required in the bar and it is heavier than the other options.

The range-topping Edge 1030 Plus extend Garmin’s top model’s performance off-road. Although it is Garmin’s largest gadget, its black bezel and grey case keep it in line with the rest of the Garmin line in terms of aesthetics.

It’s hard to beat Garmin when it comes to GPS navigation. As a basic feature, this bike computer comes with precise maps of the area where you live.

One of the greatest cycling GPS systems out there, this wireless bike computer offers a much enhanced touchscreen that allows you to pinch and zoom the map exactly like on a mobile phone, making it arguably the best on the market.

Setting up the 1030 Plus is unusually simple, thanks to Intelligent Activity Profiles, which import your prior Edge 830 or 1030’s activity data.

This eliminates the need to programme data fields or ride the bike to ensure that everything is working properly.

In comparison to the half-hour it takes to set up a new iPhone, this process takes less than three minutes to complete. Garmin Connect will be used if you don’t have another Garmin device. This was the best Garmin update in a long time, in our opinion.

The Gamin Edge 1030 Plus is packed with features and capabilities, from messaging and safety features, to road and off-road navigation, to syncing training plans and receiving nutrition and hydration alerts.

It’s like having a mini coach on your handlebars every time you ride, but you’ll have to pay for it.

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2. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer


The dimensions are 3.05″ x 1.86″ x.84″
Yes, there is colour.
Screen Dimensions: 2.2 in
2.4 ounces or 68.38 grammes (Claimed)
15 hours of battery life (claimed)
features/compatibility Ample power and GPS navigation, as well as phone/text/email communication and maps for 15 different counties.


Features include lower price, aerodynamic design, good battery life, easy-to-read data on the screen, 15 country maps, Strava Live support, and a slew of other useful functions and compatibility.

The LEDs cannot be seen in the sun –
Requires a smartphone to use

View the whole selection of products and services at the most competitive rates (10 found)

Wahoo’s cycle computers are a favourite of ours because of their simple setup and dependable software.

With its contoured case and out in front mount, Wahoo claims that the Element Bolt’s 50 per cent less resistance than other cycle computers is an added plus for those who are interested in making the most of the smallest of gains.

If you don’t have a smartphone, it’s important to remember that the data screens on this wireless bike computer are all set up using it.

The Element Bolt is an incredibly simple cycle computer to set up and use if you already have the Wahoo app, which we tested and found to be excellent.

During testing, the black and white screen of the cycling sat nav left a little to be desired, but this has subsequently been upgraded to colour.

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam is an excellent navigation computer if you’re more interested in the mapping features.

When it comes to cycling GPS devices, we think the Wahoo Element Bolt is a strong competitor to the Garmin Edge 520.

It has larger mapping regions and more smart cycle functions, although the colour screen and visuals aren’t quite as detailed.



the item’s actual dimensions are as follows: 58x114x19 micrometres
Yes, it is possible to use a touchscreen device.
Yes, there is colour.
An 88.9-millimetre diagonal is displayed on the screen.
123 g
20 hours of battery life (Claimed, not using all features)
features/compatibility All the features you’d expect from an all-in-one performance monitoring and training management system, plus a whole lot more!

REASONS TO BUY: Large display +Numerous features and functions +Compatibility with a variety of devices
AVOIDANCES: -Overall unit size -No-pinch screen zoom feature -No touch screen zoom

The Edge 1030, a wireless cycling computer from Garmin, has it all: full cycling sat nav mapping, data analysis, and the ability to interface with electronic groupsets and even other Edge 1030 devices.

As a result, even though this GPS for cycling computer is faster than the previous model’s Edge 820, it lacks touchscreen pinch and zoom capabilities, which means you’ll have to use buttons on the screen instead, which may take some getting used to after using a smartphone.

A great cycling computer, the Edge 1030 is nearly identical to the Garmin Edge1030 Plus in terms of features, functionalities, and compatibility. It acts as a smart cycle coach and outputs substantial data from its analysis before, during, and after your ride.

To summarise, unless you’re a serious racer that requires all of these capabilities and/or a massive display to see them, you’re better off with a less expensive cycling computer like a Wahoo or a Garmin Edge farther down the rankings.

Some merchants still have Edge 1030s in stock, which means you can get a good discount on the unit’s original list price.


It’s the best cycling computer in its class at a reasonable price.


the item’s actual dimensions are: 1.9 “A total size of x 8.2″ x 3.2” (50 x 82 x 20 mm)
Using a touchscreen:
Yes, there is a colour display.
Display size: 2.6″Weight : 75.8 g
Up to 20 hours of battery life (claimed)
features/compatibility Power, sync training programmes, lights, Live tracking, a bike alarm, and a whole lot more
To get the most out of your purchase, these are some of the reasons why:
Connect IQ’s customizability is made possible.


Button size/tactility -Lack of advanced navigational functions

There are those Garmin fans out there who want to be part of the data squad but can’t justify the expensive cost of the high-end models. Fortunately, the Edge 530 now offers the same features as the Garmin Edge 830 without adding the touchscreen, which is OK by us.

If you’re looking for a cycle computer, the Edge 830 and Edge 1030 have more features, but the buttons and system setup aren’t quite as nice as those found on the Wahoo Element Bolt.

It’s hard to find a better combination of size and functionality in the market today.


Paying a little more for your GPS can give you access to additional features.

With a high level of compatibility, mid-priced units can typically be coupled with a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor but will be able to show and track data from existing hardware you have, including power statistics.

The screen on a mid-range device is typically larger, allowing for the display of more data, often in colour.

The amount of data that can be stored will almost certainly expand as well. Maps and navigation are often included in mid-range systems, which can be handled by buttons or touchscreens.

Others may just offer breadcrumb trails, although others come with pre-installed base maps or allow you to download them.

For some reason, altitude data from GPS satellite triangulation is less accurate than positional data.

As a result, higher-end devices frequently include a barometric altimeter to better record data on ascent rate and height gained.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ll be able to see calls and texts on your computer’s screen, along with other info from your phone, including the weather.

There are some computers that can send information back to your phone so that it can upload your rides without a USB cable, allowing you to share your rides with friends and family members.

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