Can You Leave Electric Bikes Outside?

Updated on August 18, 2022

E-bike is susceptible to damage as its electric components are sensitive to heat, water, moisture, and cold. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving your bike outside. Proper indoor storing of your bike can make it last longer than storing outside. However, not everybody can have the luxury of storing bikes inside. 

When you do not have the option of storing your bike inside, you naturally think of leaving it outside. Leaving your e-bike outside means exposing it to the sunlight, rain, and cold. Outdoor storing for a long duration can rust the bike, shorten the lifespan of the battery, and damage the other parts of the bike.

Can You Leave Electric Bikes Outside?

Yes, you can definitely leave your e-bikes outside. But, you need to be extra careful in order to avoid the dangers of leaving it outside. With the aim of helping you store your e-bike outside, we have brought out some suggestions in this guide. Before starting to store your e-bike, we suggest that you get a bike rack for heavy e-bike, shed, cover, and multiple locks of premium quality.   

Dangers of leaving e-bikes outside

  • UV Radiation: People normally ride their E-Bike on a sunny day without having any problem. The problem arises when the E-Bike is left on the outside for a long period. The sunlight can break down the structural integrity, causes the colors to fade away, and overheats the electrical parts. Whether the sunlight is too strong or mild, you will notice corrosion of your bike because of leaving it on the outside. 
  • Water Damage: E-Bikes are designed to be able to run in the rain. Yet, they can get damaged by sitting in the rain for a long time. The water can make the battery malfunction. You can save the battery by removing it from the E-Bike. However, by doing so, the water can get inside the battery compartment. Furthermore, more water will get into the frame of your E-Bike and damage the motor.
  • Freezing temperature damage: Riding an E-Bike in the freezing temperature keeps the bike warmer than leaving it unused in the cold. Leaving it in the below-freezing temperature can shorten the lifespan of the E-Bike and even cause permanent or irreparable damage.
  • Possibility of getting stolen: E-Bikes are way more expensive than traditional bikes. The expensive cost makes it more susceptible to getting stolen. The fact of leaving your E-Bike outside incites the thieves to steal it. 

Tips For Storing E-Bikes Outside

While storing e-bikes outside is not an ideal choice, you might have to store your favorite e-bike outside due to some unavoidable reasons. With this in mind, we have brought forward some tips to store your e-bike outside while minimizing the damages as much as possible.

Clean your e-bike before storing

Before you store your e-bike, clean it well to preserve its appearance. By cleaning it, you will prevent dust, grime, and muck from becoming permanently attached. A bucket of water, cloth, and detergent are sufficient for you to start cleaning. You do not need any power cleaning tools such as pressure washers as they might hamper the sensitive parts of your e-bike. 

Apply Lubricant

After cleaning the bike, apply a good lubricant to the gears, chains, and other pieces of machinery. Lubrication prevents the moving parts from freezing and protects your e-bike from rusting.

Find A Roof Or Buy A Bike Cover

Although a roof can not offer the same protection as storing inside of a building can, it can minimize the dangers of sunlight and rain. It will lessen the exposure to sunlight and rainwater. Storing an e-bike under a roof can help evade the majority of the damage of storing an e-bike outside. 

If you do not find a roof, then buy a waterproof bike cover. The waterproof bike cover will prevent rainwater from seeping in and damaging the components of your e-bike. A bike cover is not able to stop your bike from getting heated, but it can reduce the direct exposure to UV radiation. Moreover, it can protect your bike from getting dirty.

Bring Your Battery In

E-bikes normally use Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries can only be stored in the temperature ranges from 40°F to 70°F. Storing the battery at a temperature below or above this range can potentially damage it, especially when you store it for a considerable period of time. Therefore, with the intention of storing your e-bike outside for a long time, bring the battery inside of your house. 

Get Outdoor Storage Shed For Winter

We always discourage storing e-bikes outside during winter. The electric components of an e-bike can get damaged due to staying at freezing temperature for a long period of time. It is high to form moisture and dew under the cover as a consequence of mist, snow, and sleet. However, if there is a need to store your bike outside, we recommend storing it in a weatherproof shed. The weatherproof shed prevents the outside cold air from getting inside the shed and protects the bike from moisture build-up.

Invest In A Good Lock

A good lock is mandatory to protect your bike from getting stolen. There are some e-bikes that have the mechanism of internal locking. These bikes can not be run without inserted batteries and keys. However, to protect most e-bikes, you will need to invest in a good quality lock. We advise you to invest in getting multiple locks to ensure maximum security.


While storing an e-bike indoors is an ideal option, leaving it outdoors poses some risks. But, it does not mean that you can not leave it outside without damaging it. When you do not have any option but to leave your e-bike outside, abide by the tips above and protect it from the dangers associated with storing it outside.

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