Tips That Help Improve Your E-bike Range

Updated on August 18, 2022

E-bikes are getting popular on the road for their riding support that doesn’t require spoiling much energy on paddling. As the method of energy supplement of an e-bike mostly depends on its battery and the surrounding environment, follow some tips that will help you to improve your e-bike’s riding range.

An ebike can back up your paddling between 40 to 100 miles, depending on battery size, weight capacity, terrain, average speed, and many more.

We’ve compiled some tips which can significantly improve your e-bikes range if they are followed wisely.

Tips That Help Improve Your E-bike Range

If you use an e-bike with a smaller battery of 48v or 36v, it will typically provide a backup of 15-35 miles of riding on a single charge. Using a large powerful battery can support you for having a long-riding range.

You should feel when you need to replace a battery and when you need to swap a battery with a recharged one. Hence, observe if the surrounding environment is in your favor what you should do and if not what you should do to improve your e-bike range.

If you need to ride an e-bike just for meeting your daily commuting, you can get a good riding range just by using the best 350-watt electric bike. By following the tips that we mentioned in the article, you will get significant improvement in your bike’s range.

Avoid Stopping During Ride

To improve your e-bike range, you should not stop unusually. If you stop, the e-bike needs to generate more energy to gear up again. If you want to enjoy the sight scene during your rides, just slow down your bike but don’t stop. So, you can save the pedal power to increase the range of your e-bike.

Never Use Pedal Assist Mode While Starting

You should not start by switching to pedal assist mode. If you do so the battery expends more charge and can’t cover a long range. So, always start by simply paddling like a traditional bike then switch to throttle mode or other paddle assist mode depending on the road condition.

Pedal Harder To Go Uphill Trend

Paddle harder when you are on an uphill trend. In these trails, if you use paddle assist mode the bike will consume more energy from the battery. Hilly areas require a lot of energy to run, if you just paddle a little harder you can save much battery power and improve your e-bike range.

Use The Right Gear In A Perfect Time

You should use the right gear at the right time. There is a term known as “cadence” which refers to the crank revolution that you use per minute. Through the cadence, you can get the best support on 80 to 100 revolutions per minute. So, while you are riding in high gear and require to push hard to get the crank rotation, it’s a good idea to change down your gear. Moreover, if your paddles are rotating too fast, you won’t get much efficiency from down trash so just gear up your bike.

Pressure Up The Tires

It’s a good idea to pressure up your tire before you go out for a ride. Pressured-up tires help you to maximize your bike’s fuel efficiency. If your tire pressure remains lower than your bike’s tire surface, you will get a sluggish ride as the tires are in direct contact with the ground. It can improve your riding range if you keep your tire pressure around 50 to 60 psi while riding a normal e-bike. But if you are a ridge rider use 35 to 45 psi tire pressure and for trail tracker bikes we suggest you to keep your tire pressure on 20 to 30 psi.

Use Lubricant For Your Bike’s Chain

It’s a good idea to keep your bike’s chain from specks of dirt and grime. If you use a little amount of lubricant on your bike’s chain it will help you to improve your riding range. After using the lubricant leave your bike for some minutes and wipe out the extra lubricant which it couldn’t consume otherwise it can make junk. Just use the lubricant which is specially made for e-bike use.

Take Care Of Your Battery

You should preserve your battery at room temperature. Storing the batteries in a cool place or a too-hot place is not a good idea. It can damage your battery efficiency. Moreover, if you don’t ride much in the winter season, remove your battery from the bike and store it by keeping it fully charged. You should charge your battery twice a month if you don’t use your bike frequently. Furthermore, never leave your battery on charge for more than 24 hours.

Keep Your Bike Tuned Up

Always keep your bike tuned up by taking it to the mechanic regularly. Even a single rub can improve your bike range. Make sure your bike’s tires are in the right alignment and its brake pads are in good condition.

Enjoy A Slow Ride

If you are moving on riding from the opposite direction of wind flow, you will definitely lose your bike energy too. If you want your riding range to improve you have to slow down at that moment. So, the wind dragging won’t be the cause of battery drainage.

Keep Another Battery During Ride

If you are planning to go out on a far distance, it will be a great idea to keep another battery along with you during the ride. So, you can use that one in case you don’t get any charging outlet while on the go.

Replace Your Old Battery

If your bike’s battery becomes too old after using it for a long time. It won’t be able to preserve more energy to keep you in the best gear. So, replacing this one with a newer battery can improve the range of your e-bike.


If you love to ride an e-bike you should know the tips that help to improve the range of your e-bike. The main difference between a traditional bike and an e-bike lies mainly in riding range. A traditional bike can provide unlimited riding opportunities but e-bikes do more while it improves as you can save more physical energy while riding it. So, apply the tips to improve your e-bike’s riding range and take the challenge from your friends who ride a traditional bike.

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