Road Bikes Dont Have Kickstands

Updated on August 18, 2022

Adding a kickstand to a road or mountain bike would increase the risk of your bike catching on something, thus they aren’t commonly found on either type. For road riders, weight is an important consideration. Mountain bikers are concerned that their kickstands will get caught in the foliage as they ride.

Why do road bikes not have kickstands?

To prevent it from falling over while I’m away, I’ve spent much effort, like many others, learning how to properly lock up my bike. Now, whenever I see someone pop out a kickstand and walk away without a care in the world, I wonder why road bikes don’t have them. This is what I’ve gleaned from my own investigation.

Road riders don’t need or want kickstands as much. In other words, manufacturers don’t bother installing them on road bikes, even if they have a purpose on mountain or touring cycles.

More in-depth information about kickstands and their uses will be covered in this piece, as well as various alternatives if you still want to use one despite the arguments against it.

What a kickstand is good for

To keep a bike upright when you’re not riding it, you need a kickstand. When no other means of support are available, this is the best option.

Kickstands can be handy when riding a touring bike with big loads on it and there is nothing nearby to lean it against, as is the case when using a kickstand.

Having the ability to park your bike virtually anyplace isn’t the most exciting use of this freedom. It doesn’t matter if you still have to put it away.

As a result of this, my bike is either being ridden, tied to a bike rack, or kept in my garage at any given time. As a result, the kickstand serves no useful use.

Kickstands add Weight

Road riders strive to minimise their weight. As a result, they wear clothes that is as close to their skin as possible. They’ll pack as few extras as possible in an effort to reduce their overall weight.

They want their bikes to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of riding, but light enough that they won’t weigh them down.

For this reason, the majority of road bikes do not come equipped with a kickstand.

For road riders, the amount of weight that kickstands add is negligible; they weigh between.5 and 1.5 pounds.

Wind drag can be exacerbated by the additional weight of a kickstand.

Road cyclists, once again, are aware of and concerned about this issue. Road bike manufacturers don’t include kickstands on their bikes since many cyclists don’t want them.

They Can Snag Things

There is no kickstand on a mountain bike because of the risk of it catching on the trail’s vegetation. You don’t want to be hurtling down a slope on your kickstand when a branch gets caught in it, because that would be a bad thing.

For the sake of safety, it’s not worth the convenience of a kickstand during rest stations while mountain riding.

Kickstands Can Impale You

Mountain bikers should be aware of this, but it’s a valid reason to be cautious while using a kickstand on a mountain bike. You could be impaled by your kickstand in a car accident.

A friend of mine was involved in a serious mountain bike crash and fell on his handlebars, which was really painful for him. He was grazed on the thigh by the handlebar. Stitches were required to close up the ugly wound.

His thigh has recovered over the years, but there is still a noticeable amount of mass missing.

When compared to handlebars, kickstands have a far thinner profile and might injure a rider much more severely. No more explanation is necessary. Mountain bikes and kickstands don’t mix well.

They’re Not Always Stable

Having a kickstand increases the chance of your bike falling over.

When it comes to supporting your bike, kickstands aren’t always the most secure option. Many bikers have had their bikes ruined when they relied on kickstands. Their position at the rear of the bike means that they don’t always maintain the bike exactly level.

Bumping the bike can cause it to fall. Some consumers are afraid that if their bike falls over, the frame, paint, or derailleur will be damaged.

Kickstands Add Another Cost

Although this isn’t always the case, some bicycle manufacturers do not include a kickstand on their bikes because it saves them money. What’s a $3 accessory worth on a $500+ bicycle?

It’s a way for a corporation to save money on production costs by chopping corners.

Kickstands can weaken your frame

This reason was only mentioned once, but I believe it is important enough to bring up. When a kickstand is bonded or fastened to the frame, there is a concern that it will weaken the structure of the bike.

According to this, whether it is true or not, individuals are afraid of things because they have heard that they could harm something they care about. We’re willing to choose the safe route and avoid the kickstand in the face of fear and minimal advantage.

There are many ways to prop up your bike

Using a kickstand is simply one of many options for preventing your bike from falling over when you’re parked it somewhere.

As long as you have a lot of options, not having a kickstand won’t make a big impact in your life.

In the event that you’re concerned about leaving your bike leaning against a wall at home, Amazon also offers a home bike rack. Hanging and leaning are the two most common positions. Leaning racks are wonderful for kids who can’t lift their bikes very high, but hanging racks can save a lot of room.

What to do if you still want a kickstand

The opinions of others shouldn’t stop you from using a kickstand on your bike! You know what you ride in, and you can customise your own bike to suit your needs.

The installation of an aftermarket kickstand on a road bicycle is simple and straightforward. There are a plethora of choices, but Amazon customers appear to choose this particular model. Depending on how much wear and tear yours will take, this one on Amazon appears to be more durable, but you may need to add material to make it fit (Check the reviews).

In my Amazon affiliate statistics, I could see that a kickstand dubbed “The UpStand” was getting returned a lot. Reviews revealed that it wasn’t as durable as advertised. Plus, it’s a lot more expensive than the other options.

The lack of kickstands on road bikes is for practical reasons, and I hope this information has helped you make an informed decision about whether or not you want one.

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