How To Put a New Sprocket On a Bmx Bike

Updated on August 18, 2022

How To Put a New Sprocket On a Bmx Bike

When it comes to sprockets, what’s the difference between Spline Drive and Socket Drive?

In BMX, Bolt Drive sprockets are the norm. A single bolt links the sprocket and cranks arm, which keeps the sprocket in place. It’s simple to install bolt-drive sprockets and they can be used on a wide range of crankshafts.

Tree Bicycle Co. invented the Spline Drive sprocket. Only 48-spoke spindles will fit this type of sprocket because it has a steel insert in the center bore that is keyed to fit.

Odyssey developed the original Socket Drive sprockets, which have a 9-sided center bore and are exclusively compatible with Socket Drive cranks. A sprocket bolt is no longer required, but it must be precisely aligned with your crank configuration.

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Which chain wheels are compatible with my bike and how can I find out?

When shopping for a new chain wheel, there are two things to keep in mind. Compatibility is determined by the chain wheel’s tooth width and the spindle hole’s bore. 3/32″ chain wheels “Chains of any length will fit through the teeth. One-eighth-inch chain wheels are only compatible with 1/8” and 3/16-inch chains “tethers. a 15/16” chain wheel “All cranks will operate with the bore. It is impossible to use cranks of other bore sizes. A chain wheel adapter may be needed to fit a specific crank to a chain wheel.

Is it possible to explain the gear ratio?

The word “gear ratio” refers to how far the bike will move forward (in inches) with each crankshaft revolution. When dividing the number of teeth on the front sprocket by the gear teeth on the rear sprocket, multiply by the diameter of the wheel. Different gear combinations can be used to attain the same gear ratio. On a typical 20-year-old, for instance, “A bike with a 44 x 16T gear combination and a 33 x 12T gear combination has the same gear ratio. Click Here to view our gear list.

Do I know how to choose the right gear ratio for me?

The gear ratio is a matter of personal preference, as many other factors of bicycle setup. A higher gear ratio is achieved by altering the number of teeth on the front sprocket or the number of teeth on the rear sprocket. Pedaling will be more difficult, but the bike’s top speed will increase as a result. A lower gear ratio is achieved by either reducing the number of teeth on the front sprocket or expanding the number of teeth on the rear sprocket. The bike will be easier to pedal when taking off, but the top speed will be reduced as a result. The best place to start is with your present set-up and then figure out what you want to accomplish. See our gear list here.

A BMX chain and sprocket are easy to change.

Exactly how do I replace my bike’s sprockets?

What is the procedure for swapping a cassette? Quickly remove the back wheel. Get into the lowest gear. Be sure to get rid of the tape. To use the lockring tool, insert the chain whip around the sprockets and wrap the whip around them again. The freehub’s body is in excellent condition. Put in a fresh CD-Rom Attach the lockring. Fit the wheel back onto the bike after reconnecting the quick release.

BMX bikes with small sprockets are a peculiarity.

The top of the chain stay on the frame of many BMX bikes houses a U-style rear brake. Because of the way this sort of brake installation is set up, pedaling will be inhibited by a very small sprocket and rear cog.

Yes, they’re all interchangeable BMX sprockets.

SPROCKET (CHAINWHEEL) While 48T (teeth) sprockets were once common on BMX bikes, they are no longer the norm. Today, the most common sprocket size is 25T or 28T, both with a 23,7-millimeter bore. However, if the bolt drive sprocket has more than one tightening hole, the life expectancy is about the same.

It’s up to you to decide if a smaller rear sprocket is better for your speed.

For a given engine RPM, a larger front or smaller rear sprocket decreases the gearing ratio, resulting in more speed. The same applies to a smaller font or a larger rear sprocket (shorter gearing).

What is the proper procedure for changing a sprocket?

Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket Replacement At the drive sprocket nut, begin. Remove the sprocket nut in photo 1. Disassemble and replace all of the parts. Relieve chain strain with this photo. Reassemble and fine-tune the chain as needed. The master link is now installed. Lubricate and get going.

How difficult is it to dismantle a motorcycle?

A professional at your local bike store would cost you money, but it’s quite simple to do yourself. Take a few minutes to disassemble your bike if you have some basic tools and an hour or so to spare.

To disassemble a bike, what tools do I need?

To open the housing, you’ll need cable cutters and an awl, as well as any proprietary fork tools, Allen keys, cassette lockring tool, torx bits, and cable cutters to open the housing.

A BMX bike’s freewheel needs to be changed, but how do you do it?

Counterclockwise turn the freewheel remover tool When the freewheel loosens, remove the screw and freewheel removal tool. Remove the freewheel from the wheel hub by turning it counterclockwise with your hands. Tighten the wheel hub’s freewheel with your fingers until it’s finger-tight.

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BMX sprocket recommendations welcome!


What’s the tiniest BMX sprocket?

Microdrive is a type of bicycle drivetrain that uses sprockets that are smaller than those used in conventional bicycles, such as BMX and mountain bikes. There are only 1000-tooth rear sprockets that fit on a freehub body, but a cassette hub, sometimes known as a microdrive rear hub, allows for the use of 8-tooth sprockets.

How do I know what sprocket size I need?

If you only have the sprocket, use calipers to measure the distance between the teeth to determine the chain size. The pitch can be determined by measuring the distance from the center of the teeth to the center of the chain roller, which is the distance between the teeth. It is possible to determine the chain size once you know the pitch.

What kind of sprocket do I need to get the best performance?

If you’re having trouble figuring out your sprocket ratio, you can do so by dividing your rear sprocket teeth by your countershaft teeth. Boom! That is the sum total of the matter. For each revolution of the rear wheels, the transmission shaft is rotated 2.65 times.

The most effective BMX gearing is a mystery to me.

The 44/16 gear ratio, or 55 gear inches, has been the standard for classic BMX gearing over the years. A 55-inch gear ratio is the most commonly used since it is the most comfortable for most individuals.

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If so, are they interchangeable?

Profile Racing’s Signet Guard sprocket is a one-of-a-kind “universal” design, CNC manufactured from 6061 aluminum in the United States. When using a spline drive or bolt-on style crank, an adapter insert is required. All three-axle diameters can be accommodated by the adaptor. One sprocket works for everyone!.

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