How to Build a Bmx Bike Step by Step

Updated on August 18, 2022

Are you up for the challenge of building your own BMX from scratch? Build a BMX bike from the ground up.

Building your own BMX is a tough endeavour, but the payoff is definitely worth it. You may build your own Racing bike by following along with me as I walk you through each stage.

When it comes to bike maintenance, you’ve tried everything, and the do-it-yourself stuff just doesn’t cut it any more. There aren’t any BMX bikes that do.

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Do you have the courage to put yourself through the ringer?

For a BMX rider, mastering the art of BMX bike construction is a big achievement. There are limits to even the most advanced BMX bikes, but if you construct one from the ground up, you get to establish those boundaries yourself.

Your needs will be met by my intervention. Everything I wish I’d known before starting to build my first BMX bike will be covered in this article. Since we supply all of the essential tools and bicycle components as well as step-by-step instructions, even the most intrepid beginners are invited to join.

No matter how much or how little work you put into personalizing your motorcycle, the results are well worth the effort.

How to Build a Bmx Bike Step by Step

In the first step:take the bike out of the package and untie all of the parts that were connected to it. Anything obscuring the bolt or other fixing points should be thrown away. Even if you can remove all of the bike’s packaging, it’s a good idea to leave what’s left on till the bike is assembled so that the paint isn’t damaged accidently.

Step 2:Make sure the rear tyres are aligned with the front tyres before installing and tightening the front wheel.

Step 3:Afterward, tighten the seat and posts to the frame once at the desired height and angle.  Keep the post in place by checking to see if it is at least the minimum height stated on it, or higher.

Step 4: Make sure the stem is aligned with your front wheel by loosening the two rear bolts and twisting it. As soon as everything is in position, tighten the top cap to remove any slack in the headset while allowing free mobility for the forks to spin.

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After removing the top plate from the stem, it’s time to install the handlebars

Step 5. Place the stem plate on the handlebars and loosely tighten the bolts until the stem plate grips the handlebars. The knurling just on bars and the level of the stem plate should be checked before continuing.

Work Your Way All Around Bolts in The Pattern

gradually tightening each one. That way, you’ll ensure that no single bolt is bearing all of the weight. Continue doing this until the handlebars are firmly seated in their position.

Step 7: Apply a thin layer of oil to the cranks’ internal threads before screwing on the pedals. Make that the pedals and crank arms are properly aligned.

For the purpose of identifying which one goes with which pedal or crank arm, they are typically labelled L (left) and R (right).

You should avoid using tools if you can’t thread it into the pedals or cranks with your fingers because it’s more likely to be a wrong side or a misaligned thread between both the pedals and the gear.

Use a tool to finish tightening them only after you’ve done them up finger tight.

Step 8: Inflate both tyres to the recommended PSI levels, but do not go higher.

Step 9:Remove parts of the packaging, and then double-check that every bolt and nut on the bicycle is securely fastened before getting behind the wheel.

Is it Possible to Build an Affordable BMX Bike?

What is your financial situation like before you get started? The first step is to determine if you are simply repairing a single part or building an entirely new bike. The cost of each component varies depending on the condition, brand, and kind, as well as whether it is new or old.

Depending on how greater you want to go or if you prefer cheap BMX bikes, the bike will cost around $1700 to build from ground up. Check to make sure the parts are compatible with the bike before you buy them.

Starting with used parts and making improvements until you have a brand new bike is the best way to build a BMX bike on a budget. To save money, use a few high-quality parts on essential things.

Building a BMX Bike: What Do You Need?

A BMX bike must include the following elements and components

  • The BMX bike frame’s main body
  • Forks\Bearings
  • Bearings in a race
  • Bearings on top
  • The crowning glory
  • Spacer
  • The Gyro
  • Gyro plate on top
  • Handlebars, Seat Stem, and Steering Column
  • Bars with handles
  • Bolt on the stem
  • Seat clamp and seat post
  • For each axle, there are two micro-adjustable bearings.
  • Bearing spacers for the crank Axel nuts and washers
  • Cranks \sSprockets
  • An arm of the crank Set of 2 Spacer Pedals, 2 Set of Sprockets
  • Bolts for pedals x2 Sprocket bolt
  • Two complete sets of wheels
  • Pegs for the socket
  • 2 Washers 2 Sockets 2 Primo Jewels
  • Sprockets on the back
  • Brakes and Chain
  • There are two chains and two chain tensioners, as well as two washers and two brake arms and two brake
  • cables.
  • Tri-flow
  • Tools that aren’t required but may be useful.
  • Grease
  • a set of tools
  • shabby clothes
  • Stand for a bicycle

What to Look for When Purchasing Bicycle Parts

In the beginning, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to making a BMX bike, as there are so many different parts and materials to pick from.

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