5 Best Mountain Bikes for Big Guys (March, 2023)

Updated on August 18, 2022

Mountain riding is becoming increasingly popular as a means of introducing people to the great outdoors. Riding a bike instead of walking for hours on end is a great way to see new places while still having a good time. If you’re looking for the best mountain bike for big guys, we’re here to help. The Diamondback Overdrive was the clear winner in a series of tests, thanks to its high quality and reasonable price.

Even though I enjoy mountain riding, I found it difficult to find a bike that could support my weight, even though I am a huge person. In order to limit down the alternatives and simply put me in the proper direction, I conducted extensive research on my own. However, this came at a perfect time and was quite helpful in leading me to the information I was seeking.

Because so many of you are in the same boat, I’ve chosen to streamline the search process and provide additional resources to assist you in your quest to locate the best bike for a larger individual. All of these mountain bikes were put to the test and found to be the best fit for their intended use. If you’re a big guy seeking for a specific mountain bike, this post is for you. You should have no trouble finding what you need here.

Best Mountain Bikes for Big Guys

1. Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Key Features

  • 26-Inch wheels
  • 4-inch wide fat tires
  • 7-speed with rear derailleur
  • 18-inch steel frame
  • Twist shifters
  • Mechanical front and rear disc brakes

Our Review

When buying for a bike for a heavier rider, durability and comfort are essential considerations. The Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike wins the top rank on our list of the best bikes for big guys due to its ability to give both of these attributes. Steel is used to construct the 18-inch supersized beach cruiser bike frame, making it extremely long-lasting. It has seven gears and a rear derailleur, which makes shifting gears more efficient. If you’re a heavier rider, having numerous gears makes it easier to alter the difficulty of an ascent.

The tyres on this bike are 4-inch wide and fairly thick. The heavier the rider, the more air pressure is needed to keep the tyres in place. The additional cushioning they provide also helps to make rides more comfortable, particularly over rough or uneven terrain.

You won’t have to limit yourself to gravel routes or sacrifice comfort if you are a heavy rider on this bike. Its front and rear disc brakes are also very effective at putting the bike to a standstill, no matter how much extra weight is on board. The aluminium a-head stem and mountain handlebars on this bike make it easy to manoeuvre.

Big males will appreciate this bike’s ability to last and provide ample comfort. Many people who weigh more than 300 pounds said they liked this product and found it easy to assemble. Due to its steel frame and large tyres, this bike is capable of coping with a wide range of terrains, including unpaved roads, cobblestones, and small rocks.

Its 45-pound weight is a drawback. It’s not the lightest bike you can buy, but it’s not bad either. There have been reports from some users that the original saddle was too narrow and/or unpleasant, so you may need to make some alterations to get the most out of your saddle.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting is the heavy-duty steel structure.
  • The added cushioning provided by the extra-wide tyres will make it easier for heavier riders to traverse rough terrain, while also enhancing their overall comfort.
  • You may vary the difficulty of your ride with 7-speed settings.
  • The bike has disc brakes on both the front and back, allowing for better control over speed.
  • Over 300lb users have expressed satisfaction with the bike.


  • This bike is heavy, weighing in at roughly 45 pounds. There may be better options out there for folks that need to be able to bring their bike with them.
  • The crankset is of poor quality, and it rattles when it’s moving. The fact that a superior one can be substituted is a mitigating element.


  • WHEEL SIZE26” Fat Bike
  • BRAKE TYPEMechanical Disc


  • The Headset Can Be Ajusted To Fit Different Riders’ Height
  • Upgrades are available for the vast majority of parts (Your Bike Can Grow With You)
  • Grips That Make Shifting A Breeze

Large tyres on fat bikes help them to roll over obstacles. As a result, manufacturers may eliminate the need for costly suspension, giving fat bikes an affordable way to enjoy the outdoors. The Mongoose Dolomite is a low-cost, high-value option for riders that weigh more above 300 pounds.

The Dolomite is well-liked since it’s a good deal. You shouldn’t anticipate too much from an entry-level bike. There are a lot of plastic parts, and you won’t find any high-quality components at this location. Climbing might be difficult because of the limited selection of climbing gear. There are better options if money is a concern, but you’ll have to spend more to get a high-performance vehicle.

3. Mongoose Argus Trail Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike 

Key Features

  • 26-Inch wheels
  • 4-inch knobby fat tires
  • Rapid Fire 2 x 8 shifters and derailleurs
  • Medium 18-inch Aluminum Hardtail  frame
  • Mechanical front and rear disc brakes

Our Review

With its lightweight aluminium hardtail frame, the Mongoose Argus Trail Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike has been voted the best mountain biking for huge men who enjoy exploring the many bike trails available. In many aspects, it resembles the Mongoose Malus bike that we previously discussed. Mechanical disc brakes in the front and back will help you stop swiftly and easily. It’s easier to ride on bumpy and grassy bike trails and dirt roads with 4-inch knobby fat tyres. Extra comfort for the hefty rider is provided by the tyres’ quality and thickness.

This bike comes with two 8-speed shifters, allowing you to change gears quickly and easily when climbing. Heavy riders may need the lower-gear settings for climbing, so a wide range of gears is essential.

Basically, larger mountain bikers who enjoy exploring the trails will appreciate this sturdy yet lightweight bike with fat tyres that can handle some of the most difficult terrains. This bike is much lighter than the Mongoose Malus bike, so it’s easy to transport it over barriers in the wild if necessary.


  • The aluminium hardtail frame weighs less than a pound but doesn’t sacrifice strength.
  • The 4-inch wide knobby tyres provide a smooth and comfortable ride on difficult terrains.
  • Fast-firing 2×8 shifters offer a large selection of gears.
  • Bike braking is made easier with mechanical disc brakes.
  • For an 18-inch fat tyre bike, the bike weights about 30 pounds.


  • To put it mildly, the original saddle isn’t the widest. If you plan to ride for a lengthy period of time, you may need to change your saddle to a wider one.

4. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle 

Key Features

  • 700c wheels
  • 16-speed shifters
  • 22-inch aluminum road frame with carbon fiber road fork
  • High profile alloy double wall rims
  • Dual pivot caliper brakes

Our Review

700c wheels and a 22-inch aluminium road frame with a carbon fibre fork make this the ultimate bike for big men. The fabric is both thin and long-lasting. The bike is approximately 30 pounds in weight. As a result, moving it around is simple, and it moves quickly without requiring much effort on the part of the user. The bike’s frame and tyres are large enough to accommodate a tall rider. Many tall riders who bought and rode this bike said it was just right for them. It’s also a breeze to put together.

16-speed shifters on the bike allow the rider to swap gears when their weight makes riding more difficult on rough terrains. Dual pivot calliper brakes are another feature of the Schwinn Phocus. The additional leverage provided by the two pivot points translates into better braking performance, as well as greater security and comfort. Large riders who require powerful brakes to stop swiftly and safely would appreciate this feature.

As a result of its strength, stature, and high-quality components, the Schwinn Phocus is a great choice for taller riders. A disadvantage of riding a road bike is that you have to take a more hunched position than you would on a hybrid or a mountain bike. As a result, tall riders who aren’t used to this riding posture and want to go on lengthy rides on a road bike may find it uncomfortable.

Those that ride fat tyres will be better served by a fat tyre bike. Fat tyres are also better at absorbing bumps and delivering a smoother ride on rough terrain. In the city, this bike is best suited to taller riders who want to ride on smooth surfaces like paved roads or sidewalks.


  • A tall rider can comfortably use 700c wheels and a 22-inch frame.
  • High-quality components and materials used in the frame ensure that this bike will last for a long time.
  • The bike weighs less than 30 pounds, making it convenient to transport.
  • With 16-speed shifters, you can fine-tune the feel of your ride.


  • For riders who aren’t used to riding in a crouching position, this road bike may not be ideal.
  • In terms of absorbing bumps on uneven terrain, the tyres will not be as good as fat tyres.
  • Due to their superiority to single-piston brakes, two pivot calliper brakes fall short in adverse weather. So, if you’re looking for a bike that performs well in rainy conditions, look elsewhere.

5. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Key Features

  • 28-Inch wheels
  • 21-speed with rear derailleur
  • 18-inch aluminum frame
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Swept-back upright handlebars
  • Rear carrier

Our Review

This Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike, with its 18-inch aluminium frame and 28-inch wheels, is our top pick for the best hybrid bike for big people and gals.. The bike’s aluminium construction assures that it will withstand your weight and keep going for as long as you do. Front suspension and a sleek style distinguish this bike from the competition.

The rear derailleur and grip shifter on this bike are both 21-speed SRAM components, making it incredibly versatile and efficient to ride. Gearing down makes it easier for heavy riders to climb uphill on terrain with an upward slope.

Additionally, this Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike has promax alloy linear pull brakes. Heavy riders will appreciate the brakes’ high stopping capability. Quickly and efficiently, they allow you to bring your vehicle to a stop. A padded seat and swept-back upright handlebars complete the look of this bike.

It is because of these qualities that the rider can enjoy greater levels of comfort. Riders who are taller than average like the handlebar design’s ability to keep them in an upright stance. There has a rear carrier for luggage, as well as fenders to keep dirt off the rider’s clothing.


  • Strong and sturdy, the aluminium frame is.
  • The bike’s 28-inch wheels and 18-inch frame allow it to accommodate a huge rider.
  • To keep the rider clean, it has fenders and a rear carrier.
  • A soft seat and high handlebars make for a pleasant ride.


  • The bike itself is a bit of a burden, weighing in at 35-40 pounds.
  • In severe weather and mud, the linear pull brakes (V-brakes) are not as powerful as disc brakes, which are more effective. A bike with disc brakes is the best option if you want to be able to ride in any weather.
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