How Can I Make My BMX Bike Faster

Updated on August 18, 2022

How Can I Make My BMX Bike Faster

Instead of speed, BMX bikes are designed for freestyling. BMXs, unlike road bikes and cross bikes, aren’t meant to be raced. Racing isn’t the only thing these bikes are capable of. BMX freestyling is widely regarded as one of the most hazardous forms of motorcycling. It also requires the most practise and expertise.

You must, however, ride a bicycle as slowly as possible when performing BMX stunts. And sometimes you have to get it done quickly. However, because the bike is so short and has such small tyres, it is difficult to go fast.

The rider’s BMX bike is like a best friend to him. Then if you’re looking for new ways to speed up your long-term companion, this is the place for you. Speed is essential, no matter what type of bike you ride, whether it is a freestyle bicycle or a road bicycle.

If you want to make your bike go as fast as a mountain bike, many people believe that you must spend a large sum of money. However, you should be aware that this is a misunderstanding. If you’re willing to spend money on greater parts like a wider tyre, you can speed up your ride by following a few simple tips. And it’s free, too.

The size of your wheels matters a lot if you’re racing on a freestyle BMX bike. A lightweight frame is also necessary for an enjoyable BMX experience. You need to be fast on your BMX racer if you want to perform the bunny hop trick. Clipless pedals and secured bearings can be used to increase your speed on a BMX wheel.

Bmx Bike Speed Facts

You must first know what sort and technique of the BMX bike to appreciate the bike’s speed. To put it simply, the typical BMX bike’s top speed is between 30 and 35 miles per hour.

BMX bikes, on the other hand, come in four varieties: race, dirt, street, and park. The racing BMX bikes, on the other hand, are the fastest of all. Those can reach 35mph, but only if they’re paddled manually. The BMX bikes also don’t allow you to accelerate through paddling.

The bike’s speed is also affected by the terrain you’re riding on. Hydraulic brakes aren’t likely to be found on the majority of BMX bikes. Because of this, speed can be lethal. In order to prevent riders from crashing, race officials have turned to airbags.

How Can I Make My BMX Bike Faster?

Keep your BMX bike clean and lubricated to make it go faster. Adjusting your brake and gears is another way to enhance speed. Make sure your tyre pressure, pedal tension, and saddle height are all in the right places. Slowing down the front end by gradually lowering it can also help. Because BMX bikes are designed to be racers, they have a high top speed. Keep in mind that if you’re adapting, you must give yourself time to adjust. As a result, take it one step at a time. Increasing your speed too quickly can be risky.

Tip 1: keep the bike Lubricated

Hundreds of parts go into making a bike. Furthermore, the majority of the components are composed of metal, and they must be lubricated over time. The chain shank, wheel bearings, cranks, spindle, Pedals, Bottom Bracket, and headset are particularly vulnerable. The bike appears to function smoothly if the components are lubricated on a regular basis, and the bike’s speed does not decrease over time.

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

The bike’s tyre pressure has a considerable impact on the bike’s speed. It is more than necessary for BMX bikes. The ideal pressure for BMX bikes will be around 80 PSI because many tricks on these bikes rely totally on the wheel. Maintain this pressure in order to keep the bike moving quickly.

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Tip 3: Make sure the gears are in good working order.

Gears aren’t standard on all BMX bikes. If your one has gears, make sure they’re in good working order at all times. If the gears aren’t set correctly, the bike’s speed will suffer.

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Tip #4. Cleaning the Bike Properly

BMXs are constantly exposed to a large amount of dirt, unless they are only used in parks. Regardless, even if you’re just using it in the park, remember to clean the bike. Because we must keep the bike lubricated, the oil can collect a lot of dirt, causing the bike’s performance to suffer. So, when you’re not using the bike, keep it clean as well. Cleaning the bike at least twice a month is recommended.


Tip #5: Take it slowly at first.

BMX bikes, as previously stated, require a great deal of skill. The riding style is the most important of all the essential skills. You can get a lot more speed than normal if you start the bike slowly from a high point and gradually increase the pedalling.

These are the most effective methods for speeding up a BMX bike. I hope you find them useful and practical to use on your bike.

Bmx Bike Riding Safety Tips

By now, you’ve probably figured out that BMX freestyle is one of the toughest outdoor activities. You must also ensure your safety in order to perform the tricks. That is why we have specified some safety precautions. They are as follows:

Before you begin BMX freestyling, make sure you have the correct safety equipment on. Racer pants, jerseys, gloves, helmets, and correct footwear are all included.

Make sure any bike you choose fits your inseam height when you go shopping.

Make sure the handles and pedals are secure.

Before you start riding, make sure your tyres are properly filled and have the necessary air pressure.

Because the handlebar is so important in riding BMX bikes smoothly, it’s best if it’s not longer than 735mm.

Finally, if you are a newbie, begin by practising on a low-cost BMX bike. Later on, you can upgrade to professional versions.

You could have found the answer to your inquiry about “how to make your BMX bike quicker” at some point. Furthermore, all of the suggestions we’ve included have been tried and true on the courses. Overall, it is not rocket science to make a BMX bike faster. All you need is expertise and good upkeep. Most essential, you must examine the kind and track to see if they are a perfect match.

Do Bigger Wheels Make a Bike Go Faster?

Is Having Larger Wheels Better for a Bike’s Speed?

It is only if the larger wheel can match the smaller one’s speed that the bike will go quicker. This is because the larger wheel’s circumference allows it to travel farther.

However, if you want a bigger wheel, you’ll have to put forth more power. And even if you have bigger wheels, other factors like gearing and rider height will affect your bike’s speed.

Is it true that lighter bikes are faster?

Generally speaking, lighter bikes are faster, but not by a lot. You can expect only a few seconds of time savings from a lighter bike frame.

By removing excess clothing and accessories, riders can significantly improve their top speed. Alternatively, you might work on building lean muscular mass instead of bulk.

BMX Bikes: How Fast Can They Go?

A BMX bike may attain a top speed of between 15 and 20mph.

Gear ratios, rider skill, and wheel size all play a role in BMX bike speed. A top speed of 23.4 miles per hour can be achieved when turning at 130 revolutions per minute on 24-inch wheels with a 44:16 ratio.

It takes the Olympic BMX race’s fastest riders just 2 seconds to descend down an 8-meter ramp, achieving 35mph in the process.

Making a BMX Bike Easier to Pedal: What Are the Options?

It is possible to make pedalling on your BMX bike more comfortable simply adjusting the gear ratios on your existing setup.

Make the gear at the front of the bike smaller if you’re having difficulty pedalling at lower speeds. Changing the front gear to a smaller one or upgrading the rear gear will do this.

To improve your speed in the upper reaches of your range, you should reduce the size of your back sprocket. Replacement of the front gear with a larger one is an option once again.

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What Makes Pedaling a Bike Difficult?

Even with the best gearing and the proper seat adjustment, pedalling a bike can be a chore if you’re dealing with excessive friction.

The process of repositioning the seat is as simple as turning a knob. The ride will be less pleasurable if you have to stretch your arms too far to grab the handles.

Depending on the terrain, different gear ratios can improve your pedalling efficiency.

Having low tyre pressure and poorly maintained and lubricated chains can cause unnecessary friction.

My Cycling Speed Isn’t Enough of a Concern.

You may increase your cycling speed by strengthening your stance and experimenting with different methods. You can reduce air resistance by bending and tucking your elbows. The front of your bike can also be lowered.

Track stands, for example, are a great way to improve your body awareness and balance. You’ll be in your element if you can master a riding technique like this.

To keep yourself motivated, join a group ride with a few like-minded cyclists. Your speed and endurance will improve if you focus on building lean muscle instead of heavy weights.

Mountain Biking Vs. BMXing: Which Is Faster?

For short distances, a BMX bike outperforms a mountain bike faster. As a result, they have distinct roles. It is common for BMX bikes to have smaller wheels for single-speed and stunt riding. They are the first to attain full speed because they accelerate most quickly.

For endurance, a mountain bike is the best choice. BMX bikes will be no match for it when it comes to lengthy distances. In addition to their larger wheels, another element contributing to increased bike speed is the use of fat tyres.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started. To get the most out of your bike, start by following some useful advice. You’ll be happy with the increase in speed most of the time!

Improve the performance using this cutting-edge technique.

If you want to race a BMX bike on a BMX track, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality BMX racing bicycle. The rear brake and the knobby tyres can be changed to improve the vehicle’s handling. Adult BMX bikes with a suitable riding stance and a freestyle rider will definitely provide you more momentum. You can also get a narrower tyre to replace your flat one. If your handlebars are shaky, you’re not going to have an enjoyable time riding. The frame of your BMX bike should be extremely light. BMX racing bikes can be used to get the most out of the experience of speed.

To wrap things up, here we go.

Consider these suggestions the next time you’re looking for ways to increase the speed of your BMX bike. You’ll also notice an increase in your bike’s top speed. In addition, the treatments are simple and nearly free of charge.

It is critical for a cyclist to maintain a well-maintained bicycle in order to achieve the greatest possible increase in speed. Begin grinding on the BMX bike immediately without a second thought.

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