How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bike

Updated on August 18, 2022

Typical motorbike painting costs range from $300 to $1,600.

Much of this price is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done to your bike before the painting can begin. If all you need is a conventional paint job and your motorcycle is in excellent shape, you can save a lot of money.

How to Paint Your Own Bike

Your own motorcycle will require a enough amount of area to allow you to spread paint about. Spraying your bike in a location that lacks adequate airflow is a bad idea. It’s important to have an oscillating fan in the garage even while the door is open to keep odours from building up.

Remove any pieces of your motorcycle that require painting if you can. To remove equipment like the tank, you’ll need an Allen wrench of a certain size. For example, name the bolts “rear fender” and store them in plastic bags.

To prepare the surface for painting, you will first need to sand it down. Paint will not apply evenly and attractively if the service is not smooth. Using sandpaper in a circle and different grits of sandpaper, remove old paint if you don’t have power sander.

Once the surface has been sanded, wipe it off to eliminate any remaining dust. To begin painting, you’ll need a blank canvas. In the event of dings, body filler can be used to fill them in. Make sure it is not clumpy when you apply it and apply it at a thickness of around 1/8 inch.

After the body filler has dried, you will have to re-sand the surface. Before painting, take sure to check these areas in well-lit areas to ensure they are smooth.

Applying Paint

You’ll first apply two coats of epoxy primer before painting. In the long run, this protects metal from moisture, which can lead to corrosion issues like rusting. Before you begin, be sure to read and carefully follow the instructions on the epoxy container.

After the second coat of epoxy, you will softly sand the surface. A wet-and-dry sandpaper with a grit of 2000 is recommended. Before using your paint spray gun, make sure it is thoroughly sanitised. When loading your sprayer, mix the paint with the recommended amount of thinner.

Then, using the spray gun, apply three or four coats of paint to the places that need it. Avoid getting too near to your motorcycle or holding the sprayer in one place while doing so. Even quick strokes across the bike’s surface should be employed. Two coats of clearcoat lacquer (per the manufacturer’s directions) are the final step in protecting your freshly painted surface from the outdoors.

Options and Cost for Doing a Custom Paint Job


Customizing your motorcycle at a low cost is possible with a do-it-yourself paint job. A primer and a topcoat are all you’ll need to get the job done on your own.

There is no need to spend more than $50 to $80 dollars on this project, but the quality of the finished product will depend solely on your skill as an artist.

Bike Brand Options

You can choose from a variety of custom paint options from brands like Trek, Orange, and Orbea. Despite the restricted amount of colour schemes available, you can get your bike painted the way you like it as soon as you acquire it. It will only cost you a few dollars to get your bike painted in a custom colour.

Specialized Custom Painters

When it comes to designing and painting your own custom bike, only highly trained and artistic specialised custom bike painters should be trusted. Fatcreations, Kustom Flow, and Ooey Custom Paint are just a few of the many painters to pick from.

In general, they charge between $250 and $550 for painting and custom decals, however this might vary based on the parts you want painted and the amount of time it takes.

Paint Job on Carbon vs Aluminum

The cost of custom painting a carbon frame is typically higher than that of an aluminium frame.

There is a greater risk of carbon delamination and subsequent weakening if it is powder coated, thus the stripping, painting, and drying processes will be more challenging.

Top 3 Custom Bike Painters


When it comes to custom bike painting, Fatcreations is one of the most well-known companies in the business. The proprietor is a former professional downhill racer, and he has already painted the bikes of professional mountain bikers.


The Kustomflow is a great place to go if you want your bike, shoes, and helmet all painted to a high standard. A negotiable pricing is matched by an extraordinary quality product that will exceed your expectations.

Ooey Custom Paint

Mountain and road bikes alike can benefit from Ooey Custom Paint’s services. As a result, they have a completely new sports car style thanks to their paint work that can be seen through the tube of the frame finish.

They charge a fair fee for their services, but for some, it may be prohibitively pricey.

What Will it Cost?

The cost of painting your car will be far lower if you do it yourself rather than engaging a professional artist to complete an intricate design that will require several hours of painting and repair time.

Get ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for an uncomplicated overhaul of your bike, even if it’s in excellent shape. You’ll know for sure if doing it yourself is worth your money and time.

Who Gets Their Bike Frame Professionally Painted?

In order to get the best look, a bespoke paint job is the best option. Maybe you’re a road rider who also has a sense of fashion. Alternatively, perhaps you’re refurbishing a vintage bike. Having a professional paint job is ideal if this describes you.

Can I Paint a Bike Frame Myself?

Sanding, priming, painting, and finishing with a clear coat are all necessary procedures in painting a bike frame. However, it’s a difficult chore that most people can handle on their own.


If you want a personalised paint job, it’s always a good idea to hire the best painter possible. It might seem like a lot of money, but they can bring your fantasy bike to life.

As an additional option, you can purchase the appropriate coloured components to go along with your freshly painted bike.

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