Is Haro a Good BMX Bike

Updated on April 5, 2022

Is Haro a Good BMX Bike

While Haro began as a BMX brand, the California-based bike brand today offers a wide range of bicycles, including mountain bikes, cruisers, hybrids, and more. Are Haro bicycles good?

Because Haro bikes include components that can be upgraded, they are a solid investment. These lightweight frames come with fantastic warranties. Haro also produces a large assortment of budget-friendly bicycles. Haro was originally formed as a BMX brand, but the California-based bike company now carries MTBs, cruisers, hybrids, and many other types of bicycles. However, how reliable are Haro bicycles?

It’s a nice thing that Haro bikes can be upgraded with better and more efficient parts. Its frames are light, and they come with fantastic guarantees. Haro also produces a large assortment of budget-friendly bicycles.

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Haro Bikes: The Story of the Company

Bob Haro, an American BMX rider, started Haro Designs on 1978. Bob Haro was making the bicycles in his house at the time.

However, his designs were rapidly recognised, which led to an upsurge in demand. To meet the rising demand, Bob organised it as a corporation in Torrance, California.

A new BMX brand and freestyle BMX were two of Bob’s main goals when he launched Haro Designs in the early 1980s, and that’s when he became known as “Father of Freestyle.”

Haro Master and Haro Sport were their most famous BMX lines at the time. In the 1980s, the two BMX freestyle giants ruled the market.

The brand was sold in 1988, but Mr. Haro decided to stay on as a consultant to the new owners for five years before departing.

Haro Bikes was renamed in 1993 after a group of businessmen led by Jim Ford purchased the brand.

The company’s reputation was restored when Jim stayed true to Bob Haro’s original designs.

Haro Bikes made a major splash in 2008, and that year is remembered fondly. Now, they are among the most popular bike manufacturers in the United States because to their line of mountain, hybrid, cruiser, and comfort bikes.

The question is whether or not Haro Bicycles is a good brand name Pros and cons

Some of Haro Bikes’ highlights include the following:

1. Enhanced Component Strength and Efficientness

  • It’s commendable that Haro Bikes uses such high-quality bicycle parts.
  • To ensure long-term durability, Haro selects parts that are both sturdy and efficient.
  • For example, its suspension forks can withstand the worst of impacts while still providing a comfortable ride.
  • Another point of reference is the strength and efficiency of their brakes.

2. Parts that can be upgraded are also included.

  • Some components, particularly on budget bikes, aren’t high-end, although they can be upgraded. Having the ability to raise the bike to an exceptional level makes it possible.
  • That also means that when it comes to damaged or worn-out parts, the replacement process is as simple as can be.
  • You can also replace heavier components with lighter ones by upgrading them. Your bike’s compatibility with the improvements is the most crucial consideration.

3. Pedals and Frames that are Lightweight

  • Haro is a firm believer in speed and agility, as evidenced by the company’s choice of materials. Because of the lighter weight of the bike frames, the bikes are more comfortable to ride.
  • There are many advantages to this in mountain riding, including the ability to climb and speed up as needed.
  • The pedals are another component that aids in acceleration and climbing power. That is made easier by the fact that the majority of them are made of plastic.

4. There is a wide variety of prices

  • Haro takes pride in catering to a wide range of riders, and one way they do this is by offering a wide range of bikes.
  • The pricing of Haro bicycles varies widely, making them accessible to people of different income levels.
  • At a base price of slightly more than $350, these bikes may cost as much as over $4,000, with some electrified models reaching slightly more than $6,000.
  • It’s possible to get a quality hybrid, BMX, or bicycle for $600-$1,000.


5. The Number of Bicycles

  • Haro’s price is one way the company demonstrates its commitment to diversity. Another way they do it is by making bikes that are suitable for riders of all ages, skill levels, and gende
  • You can buy a good Haro bike whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice.
  • In addition, the bikes are available in a variety of sizes to fit adults, teens, and children alike. There are, of course, options for women as well.


6. A Warranty That’s Worth the Money

  • Only a few other brands can match Haro’s excellent warranties.
  • A limited lifetime warranty on their frames and suspension forks protects them from manufacturing flaws for the rest of their lives.
  • Aside from natural wear, misuse, and accidental failure, the guarantee only covers the original purchaser.
  • In addition, Haro provides a one-year limited warranty on the bike’s paint, finish, and any other attached components.
  • As previously stated, however, the policy is only applicable to the first-time buyer of a bike.

The Worst

  • In particular for intense cycling, plastic pedals may be lighter, but they are not as sturdy as metal or composite pedals. If you’re a serious mountain biker or road racer, that’s a problem.
  • The other problem is that most affordable Haro bikes have only standard components, which often necessitates an additional investment in order to guarantee decent performance.
  • High-end bikes, on the other hand, are not only pricey (some go for over $4,000), but also time-consuming to maintain.
  • As a professional rider, this shouldn’t be a problem, as bicycle maintenance is a normal part of daily life for you.

Haro Bikes Review: What Bikes Does Haro Carry?

The following types of bikes are now available from Haro:

  • bicycles with a low centre of gravity
  • Bikes for the mountains
  • Bikes for cruising
  • Bicycles that combine the advantages of both a conventional and an electric
  • All-electric bikes
  • Bikes for children

Let’s talk about them now.

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A Haro is a type of motorcycle.

All of Haro’s BMX freestyle bikes are capable of doing just that, from professional-level models to more cheap options. When it comes to testing and development, we’ve always had some of the top professionals on our bikes (minus the white lab coats-see Team).

Does Taiwan produce Haro Bikes?

One of the world’s leading frame manufacturers, they’ve appeared on Haro bikes. These are just a few possibilities: A-pro, Sunrise, and Ideal. The chances are high that they are, if not actually created in China, at least in Taiwan. You’re correct in both of these respects, too.

Has anyone ridden a Haro Downtown?

You can get started in creative riding with the 2021 Haro Downtown BMX Bike. Reduced maintenance and more riding time are the benefits of sealed bearings in the headset, lower bracket, and rear cassette hub. To get started in the world of biking, Haro’s Downtown BMX Bike is an excellent choice.

Is it true that Bob Haro is the owner of Haro Bikes?

Mr. Bob Haro is an American artist and business leader. He is a former competitive freestyle BMX rider (retired from active competition). His company, Haro Bikes, was founded by him and he was one of the first pioneers of BMX freestyle.

Haro Bikes are composed of what metal?

To construct its bikes, Haro uses alloy metal known as chromoly, which is lighter than high-strength steel.

Is Trek the owner of Electra?

Electra is a well-known manufacturer of high-end cruiser bikes. Comfort and hybrid bikes are also part of the Electra line of products. The Electra Bicycle Company. Formed in 1993, Type Private Inc. is based in Encinitas and has its headquarters in the United States. Components connected to bicycling Trek Bicycles, the parent company.

Can you tell me what a Haro frame is?

For the most part, serial numbers began with the year they were made. For instance, the serial number on my 1989 Haro Invert is H8808XXX. The year 1988 is represented by the second two digits of the number (88), while the month of construction is indicated by the number 08, which stands for August. In the same method, the serial number listed below can be decoded.

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What is the value of a Haro f3?

Bike Trade-In Value Is Exceptional For Its Condition $32 $23 is a good deal $28 $19 Not Bad A good deal is $20 $12 for $24 $16.

So is Haro Bike Good?

Haro has set the bar high for the BMX industry for the past three decades and continues to do so. There is a strong connection between their genes and the BMX culture.

Because of their small frames and sturdy forks, these BMX bikes are excellent for freestyling. Haro also makes race BMX, which are suited for street racing, in addition to freestyle BMX.

Haro BMX stands out from the competition due to the fact that their frames are designed with adults in mind. Haro BMX is a great option for taller riders who have difficulty finding a BMX.

For taller men, the Haro Downtown 26 is an excellent BMX from Haro.

Designed for freestyle riding, this adult BMX bike features moulded pedals, a sealed headset, Kenda high-traction tyres, and a hi-ten fork.

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