How Are Bikes Shipped – Shipping Methods You Should Know

Updated on August 18, 2022

Bikes are shipped mainly in three different modes: direct-to-consumer, in standard-size bike boxes, and factory-direct ship bikes.

Shipping for a bike all depends on whether you buy it from a brand or online store.

We have come to know how bikes are shipped now. Let’s understand it further. When you buy a bike from online sellers, it uses a variety of methods to deliver bikes to you.

Some use local dealers, some work with mobile service franchises i.e Velofix, and Others ship directly to your doorstep.

Velofix has established delivery partnerships with several brands such as Canyon, Ellsworth, and Priority, while Beeline has partners such as Raleigh and Diamondback.

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How Are Bikes Shipped

Some direct-to-consumer brands use an oversized shipping box, which reduces user assembly by simply installing the front wheels, adjusting the seat height, and optionally turning on the pedals.

Others use standard-size shipping boxes, which increase some buyer’s headache to assemble bike stem, handlebars, and other items in some cases.

If you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge, you risk making mistakes, such as over-tightening bolts, damaged parts, or even voiding the warranty.

If you’re going to assemble, make sure the assembly description comes from the brand and the tools you need have clear and comprehensive instructions, printed manuals, or step-by-step video guides, or both.

How Are Bikes Shipped

The care and quality of the original factory assembly vary widely. Some vendors have professional mechanics who assemble, adjust, and prep each bike to ensure all components are properly adjusted before lights disassembling and packing.

However, some factory-direct ship bikes only have a basic assembly – the gearing is not properly adjusted, the hydraulic brake may need little work, and the spokes may be improperly tensioned.

The level of assembly of the house depends on two main variables: the type of packaging used and the amount of factory maintenance.

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Different Type Of Shipping Modes

There are different types of shipping methods used by bike brands and online sellers.

When they receive our order, they will assemble the bike parts by hand to ensure proper assembly and quality.

We will get a little pre-assembled bike or fully ready bike to ride, it all depends on the mode of the shipping method we choose.

Free Home Delivery

Some of the brands offer free home delivery to their clients residing within 15 to 20 Miles around the factory unit.

They deliver bikes to you fully ready to ride. Sometimes it takes some miner fitting adjustment which can easily be done.

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Standard Shipping

In standard shipping, Brand, or online sellers assembled bikes up to 95%.

They use a large box to fit almost every part of a bike so that the customer only needs to complete only 5% of the unfinished assembly process.

In 5% all you need to do is put the handlebars on the stem, place the front wheel in the fork, install the pedals, and then the attached saddle.

All mechanical work has been done by manufacturers, you only need to adjust the seat to the proper height and make sure the levers are at a comfortable angle.

Ready To Go Shipping

In this shipping mode, bikes are assembled all the way up to 99% completed.

They shipped your bike almost in 1 piece but still, there is something left to assemble. You only need to finish the last 1% of assembly work.

You just have to place the handlebars into the stem, install the pedals, and adjust the saddle according to your need.

Everything is adjusted already for the factory and ready for you to go on a ride.

Ship Directly To A Shop

If you are not satisfied with installing the last few parts and making adjustments then some brands and online sellers offer you to directly send your bike to a mechanic nearby you or any trustworthy mechanic of yours.

If you don’t know any bike store nearby you don’t need to worry about it.

Some companies know or will find a bike store near you to assemble the bicycle for you.

Companies provide full contact of your mechanic with you to make sure that your bike should be ready in time, and so that you can pick up the bike and go to ride!

Peoples Also Asked

Are bikes shipped assembled?

It depends on your location and shipment method you take. If you are near a bike manufacturing company or some bike brand then they mostly shipped assembled bikes to your doorstep.

Mostly, bikes are shipped partially assembled which we have to assemble later after receiving shipment.

How do bicycles ship?

Bicycles are shipped with different methods. Sometimes bikes are shipped in direct-to-consumer mode which means they assemble the bike and deliver you in one piece. Most of the time we deliver bikes in parts which we have to assemble by ourselves or we can do this task by a mechanic near to us.

Do bikes ordered online come assembled?

It completely depends on the seller. They can use some specialized bike shipping services that can deliver your bike fully assembled on your door.


When you are purchasing a bike for a brand shop or from an online seller, they ship your bike in different shipping modes i.e direct-to-consumer, in standard-size bike boxes, and factory-direct ship bikes.

Most bike sellers or brands use shipping companies like UPS or FedEx. These types of shipping companies shipped bikes in standard-sized boxes. We have to either assemble bikes by ourselves or we can assemble them professionally by bike shops near to us.

Some sellers or brands hire specific bike shipping services that can deliver bikes almost in 1 piece. This type of shipping service definitely costs you some extra dollars.

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