Tips to Make Your Electric Bicycle Go Faster

Updated on August 18, 2022

Electric bicycles come with a battery power source which allows them to gain more speed than a regular standard bicycle. Feeling the adrenaline rush to speed up and go faster on the road while riding your e-bike is also part of the adventure.

The working physics of an electric bicycle is different than a regular one. So the process of speeding up the bike is nothing common to a standard bike. If you ask us how you can go faster on your e-bike, we suggest keeping the battery fully charged for your next ride.

According to the professional, we have gathered the best tips to boost your electric bicycle’s speed. Ride along with us, and you will know the simple tips and tricks you can apply to boost the speed.

Tips To Make Your Electric Bicycle Speed Up.

A considerable number of tips are available on the internet, but which one will actually boost the bike’s speed can only be known once applied. Changing parts, adapting a new position to ride your e-bike, or even e-bike speed limiter remove can help you change the speed limit. In this section, you will find some easy, affordable tips that will actually deliver results by increasing the speed.

A Fully Charged Battery

Keeping the battery fully charged before any trip you take with your electric cycle is necessary. Regular e-bikes use DC motors, and the bike’s speed depends entirely on the battery’s voltage supply.

A lithium battery can produce up to 4.2 volts when fully charged. And when the charge percentage is 50%, the battery can produce 3.2 volts. The more your battery is charged, the more performance you will have from the e-bike. You have to charge the battery frequently and make sure you’re set for an e-bike trip with a fully charged bike.

High Voltage Battery

As earlier said, the majority part of an electric bicycle’s speed depends on the battery voltage supply. Changing your regular battery with a higher voltage one is the quickest way to boost up the bicycle speed.

However, before upgrading to a higher voltage battery, make sure that the motor is compatible with the battery. Otherwise, the voltage change can result in the battery and motor overheating.

Less Weight, More Speed

Weight has a significant influence on the speed of bikes. The weight is responsible for how much friction the tier will have with the road. And the more conflict your tier has with the street, the less speed you will have.

Start with removing attachments that aren’t necessary for your trip. If you’re carrying a backpack, bring the must-haves with you.

Replacing Cycle Equipments

Changing your electric cycle’s attachments with new and updated ones is another way to drive the bike faster. Replacing the old equipment with a new one can help you in two ways- first, you can have a faster performance from the e-bike. And second, you can remove damaged parts before the bike’s health worsens.


There Are different types of tiers made for different surfaces. If you usually ride a hill track, you would need a knobby tier to have a firm grip over the mountain roads.

But The plan is to increase your bike’s speed. In that case, you have to choose thin tires and have a pretty good grip over the concrete.

Choose road tiers over mountain tires as they weigh less and are smooth with less resistance in rolling.


Driving your e-bike fast means the motor needs to work more than regularly. The more voltage the battery provides to the motor, the more it has to work. And working more will lead to overheating.

Make sure that the e-bike motor works fine with the battery. To prevent overwork and damage, change the motor that can adjust with the battery voltage.


Adding a windshield to your e-bike can have a massive impact on the speed limit. The windshield will work as the sail towards the wind instead of your body. The wind can sometimes cause the bike to go slower on the road.


It’s a common fact that you’ll need higher gear to gain more speed. Usually, bikers choose middle gear and paddle through the road.

As we’re talking about going faster, shifting the gear to the highest point is another way to gain speed, including paddling.

Removing Speed Limiter

bike speed

Speed limiter of your e-bike is the device that shows how fast or slow you’re going on the road. The speed limiter is set to prevent the rider from breaking the law by speeding too much or exceeding the limit mentioned by the law.

The monitor will often show that you’re going too slow or too fast due to your bike’s wheel size. You can quickly get rid of the monitor and speed up your bike ride without getting any further notification.

You can follow two ways to take the speed limiter off from your electric bicycle.

  1. Manual De-restriction
  2. Using special e-bike toolkits.

You can also get help from any servicing center near to get rid of the speed limiter from your bike.

Updating/Changing Software Settings

The speed limiter comes with manufactured in-built software that prevents you from going faster and breaking the law. If you want to keep your speed limiter intact, you can consider updating or customizing the software by changing the speed limit.

Any servicing center or the brand you purchased your bike from can help you change the software and set the speed limit according to your preference.

Crouch While Riding

Crouching your body or leaning forward while paddling can increase your bike’s speed. Racers tend to lean forward to gain more pace during their races.

Crouching may seem an uncomfortable position to go more miles on the bike but to increase the run speed; you can adapt to the position.

Bike Maintenance

Your electric bicycle will perform better if it’s in good health. Owning an e-bike can seem pretty easy from the far. But if you can not take proper care and maintain it, then the bike will no longer be in service.

Regularly cleaning the bike will keep the tiers and parts from being clogged. And also, you can detect easily if any of the components are damaged or not.


Even if we’re giving you the best tips and tricks to increase your bike speed, remember that the risk also gets higher with increasing speed. There will be more chances of you getting in accidents if you don’t have complete control over the bike.

Going fast may feel like an adventure to you. But riding the bike with a steady and relaxed pace allows you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and nature. Don’t forget to wear your safety gear before riding the bike faster on the road.

You can share any tips you know that can make e-bikes go faster with us. If you’re content with the article, comment below.

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