How to Get Rid of Old Bikes ? [ All You Need to Know ]

Updated on August 18, 2022

Bikes make our life easy , as we can use these bikes for many purposes such as exercise , travel and recreation . But after a certain limit it’s expired to do work properly . So at this time how we can get ride of it ?

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How to Get Rid of Old Bikes

After a certain time , a period comes when it becomes time to say good bye , it’s a natural fact , nothing is permanent , like living things machinery is also have a specific time to work on , after that period its

parts make trouble for users . It makes complications and don’t work properly so in that case its better to think to change it or to get of it immediately without wasting time . 

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How to sell vintage bicycles ?

To sell vintage bicycles it is important to know all about it like you must have to know who manufactured it , which kinds of qualities it has? 

Your bike can be distinguished if it is enthusiastic or according to collector’s desire . Men’s bikes are more valuable rather than women’s bikes  as these bikes are abundantly in use .

If you have a bike which is owned by some famous personalities or a part of renowned collection are more worthy.

Bikes are worthy with its original parts , as compare to those bikes whose parts are replaced .

So you should must identify the value of your bike .

How you can recycle your bikes ?

If the parts of your bike are not fixed and you can’t fix it even someone other cannot fix it too it’s clearly means that life of its parts is ended as a cycle .

I this case the best option is to recycle every part of the bike .

These may be frame , wheels , paddles , chains , brake pad holders and handle bar , these can be recycle , the metal broken down and then made into new ones .

For this purpose you can also buy some modern parts and add it in recycling it will enhance its capability .

But keep in mind mostly recycling facilities did not accept plastic or rubber parts such as plastic lights , inner tubes and tires etc .

The parts which you can’t recycle , is better to remove these parts from the bike before hand over it to facility .

After a certain limit to use anything it always expired , similarly old bikes also need to repair some of its parts to work efficiently .

If you can’t repair it by yourself then you can send it to a mechanic or shop or if you came to know there is a need to replacement of some of its part then don’t hesitate to take decision ,

but it’s also significant to know about information how much expense are going to on this process .

If the replacement or to repair the parts of bike is near to the price of a latest or new bike then don’t think more about it , you must try to sell it in good price .

How can you make your old bike new ?

You can make it new after to repair its parts . These parts may be its frame , brakes , tyres etc There is need to service your suspension . After to repair paint your cycle . It will give you a look fantastically amazing . 

Is it worth restoring an old bike ?

Renovating an old bike is mainly rewarding , it may be repair , rebuild or respray . Old bikes don’t die it needs our attention . It probably in the backyard of the house and may get rust , dirt and oil , and it needs to be rescue . 

Don’t throw your Old Bicycle in the trash :

Old Bikes can be useful for some other persons who could not afford it so it is better to donate or charit it to others rather than to make it a part of the trash . With the help of recycle process you can also bring it in use . Government has also settled a lot of links with the help of these links you can donate your bike easily to a most deserving person .

What are the benefits of recycling  ?

There are number of raw materials in the world The time is not far away when refining and mining would not be possible and we will run out of these natural resources . It will help to recycle or to use these raw materials which is already used then why you don’t start before the time ?

To make frame four types of raw material is used that is , aluminum , steel , carbon fiber , titanium etc . 

These materials are used with the half of the virgin product .On metal recycling much energy is used and it also produces greenhouse gas emission that couldn’t be recycled easily . So , it is clear recycling is most important tool through which you can preserve energy for your environment and also you can reduce wasted energy .

How do you polish your bikes ?

You can polish your bikes by applying wax or paint . To polish you will need clean cloth to rub the polish over the surface of the bike where it is applied . After rubbing you should use a dry cloth and repeat the rubbing process , it will increase the shine of your bike .

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