How To Make Your Bmx Bike Look Cool

Updated on April 6, 2022

Okay, so you just dropped a bunch of money on a sick new BMX bike. If it can be customized, great. “What should I start with?” is a common question I get from folks. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to make some compromises in quality in order to save money on a finished product. No harm done, it’s all part of the game. So, i’m going to give you the greatest things to upgrade on your new BMX bike to insure it.

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How To Make Your Bmx Bike Look Cool

On a new bike, the most typical low-quality parts include:

Rims \sPedals \sTires

Rims with double wall thickness.

If your bike comes with single-wall rims. You certainly should consider upgrading those (as a lot of starter bikes do). Rims with two walls may take a lot more punishment. As a result of folding a previous single-wall rim, my bike wasn’t ready till the new one arrived. Take a week off from riding a bike and see how you feel.

A full wheelset is the cheapest method to upgrade your wheels. Make sure they are DOUBLE WALL by reading the description.

There’s always the option of building your own wheels. This is the most expensive option, but you’ll get exactly what you want out of it. Read this article to learn more about the many types of rims.


Self-explanatory, if you ask me. There are a lot of rubbish pedals in stock. Replace the pedals that you don’t like with ones that you do. The majority of them are below the $20 mark. Some of the Best Pedals on Danscomp may be found right here.

If you want a little extra grip, I recommend the Odyssey twisted or the Odyssey OG PC.

Components’ broad nature is a drawback of the whole. This means that the majority of the tires have a nice circular shape to them. In addition, if you’re a serious street rider, you’ll need a set of street-oriented tyres. As a result, I’ll go through the ideal tyres for each type of racing.

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Reducing the weight of your bike

It’s impossible to imagine life without a lightweight bike. Better to lose weight than gain it. However, you must not be naive in your approach. Where it matters, replace lighter parts. Everything had holes punched into it to save weight at one point. As a result, the components were seriously weakened. Here are a few tips on how to lighten your bike without sacrificing strength.

Bolts for the stem

A small amount of weight can be saved by using hollow metal stem bowls, which I do. They’re also fun to look at because they come in a variety of colors.

Brand-new Crankshafts

8 spline cranks are the most common type of stock crank. You’ll save a lot of weight by switching to 48-spline cranks.

Cranks for the Profile These have saved me a lot of weight while I’ve been running. If you want to save even more weight, go with the titanium spindle.
Rig of Destruction These will be the next thing I buy if and when my profile cranks fail. Among the most powerful cranks in the game.
Since they come with a lifetime warranty, Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks have become a highly popular choice. These are the kinds of cranks that I eagerly await.

There are many locations to cut weight, but wheels are one of the greatest. Consider going all out if you’re updating the wheels because you’ll be using single-walled tyres. The cost of wheels can be prohibitive. It appears that profile hubs with ti-spoke and alloy nipples mounted on alienation rims are the lightest alternative. The entire set will most likely cost around $500.

Adding Sprocket Guard Protection to Your Street Riders

The money you save in the long term will be substantial. Bash guards are highly essential when grinding for long periods of time.

Kink Eastman, Sunday Knox Odyssey Utility Pro, Sprocket \sPegs

If your full set lacks pegs, you can always purchase more at a later date. There is no need to explain why you need to run pegs. Here are a few possibilities.


You may improve your riding aesthetics by adjusting the fork offset. There are a lot of 32mm stock forks circulating. The result is a bike that is both slow and stable. It’s considerably more usual to have a responsive and quick feel. Consider purchasing some r25 or maybe r15 if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. So much better and easier to do nose instructions with this.

Riders of the Park will benefit from new features.

More Powerful Stopping Power

On the other hand, I’m not an expert on brakes. Some of my buddies, on the other hand, have a thing for the brakes. Brakes and brake pads are important to them, so they shop around. In the event that you don’t already have one, consider purchasing one. As a bonus, this will keep your wires from being entangled.


The bars will be closer to you if you get a stem that has a shorter reach. Because of this, barspins will be a whole lot easier, and the steering will be much more responsive.

Bars that are quite narrow

Your bike will be more difficult to manage if you reduce the width of your bars. It does, however, facilitate bar spins. A little pipe cutter and a tape measure are all you’ll need to accomplish this. In terms of width, 28″ is a little on the small side. This means you’ll need to cut off a total of 1.25″ off each side of the bars in order to get to 28″.

Mellow Forks for Dirt Riders

The bike will be more stable if you install some supple forks. High-speed dirt-riding can benefit from this gear. There is no better alternative than Odyssey R32 forks in this situation.


Increase your sprocket size to increase your top speed. The standard gearing on most motorcycles is 25/9. A large number of trail riders use a 28/9 gear ratio.

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The cost of making improvements to your motorcycle is high. You will not regret it. This is how I always go about it.

Make a list of the components I desire or require.

Plan to save aside a small amount of money each week. Because even at $20 a week, it’s still worth it.

With the savings I’ve made, I’ll order some of the items on my to-do list once a month. You’ll have everything you need in no time.

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