Electric Bikes Under $500

Updated on August 18, 2022

There are many of good electric bikes available for less than $500, so you don’t have to break the bank to get one. Most people who travel to work by bicycle don’t want to arrive at their destination already in need of a shower. If you have a garage full of motorised bicycles, you’ll be able to travel farther and quicker on less energy than you could on a regular bike.

I’ve put together a shopping guide to assist you understand the features to look out for when selecting the ideal electric bicycle for you. In addition, I’ve compiled a list of the top electric bikes on the market and ranked them according to a range of criteria.

Electric Bikes Under $500

1. VIVI Electric Mountain Bike 26″


  • Brand: Vivi
  • Model: M026SH
  • Motor wattage: 350 watts


  • 20-mph top speed
  • Range up to 50 miles
  • 21-speed Shimano gearset
  • Disc brakes


  • More than $500

The Vivi Electric 26-Inch Mountain Bike can handle just about any circumstance. In order to get the most for your money, you’ll need to spend somewhat more than our $500 maximum on this particular bike. Rear hub 350-watt high-speed brushless motor, 37 pound-feet of torque, and 20 mph top speed are all provided by this model’s 350-watt motor.

With three pedal-assist settings and a throttle, this model’s power can be given without pedalling if you want. A Shimano 21-speed groupset is also included to make it easier for you to pick the best gear for the road ahead. The mechanical disc brakes on the front and back of the vehicle perform adequately.

In throttle mode, the lithium-ion battery provides a range of 22-25 miles; in pedal-assist mode, the battery provides a range of 44-50 miles. The battery is detachable and waterproof, and it may be charged up to 500 times.

It takes 4-6 hours to recharge the battery after it has been completely depleted. In addition to being a great commuting bike, this bike has the power and range to do a lot more than that. Front suspension and mountain bike tyres should be enough to handle most off-road conditions, as long as they aren’t too challenging.

2. ENGWE Electric Bike


  • Brand: Engwe
  • Model: Mbt26
  • Motor wattage: 250 watts


  • Battery will last for up to 900 recharge cycles
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 21-speed Shimano gearset
  • High-strength carbon steel frame


  • 17 mph top speed
  • 18.5-mile range

Engineered to last, the Engwe Electric Mountain Bike costs less than $500. For three to five years, you may expect to get 900 charge cycles from the lithium battery. The main drawback to this model’s battery is that it has a maximum range of just 18.5 miles, which is a little short (electric-only mode).

The bike’s carbon steel frame, which is strong enough for off-road use, is another feature that will last for a long time. On bumpy roads, the 26-inch wheels and mechanical spring front shock absorber work together to keep everything smooth. In electric mode, a 250-watt brushless rear motor with 26 pound-feet of torque propels you to a top speed of 20 mph.

Shimano’s 21-speed groupset will let you to get the most out of the electric motor when you’re in pedal-assist mode. Additionally, you can get an additional 25 miles of range out of this model by using the pedal-assist feature. In roughly five hours, the charger brings the battery from zero to full. Dual mechanical disc brakes bring everything to a halt, and they appear to be doing a good job. You’ll need to assemble the bike about 85 percent of the way before you can ride it.

3. ANCHEER Folding 16” City Electric Bike


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Fast charging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • lithium ion battery


  • Unsuitable for trekking and hills

ANCHEER has been around for more than half a century and is a household name in the bicycle business. In the motorcycle industry, it’s known for producing some of the most durable and sporty bikes ever made. The ANCHEER FOLDING Electric Bike is a good example.

The ANCHEER Folding 16″ City Electric Bike is ideal for those who are willing to ride in the rain. This e-waterproof bike’s IPX5 technology was included by the builders, making it simple to maintain even in the most adverse weather circumstances.

The frame of this e-bike is composed of aluminium alloy and features a dolphin design. Since it’s so small and light, you can easily carry it in one hand. There’s also small, so it shouldn’t be an issue fitting it in a trunk.

You may pair your smartphone or tablet with the bike’s Bluetooth system. On the handlebar display, you can monitor its speed, battery life, mileage, riding time, and even self-test. In case that wasn’t remarkable enough, you can even use your smartphone to lock the bicycle up.

This bike’s 350-watt motor is powered by a 36V 6Ah Lithium battery. It takes less than three hours for the battery to complete its full charging cycle. This vehicle can reach a top speed of between 20 and 25 kph. Finally, the charger, battery, and electric motor all come with a one-year warranty.

That depends on who you ask.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their ability to ride.

All sexes are welcome to give it a whirl. Similarly, it makes little difference what amount of skill you have. Those just getting started in the game will benefit the most from this guide.

4. SWAGTRON SwagCycle E Bike


  • Compact and foldable design
  • Features a USB port for charging your devices
  • No pedaling technology that makes riding it effortless
  • lithium ion battery


  • Slightly heavy

SWAGTRON It’s no surprise that the SwagCycle E Bike has won our prize for the best-looking E bikes. Its design is out of this world — more of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The e-bike is built with high-quality components and equipped with safety gear to provide a safe and enjoyable ride.

The Swagtron SwagCycle EB’s small shape is immediately apparent. In addition to being lightweight and easy to store away, the aluminium alloy frame is also quite versatile.

The battery and charger are included, and a full charge can take up to 2.5 hours. You should be able to make it for about 10 miles on this. As a result, putting the bike in and taking it out of a car trunk is a breeze. Heavy-duty materials used in the bike’s construction result in a little extra weight, which is to be expected.

The handlebars are integrated with an LCD that displays the battery life. Additionally, a USB connector is available to charge any smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices. It has a horn, a powerful accelerator and a lamp for safe riding in the dark.

Additionally, the bike’s powerful motor and batteries make it a great attraction. 36-volt battery pack, with 250W motor.

The ‘No-pedaling’ technology on an electric bike makes it completely self-driving. You won’t have to exert any effort to pedal it, making your ride as easy as possible. Isn’t it great? To top it all off, the bike is covered by a one-year warranty covering any and all manufacturing flaws.


5. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Smart app for connecting with a smartphone
  • Eco-friendly and waterproof


  • Unsuitable for rough tracks

Where do I even begin; its 100% electrical, zero charge emission or foldable frame?

Does it have a battery that can be removed and replaced? Shaofu Folding Electric Bike amazes no matter where you begin. There aren’t many better e-bikes out there than this one.

This bike is one of a kind and on-trend thanks to its dolphin-inspired design. It has a wheel made of aluminium and a frame made of aluminium. Weighing up at a scant 12 kg, the framework is ultra-compact. In addition, the system may be folded up and transported with ease.

The adjustable and incredibly comfortable seat is a great addition to any vehicle. A comfortable ride should be possible over extended distances. A horn, a front lamp, and a braking taillight are all included to keep riders safe at night. Effective and dependable are the rear disc brakes.

Lithium-ion battery with smart charging is standard on this bike. You can charge it in three hours and get between 25 and 50 kilometres of use out of it, depending on your speed. A 350-watt motor is also included.

A Bluetooth app was included by the manufacturer (above Android 4.3 and iOS 8). Speed, mileage, recording time and motor lock can all be controlled in this way. The motor, battery, and charger are all covered by a one-year warranty.

If the bike’s appearance doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll enjoy it immensely for its capabilities. This bike is an incredible value at the asking price.

6. Goplus 20” Folding Bike


  • Powerful and highly responsive brakes
  • Slip and weather-resistant tires
  • BS reflector for safety at night


  • Requires manual pedaling in mountains

The Goplus 20″ Folding Bike is the final item on my list. In terms of its capabilities, this bike is best suited for short mountain rides and travel. You and your friends will enjoy the best mountain bike rides of your lives with this bike if you invite them.

This is feasible thanks to a few features. The front fork is composed of heavy-duty carbon steel and the frame is built of aluminium alloy. These components help to ensure that the bike has the necessary power to face every obstacle that comes its way.

During the design process, the producers put more emphasis on safety. If you ride it carefully, there’s little risk of a crash. When cycling at night, the BS reflectors on the wheels and pedal make it easy to be seen.

Moreover, its tyres are made of high-end rubber, which makes them tough and long-lasting on wet and muddy surfaces. Slips and falls are less likely to happen.

The Shimano 7-speed transmission handle on the Goplus Electric Bike allows you to shift gears while you ride. The flip-and-fold mechanism on the bike’s grips and seats allows riders to fine-tune the bike to their preferred levels of comfort and height.

Finally, this electric bike has powerful V brakes on both the front and back. They’re nimble and responsive, and they help you stop faster. This makes them extremely effective.

Please note that this bike is supplied 98 percent built for your convenience. You’ll need to put the wheels together when they arrive. A basic task that won’t take up a lot of your time is all that is required here.

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