Should I Get A Mountain Bike Or Road Bike

Are you searching for what bike suits you the most? And you don’t know what bike should you choose according to your usage. You are thinking should I get a mountain bike or road bike.

Well while selecting a bike whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike you need to keep some of the things in mind.

  • Do you have any fitness goals?
  • Are you going to ride on a paved path or on a rough track?
  • What kind of riding your partner likes to do?
  • Have you ever had a bike experience in the past that you’ve liked or disliked?
  • How important is quality riding to you and what is your budget?

Comparison Between Road And Mountain Bikes

Road bikes are really fast and are easy to paddle on a smooth paved road. They are not designed to operate on off roads. So, they won’t suit if you want to ride on an off road. Also, some people find the “Dropped” riding position difficult to maintain for a long time.

On the other hand, mountain bikes are hard to paddle and are slow on paved roads. But they do have a cushy ride and can operate on various type of tracks.

Pros And Cons Of Mountain Bikes

Every bike has it’s own specifications which makes it special. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a mountain bike are as follows:


  1. Beefy frames and components of this bike are designed to get abused.
  2. It’s frame geometry helps traction for steep and loose climbs.
  3. Small and stable 26’’ wheels take every hit of rocks or any kind of potholes.
  4. Because tires of bike remain in contact with the ground it shows that how good it’s suspension are.
  5. Frame/Fork takes every hit and body feels nothing.
  6. In loose dirt or mud it’s wide knobbiest provides best control.


  1. Mountain bikes are heavier than road bikes, means tough climbing.
  2. Small wheels have more rolling resistance.
  3. Knobbiest have a special effect on road called “snow tire”.
  4. Suspension robs some efficiency from pedal strokes resulting in demanding more energy.
  5. It is comparatively slower and hard to paddle on paved roads.

Pros And Cons Of A Road Bike

Although road bikes are good for paved roads though they also have some limitations some of them are discussed here:


  1. Because of their agility and being light weighted they have high speed as compared to other bikes.
  2. “Over the handlebar” posture generates most power.
  3. It’s riding position mostly allows more leg power which cuts it through air.
  4. Components are reliable have high polish and high tolerance.
  5. Friction is reduced from light, thin and tall wheels.


  1. Road bike are not designed for off roads so they can’t bear the punishment like mountain bikes.
  2. Because of the gear range is high it feels hard to ride slowly.
  3. Riding position can be comfortable for neck and wrists.

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