Quick Answer: Is Tommy ‘Street Bike Tommy’ Passemante Dead?

Updated on September 18, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, Street Bike Tommy did not pass away. He did get into a serious accident in 2015 while performing a stunt on his Suzuki GSX-R bike. Everything was going fine until he attempted to land the bike. He was attempting to land on a foam pit but couldn’t aim for it correctly. Instead, he overshot it and ended up breaking both of his legs. This was the end of his stunt career.

This was the worst accident of his life, but it ended up being one of the best things he’s ever done for his career. It brought him a lot of PR and even got him the nickname ‘Street Bike Tommy’.

Street Bike Tommy is very much alive. However, his accident is often confused with the passing of a fellow colleague and stunt driver, Erik Roner. He also had an accident in 2015 while skydiving. Similar to Tommy, he couldn’t land properly and ended up hitting a tree, which would eventually cause his death.

Due to both accidents happening in the same year and news sites click baiting viewers with ‘Nitro Circus Live Star Passes Away’ kind of titles, it was rumored that Street Bike Tommy passed away when it was actually his co-worker who died.

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What is Street Bike Tommy’s Real Name?

Street Bike Tommy was a nickname given to Tommy Passemante. He was an American television/online personality who was part of an MTV show called Nitro Circus. He was known for his extraordinary physique, which always dropped jaws wherever he went. He was often given the most dangerous stunts from the crew that weren’t complex but still incredibly lethal.

His net worth is currently around $250,000. He’s still a fan of bikes and has an incredible collection in his garage.

What happened to Tommy Passemante?

Tommy Passemante is still alive and is enjoying life as a retired stuntman. Despite his serious accident, his love for the industry is still there. His outdoor adventures continue on his Instagram, and you can see him riding ATVs and bikes. He’s still staying in tip-top condition. He works out, drinks a lot of beer, and loves Black Rifle Coffee.

How Did Nitro Circus Start?

Nitro Cricus started in 2006 as a miniseries on Fuel TV. It was started by Travis Pastrana and was initially a reality TV show, where a bunch of talented people performed extremely dangerous stunts. The show had a good thing going for it for a long time which eventually led into a long and illustrious franchise. The Nitro Circus name still exists. It’s moved on from a show to an actual competition. Nitro World Games is an annual event for stunt performers that’s being hosted this year in Brisbane, Australia. Apart from that, the company still holds tons of tours and events all across the globe.

Street Bike Tommy may not longer be a part of the stunt team, but his services to the show were necessary to get the brand where it is today.

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