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Updated on April 5, 2022

Bikes Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the world’s economy in ways beyond our imagination.

Almost every organization has been hit hard by the Covid-19 and its restrictions.

From national lockdowns to halted trades, the entire world has suffered a lot during the pandemic.

People in different countries of

the world were forced to stay in their houses to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

From educational institutes to big tech companies, everything was shifted to digital technology.

Not only this but traveling from one place to another was also curtailed including international and domestic

flights and even public transport.

However, if we talk about the bikes industry, this is unbelievably the least affected sector from Covid-19.

Before 2020, the bike industry saw fluctuating stats but as the global pandemic gripped the world, the demand for bikes spiked drastically.

Before we go deeper into the topic, here are a few stats related to the bike industry.

bikespassion stats

Bike Industry Statistics

Since this industry has not been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as hard as we expected, you must be curious to know the reasons and the stats of the bike industry during the pandemic which are as follows,

  • Around 85 percent of Americans prefer cycling over public transport as a safer option for commuting during the pandemic.
  • UK’s bike sales spiked by 63 percent that too only from April to June 2020.
  • In the USA, 121 percent increase in the demand for leisure bikes in comparison to the previous year (as of March 2020), whereas, 66 percent increase in fitness and commuter bikes and a 59 percent acceleration in the children’s bikes demand.
  • The bike repair services in the USA also saw a 20 percent year-on-year boost in customers.
  • By 2027, the global bike market is forecasted to increase by an incredibly 6.1 percent CAGR.
  • The market size value of bicycles in 2020 was $55.72 billion and by 2025, the revenue is expected to exceed $75 billion.
  • Bike cycling increased by 150 percent in Philadelphia during the pandemic.
  • The bicycle market is dominated by Asia-Pacific countries with the highest percentage share in the market of 33.8 percent (as of 2019).
  • The cycling traffic increased by 50 percent in New York City within a year.

Over the years, countries around the globe saw steady growth in their bike industry but, during the Covid-19 lockdowns, from fitness junkies to lazy bums, everyone had immense leisure time for themselves and required activity, and rightly so, none other could be a better recreational activity than cycling.

The global pandemic has surely changed the way we used to live our lives and the majority of things are expected to stay like this forever.

The voids left by Covid-19 cannot be filled that easily but people are trying to find new ways to overcome

the stressful situation. Cycling networks in urban areas were observed in various countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Ireland, therefore, cycling routes were issued for different cities by the countries for the interested cyclists.

Numerous governments are also planning to build bike lanes as demanded by their citizens.

The bike industry has never seen such massive spikes in its history before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though several countries produce bikes the top five bicycle manufacturers are China, Taiwan, the European Union, Japan, and India.

These five countries collectively make up about 87 percent of the total bicycle production worldwide.

The bike industry is booming! People are flocking to choose a healthy and affordable way of transportation.

In the last decade, over half (!) new vehicles purchased in America were bikes for two wheeled freedom as opposed to cars or trucks – this number has grown by about 150% per year on average according with data from 2006-2011; more than 60 million people around world use bicycles daily because they’re easy enough that anyone can handle them plus environmentally friendly too which makes sense considering most gas-powered vehicle require fuel almost every single day just so someone else may drive it instead when we could all ride our own device?


With the quadrupled demand for bikes during the entire pandemic, even the big names are out of stock and unable to produce the required number of cycles.

The extensively high demand for bikes is well explained as “Bikes are the new toilet paper” and rightfully so, people around the world have been seen investing in different bikes continuously.

From the manufacturers to the retailers, both have failed in keeping up with the superfast pace.

But, why are the manufacturers unable to produce new bikes? Well,

the answer is pretty simple, the Covid-19.

Not to forget that the virus has not yet left the world, in fact, is continuing to grow, hence several companies are partially shut down and unable to process the work with the same momentum.

This is the reason why bike manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand and the retailers also couldn’t take pre-orders for upcoming stock.

Initially, consumers used to purchase bikes without detailed inspection and research, which helped the retailers to send low-end bikes easily as well.

However, with time, the consumers gained a sense of

quality and demanded high-end or at least moderate quality bikes.

With a bike and gear shortage, more people are taking to the streets.

In recent years there has been an increase in demand for non-motorized transportation such as bikes that can help you get around town or even explore new areas easily without having any trouble getting from point A – B because most city dwellers don’t have access too motorcycles which was typically how folksotomatically commute until now! It seems all thesemissing pieces may finally be coming back into fashion thanks largely due its growing popularity among young professionals who want something faster than walking.

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Benefits of bike riding

Since the pandemic has changed our lifestyle behaviors and most people have accepted the “new norms”,

cycling has also become a new joy for everyone around the globe.

Let’s see how riding a bike can benefit you in different ways:

If you’re looking to get out of the house and into some fresh air, consider biking.

Biking can be an effective form for getting exercise because it’s often safer than running or jogging on roads with heavy traffic; additionally bike trails are available in many communities where there is no road access!

Swapping your typical workout routine could help make time fly by more quickly so give cycling a try today-and enjoy all its benefits:

Healthier lifestyle

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the healthiest yet fun activity which you will enjoy to the fullest.

This activity has helped people to stay in their homes and get closer to their loved ones.

The more people find this activity exciting and refreshing, the more they will pay attention to their health and work on fitness activities.

A healthier life lasts a lot longer when you have the right tools for it.

For me, my favorite tool in this line of work is Body Mandarin by Life Practice – and I’m not alone! It turns out that what we put into our bodies makes all the difference between being alive or dead… literally

I’ve always known there were some things worth trying hard at reducing: sugar intake has been linked with diabetes; eating cooked food frees up space on your plate so more nutritious ingredients can fill them- two servings are better than one but three cups won’t hurt anyone either way.

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A new way to stay connected while maintaining a distance

Through bike riding, you will not only find joy but also stay connected with your favorite people.

You can plan a cycling day with a group of your friends or family, discover new things, enjoy your time, and satisfy your socializing needs as well.

What if you could have a professional relationship with your clients?
The idea of staying in constant contact and being there for them when they need help, is something we all760 want but never seem able to find.

In this day digital footprint has become more important than ever before;764 especially as social media becomes our go-to solution when it comes time Looking good online should not stop at just looking good physically either!

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Lesser pollution and traffic jams

As cycling doesn’t require any sort of juice to operate, it is a great way to commute without contributing to global warming.

Also, a great number of people prefer traveling via bike due to the reduced chance of

traffic jams since the bike can get through the narrowest space.

Lesser pollution and traffic jams are just a few of the many benefits to residing in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In this region, there is also little use for oil that would be needed if it were shipped from overseas or made locally due to its proximity with other countries who produce more than enough petroleum themselves without importing anything else into their own borders (something like 80%).

Additionally , because people here don’t need as much fuel consumption per capita compared with those living elsewhere around world; less cars means lower greenhouse gas emissions

As a result of Covid-19, the industry has been badly hit and many people are out on bikes.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it – this virus is causing an outbreak among cyclists all over Europe! It’s spread by mosquitoes which bite infected individuals then transmit their infection during riding or other

activities such as hiking etc., so there was panic when that first happened back in May 2017 but luckily enough preventative measures were taken before things got worse than they already had become; because what would happen if we lost our access to outdoor spaces where exercise can take place?! That sounds awful no matter how much I want one here at home with

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