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Updated on August 18, 2022

What is the proper way to measure a BMX bicycle?
Size Chart for BMX Bikes
For the most part, BMX bikes are available in one standard body frame (although there are some variations in length). When it comes to changing the wheel size, it’s up to the rider’s height and age. BMX bikes come in a variety of types and sizes, but the two most common categories are “Race” and “Freestyle.” To learn more about purchasing a BMX bike, please check out our buying guide.

Rider Height Suggested BMX Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Approximate Age Wheel Size
3’7″ – 4’0″ 110cm – 122cm 5 – 7 years 16″
4’0″ – 4’10” 122cm – 147cm 7 – 11 years 18″
4’10” – 6’4″ 147cm – 193cm 11+ years 20″

Which BMX bike size should I get?

Based on your age and height, you may use this helpful chart to determine the appropriate BMX bike size for you. The manufacturer’s measurements should also be checked. You can also stop by our store to meet with a knowledgeable employee. Keep at least 2cm between you and the top tube when standing above the frame. To stand over a full-size BMX bike, you’ll need an inside leg measurement of at least 23 inches.

Instructions for Measuring

First, locate where the seat clamp attaches to top of the seat tube.
Find the middle of your bike’s bottom bracket (the axle that binds the crank arms together).
Three locations (C-T) can be used to determine the seat tube’s diameter.
Your measurement should be recorded in both cm and inches (to the nearest half-inch).
5 To view a rider height chart, choose your bicycle size from the drop-down menu on the right.

Do I Need a Large or a Small BMX Bike?

The ideal bike size for you may be a question that you’ve been wondering about. Inexperienced bikers are especially concerned about this.

A common question they ask is, “what BMX bike size do I need?” The answer, of course, is obvious. Determine which bike size is best for you by learning about various sizes and dimensions. Getting an accurate measurement necessitates taking into account not just your weight but also your height.

When you have a seat that’s just right for you, the ride will be more enjoyable.


BMX Bike Sizes: What’s the Right Fit?

BMX bikes typically have one frame size, but the length can vary depending on your reach and height.

The recommended BMX wheel size for people with a height of 110 to 122 cm is 16 inches. This one is best suited to children aged five to seven.

A BMX bike for a 10-year-old, on the other hand, is unique. Wheels with a diameter of 18 inches are appropriate for children between the ages of 7 and 11 who are between 122 and 147 centimetres tall. People between the ages of 147 and 193 can ride 20-inch BMX bikes.

Men’s BMX bikes and women’s BMX bikes have vastly different frame sizes. It is common for bicycles for women to have shorter stacks, given their torsos and limbs are shorter than those of men.

It’s critical to put comfort first when selecting a BMX bike frame size. Make sure you have at least a 2-centimeter space between the top tube of the frame and your body when standing over it.

To be able to stand on a full-size BMX bicycle, you must have an inside leg height of at least 23 inches. Adult BMX bikes as well as smaller children’s BMX bikes can benefit from this.

The Size Chart

Many sizing instructions and charts are available for your convenience. Your age and height are the most important factors. As a result, I strongly advise you to take precise measurements of your apex. Additionally, it’s critical to keep an eye on the manufacturer’s specifications.

In addition, it’s never a bad idea to seek for assistance from knowledgeable staff members at a particular BMX shop.

BMX bikes are easier to adapt in size due to the fact that the wheel size is adjustable. The total height of the bike can be adjusted by changing the wheel size. Depending on your age and height, it may also be beneficial.

A wide range of shapes and sizes are employed for a variety of activities, such as racing and performing tricks with skateboards. It’s for this reason that sub-genres like Sprint BMX and Freestyle BMX have been created.

24 BMX Bikes to be measured

Measuring the bike is a common problem when trying to find the correct fit. If you can’t stand over the bike’s frame, you’ll need a larger size.

Note that BMX bikes with 20-inch wheels are the standard for full-size bikes. Children and other young bikers can, of course, use the lower sizes that are constantly accessible.

What is the Appropriate Measurement?
BMX bikes are frequently thought of as basic machines. To make matters worse, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate one bike from another. A BMX bike’s engineering and structure, on the other hand, are what really set it apart from other types of bikes.

When it comes to wheels and top tubes, size matters a lot. It’s essential to know how “correct” your wheel size is for your bike frame before you buy a new one. In this case, “bigger isn’t necessarily better,” as the saying goes.

If you’re unsure about what size to buy, you may always find someone with a similar body type and height to help. You can also consider getting a second opinion from someone who measures similarly to you.

Asking about their height and weight would be a huge help. However, we never know. It’s possible that they’ll allow you test ride their bike to see if the sizing works for you.

It is important to know your BMX bike

BMX Bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes. 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches are all options for this BMX. It’s also available in 20 inches and 24 inches. The Mongoose BMX Bike has 20-inch wheels, which is the most common size.

If you’d like to learn more about BMX sizes, check out this video. If you put in the effort, you’ll get a lot of knowledge.

Measurement of the Top Tube

In addition to determining the wheel size, the top tube assessment is crucial when purchasing a new bicycle. It’s even more important than the wheel size, in my opinion. BMX bikes with a 24″ top tube to wheel size ratio are in the ballpark.

BMX bikes with wheels ranging from 12 to 18 inches are the same. Top tube measurements are also included in this chart.

Everything from a micro-mini to a Pro-XL can be found here. Also included in this tutorial are exact top tube measurements and the accompanying height.

As a reference, you can also film or record yourself riding your bike and examine how you do it. Look at your riding style and see if you prefer to ride over the prow or occasionally hit the bars.

A cramped or uncomfortable riding experience is a sure sign that you require a larger bicycle frame.

This is a difficult topic to propose due of the numerous BMX bike components that might affect the bike’s overall performance and experience. It is possible to sense that a bicycle frame is too small, although this is mainly due to an incorrect stem measurement.

It’s also a matter of how you ride your bike. It is able to determine the optimal frame size for it.

Top Tube’s Importance

The BMX bike frame is joined to the front section and the seat post tube by the top tube, or TT, of the bike. A good area to begin your search for the ideal frame is where the various sizes tend to slightly overlap each other.

The frame you choose is an important purchase because it is the focal point of your build. Investing in an accurate one is always preferable. However, you can first take a spin on the bike to get a feel for it.

Visiting a neighboring bicycle shop can also be quite helpful. To find out more about this subject, you can go into stores and ask the same question. Because of their expertise in the subject matter, they are the finest choice. They’re delighted to help you get a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

What You Should Know
If you’re heading to a bike shop, getting a feel for the place in person is a must. Using a phone to measure a bike’s frame is a waste of time, according to my experience.

To find the perfect fit, you’ll have to put yourself through a lot of trial and error. It isn’t difficult, though, to do it correctly. All you have to do is make sure the bike frame is in the proper range in terms of sizing.

To make your fit even better, you can make extra alterations or revisions. Your BMX’s stem and handlebar position should both be taken into account. Additionally, keep in mind the following pointers for customising your set-up.

Do keep in mind that a stem length of 6 mm equals one-quarter inch. Finally, the tiniest stem on the list is the greatest bet. Navigating will be easy thanks to this. This is due to the fact that a longer stem increases the sensation of oversteering.

The position of the bar is the next topic of discussion. If you prefer your handlebars to be aligned with your head tube angle, this is a must. In addition, you can move the bars back a bit to offer a shorter cyclist more room.

Always keep in mind that traveling too far in the past can make you feel uncomfortable.

If you want to move forward, you can always give them a tiny push in the same way. You can always locate the proper handlebar size and setup for your BMX size as long as you remember not to go past the vertical on the handlebar set up.


For anyone wondering “what size BMX bike do I need,” this is all you’ll have to go on. There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind as you embark on your quest.

Some BMX bikes, such as the Mongoose BMX Bike for youngsters, come in universal sizes. These bikes make it easier to choose the proper size.

In order to stand firmly over the bike’s frame, the proper BMX size is required for you.
Keep in mind the significance of measuring the top of the tube.

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